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QK top 50 songs of 2022


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We are back for year 4 of this! 2022 is the year that I have streamed way more music than any other year so ranking all the songs was a lot of fun this time around. Narrowing it down to 50 wasn't easy because I streamed hundreds of songs if not thousands so picking just 50 songs wasn't easy. I also only allowed each individual artist to have 3 songs each so we would have more of a variety of artists. So for instance you will not be seeing the entire Midnights album on here or any of it. I got to meet a lot of new artists while I was at cmafest and from going to all the concerts that I went to this year so there will be a lot more new names on here then in the past so that is always fun. I really like discovering new artists and some of the new artists that I discovered this year are definitely going to be some of my favorite artists going forward so it was a great year for discovering new music. I will be starting this up soon aka probably tomorrow so stay tuned! 


Here's some past results. You can click on the links to see the full set of results. 


2021 Top 5

1.Kalie Shorr - "Amy"
2.Carly Pearce - "What He Didn't Do"
3.Danielle Bradbery - "Stop Draggin' Your Boots"
4.Tenille Arts - 'Girl to Girl'
5.Cassadee Pope - "What The Stars See"


2020 Top 5

1. Another Life - Tenille Arts
2. My Voice - Kalie Shorr
3. love and hate - Kelsea Ballerini
4. Meant to be - Gracee Shriver
5. The Stranger - Ingrid Andress


2019 Top 5

1. If My Heart Had A Heart - Cassadee Pope

2. Lullaby - Kalie Shorr

3. Blackout - Danielle Bradbery

4. Perspective - Bailey Bryan

5. F U Forever - Kalie Shorr



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1. Already Crazy - Carter Faith

2. Trust Fund Cowboy - Leah Marie Mason

3. Greener Pasture - Carter Faith

4. Placeholder - Kaylin Roberson

5. Tears Into Diamonds - Leah Marie Mason

6. Jealous Of Myself - Tenille Arts

7. Habit - Leah Marie Mason

8. Because Of Me - Kaylin Roberson

9. Trust Issues - Alana Springsteen

10. Midnight Crisis - Jordan Davis, Danielle Bradbery

11. Narcissist - Avery Anna

12. YOU'RE DRUNK, GO HOME - Kelsea Ballerini, Kelly Clarkson, Carly Pearce

13. Hate This Hometown - Erin Kinsey

14. X's - Georgia Webster

15. Break My Heart Again - Danielle Bradbery

16. Happy In This Bar - Halle Kearns

17. IF YOU GO DOWN(I'M GOIN' DOWN TOO) - Kelsea Ballerini

18. Thank God We Broke Up - Julia Cole

19. Never Til Now Ashley Cooke, Brett Young

20. Me Myself and Why - Alana Springsteen

21. Tainted - Allegra Miles

22. Alone Some - Gracee Shriver

23. Feel Like This - Ingrid Andress

24. la di da - Avery Anna

25. Seeing Someone Else - Ingrid Andress

26. Strangers - Maddie & Tae

27. Missing You - Lauren Weintraub

28. Nervous - Maren Morris

29. The Devil's Still Down In Georgia - Carter Faith

30. Blue - Ingrid Andress

31. Make Her Me - Hunter Rae

32. Right On Time - Lindsay Ell

33. Over Her Over Here - Lauren Weintraub

34. Every Night Every Morning - Maddie & Tae

35. History Of Breaking Up - Alana Springsteen

36. Best Worst Ex - Julia Cole, Alexandra Kay

37. She Had Me At Heads Carolina - Cole Swindell

38. Can't Nobody - Mackenzie Carpenter

39. Heartbreak In Boots - Temecula Road

40. Worst Guy Ever - Callista Clark

41. What Would This World Do - In Rare Form - Maren Morris

42. Everything She Ain't - Hailey Whitters

43. Ex Appeal - Lauren Weintraub

44. Slow Down Summer - Thomas Rhett

45. DOIN' MY BEST - Kelsea Ballerini

46. Background Music - Maren Morris

47. wait in the truck - Hardy, Lainey Wilson

48. A Special Place - Danielle Bradbery

49. Damn You - Ella Langley

50. DNA - Janelle Arthur






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 50. "DNA" - Janelle Arthur


So when I first heard this song I couldn't stop laughing and I really wanted to know if her family was actually like this or if she just did it for a funny song. It turns out her mother created the hook for the song so that's cool. But the sad part is that she doesn't even have a sister so the sister being on crystal meth was just made up unfortunately. Cool song though and I enjoy listening to it from time to time. 









49. "Damn You" - Ella Langley

I just discovered Ella this year and met her at Cmafest which you will see is a trend with a lot of the people on this list this year. :giggle: Ella is from Alabama and her strong southern accent is vary apparent when you talk to her. That accent can probably be hit or miss depending on where you are from or who it is but it works for her. I was debating on what song of hers to put on the list it was either this one or "Country Boy's Dream Girl" but I streamed this song more as it came out a lot earlier in the year so I ended up putting this song on the list over that one. 









48. "A Special Place" - Danielle Bradbery

Big Machine seems content to just give us a few Danielle songs a year and that's it which is pretty frustrating. When I first heard this song I definitely got Maren Morris type vibes from the song and when I looked up who wrote the song I saw that it was indeed written by Maren so I was like well that makes sense. It's a fun song and it fits her voice pretty well so I liked it. 










47.  "wait in the truck" - Hardy, Lainey Wilson

I will admit that generally speaking I don't really care for Hardy's music all that much but since this song had Lainey on it I gave it a shot. And I am glad that I did because it's a very well written and good song. The story telling while brutal is top notch so kudos to whoever wrote the song. Hardy held his own vocally and of course Lainey soured like she always does so they worked well together. Shout out to the music video to as it is arguably one of the coolest music videos released this year. 








46.  "Background Music" - Maren Morris

Background Music is one of many beautiful songs from Maren's Grammy nominated album "Humble Quest".  Maren added a stop at the end of her tour that was close enough to where I live that I got to go to the Humble Quest tour and it was a great show, Maren certainly knows what she is doing on stage. I always enjoy listening to this song when it comes on Spotify because it's just so pretty to listen to and this whole album is super relaxing and it just puts you in a really mellow vibe so I like that. 




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45. "DOIN' MY BEST" - Kelsea Ballerini



When I settled on the rule to only allow 3 songs per artist picking only 3 songs from Subject to Change was the hardest part since that album is filled with such amazing songs.  I had to include DOIN' MY BEST for a couple reasons the biggest reason though is because she shaded Halsey in this song and I thought that was hilarious that Kelsea shaded anyone at all because that's so out of character for her. 




44. "Slow Down Summer" - Thomas Rhett




Probably to the surprise of some there are male country singers in the rankings and not just in duets! I saw Thomas at Cmafest and he really was really good live. He is coming here in August with Cole Swindell and some other guy and I bought tickets to that as well. But anyways Thomas is one of my favorite male country singers and I think that this is a fun song so I included it in my rankings. 




43.  "Ex Appeal" - Lauren Weintraub




Lauren first released music in 2021 and I was a fan from the start. She kinda reminds me of Kalie Shorr as she is a short redhead who isn't afraid to say what she is thinking and feeling and they are friends so it makes sense. Ex Appeal is a really fun upbeat song about being attracted to your ex's even though they suck. 




42. "Everything She Ain't" - Hailey Whitters




Hailey is someone that I became familiar with this year when she released her album Raised at the beginning of the year. Everything She Ain't I think was the crown jewel of the album and it is the song that has had the most success and put her on a lot of peoples radar. I think Hailey is pretty different than a lot of the people that I gravitate towards but I like that about her. 




41. "What Would This World Do" - In Rare Form - Maren Morris





While Humble Quest was released earlier in the year a lot more recently she released a lot of different versions of the song and named it in Rare Form. It was a really cool different take on the songs and I enjoyed listening to all the new versions of the songs. I think the standout from In Rare Form is What Would This World Do, I really love this version of the song so I had to include it in the rankings. 

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Listened to the first 10 songs. I'll comment on a few of them.

- "A Special Place" - Danielle Bradbery: Lol I totally got a Maren vibe of this song. I do like this sound from her.
- "wait in the truck" - Hardy, Lainey Wilson: Ooh of the Hardy and Lainey Wilson, I am not really too familiar with Hardy but I've been hearing about him a few months ago or so. But I also prefer Lainey vocals on the song.
- "Background Music" - Maren Morris: really pretty song.
- "DOIN' MY BEST" - Kelsea Ballerini: Ooh I really like how she shows a feisty side to her here. But oooo wow this was the song she shaded Halsey on. I was wondering about what song that was but I know now. 😮
- "Slow Down Summer" - Thomas Rhett: I mostly enjoy stuff from Thomas. Haven't heard this before but like it on first listen.
- Ex Appeal - Lauren Weintraub: Not familiar with her but like the sassy side of this song too.
- What Would This World Do - In Rare Form - Maren Morris: Really beautiful song from Maren.

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40. "Worst Guy Ever" - Callista Clark




Callista came out strong last year with her debut single It's Cause I Am which was a bop and it landed in the top 20 on radio which is a great way to start a career. This year she released more songs and her first album came out this year. So exciting times for her no doubt. The album itself I think was a little bit of a dissappointment to me as it only had 10 songs and only 2 out of the 10 songs were new songs. With that being said "Worst Guy Ever" was one of the 2 new songs on the album and it is my favorite song that isn't "It's Cause I Am".  "Gave It Back Broken" and "Brave Girl" are decent songs that almost made the top 50 but the rest of the songs are forgettable. 




39. "Heartbreak In Boots" - Temecula Road





Temecula Road was a trio of 2 sisters and their male best friend that I enjoyed listening to and had on the list in the past. Maddie has since quit the music business so the trio became a duo. I was interested to see how that would work out since I kind of thought of Maddie as the face and lead of the group but then Emma and Dawson released this song in summer and they answered all the questions I had for them as I really like this song a lot.




38. "Can't Nobody" - Mackenzie Carpenter




Mackenzie Carpenter is a new singer who has put out first music in 2022 and that's always a big deal for new artists. She has a deal with Big Machine so she already signed to one of the biggest labels in town so that's cool. I don't remember how I first heard about this song but I am guessing it was on some spotify playlist that I decided to check out. You can find so many new amazing artists this way by checking out playlists like Next From Nashville or Fresh Finds or Women Of Country or many other many playlists on Spotify. 





37. "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" - Cole Swindell




This song was one of the biggest songs of the year by far spending several weeks at #1 on country radio. This song is based off the popular 90s song Heads Carolina, Tails California by Jo Dee Messina. I really like both versions of the song as I certainly appreciate the classic version of the song and I like Cole's version of the song as well. Shout out to the Accoustic version of this song which I think is probably better then the original version of the song. I saw him at Cmafest perform this song and then I saw him with Ashley Cooke a few months later and he puts on a good concert and the crowd certainly loved him during his headlining show. 




36. "Best Worst Ex" - Julia Cole, Alexandra Kay






This might be a little weird but this is one of my go to hype songs which is weird since it's a breakup song lol. The song has a lot of energy and the lyrics are off the charts good and if I am in a partying mood and listening to music this is definitely getting played at some point for sure. I saw Julia twice while I was in Nashville for Cmafest and she is great in concert too and I hope she comes near me so I can see her again because she is good. 








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Like Wally, I'll comment on the majority that I know.


- DNA - Janelle Arthur: Not bad, I'm glad she's strtig to get recognition.

- A Special Place - Danielle Bradbery: I agree with the Maren vibe, but doesn't match up to Human Diary or Potential still for me. 
- wait in the truck - Hardy, Lainey Wilson: Really like this one, especially Lainey. 
- Background Music - Maren Morris: Humble Quest was amazing, and dare I say it, better than Kacey's earlier offering and many other albums. 
- DOIN' MY BEST - Kelsea Ballerini: Not of my favorite of her new releaes but I gotta enjoy it to the Halsey shade! I am pleased they won't be doing more collaborations because Halsey and country music do not mix!
- Slow Down Summer - Thomas Rhett: Good as Thomas usually is.
- Ex Appeal - Lauren Weintraub: The second best Lauren of the country rankdown aside from Duski. :yes: Fun song.

- Everything She Ain't - Hailey Whitters - Cute and I like her voice but she can do better; hope she goes for a more traditional sound. 
- What Would This World Do - In Rare Form - Maren Morris: Beautiful acoustic arrangement. 

- Worst Guy Ever - Callista Clark: Her best offering I've herd from her so far. :yes: Which isn't much apart from her lead single admittedly. 

- Can't Nobody - Mackenziie Carpenter: I've heard this one too, pretty vocals but a tad forgettable. 

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A lot of the songs in this set are very pretty. :yes: I was gonna comment on them but my comments would have been the same on most of them. :haha:

Oooh I think I heard this Cole Swindell "She Had Me At Heads Carolina" song at the CMAs about a month ago and I was confused because I thought he was singing the cover of the Jo Dee Messina song. I didn't realized he made his actual own version of it and that it was so popular on country radio. :dead: But it's nice to know that now. Fun song.

I don't know if I know/remember seeing Julia Cole & Alexandra Kay but I like the sassy fiesty sound of "Best Worst Ex."

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35. "History Of Breaking Up" - Alana Springsteen





History of Breaking Up is the title track to this two part 2 album that she released. A lot of the songs on the album are break up songs naturally which is clearly what this song is about lol. Alana does break up songs well though so I enjoyed the whole album and the only debate was which 3 songs to put in my rankings for her. 




34. "Every Night Every Morning" - Maddie & Tae





Maddie & Tae released Through The Madness Part 1 & Part 2 this year so it was a busy year for them for sure. With that being said even if you combine but parts into 1 album I don't think that album holds up quite as well as their previous albums. There are some good songs on both parts of the album for sure but they are capable of so much more though. With that being said I will highlight here one of the songs that I did really like from them this year and that is Every Night Every Morning which is on part 2. 




33. "Over Her Over Here" - Lauren Weintraub





So Lauren Weintraub the BOSTON girl that Wally unjustly cut at the start of the music rankdown had quite a big year and released her first EP. This song Over Her Over Here was one of the few songs that wasn't released beforehand so it was a really nice surprise when we got to hear it for the first time. This Is Your Brain On Love does not have any bad songs on it but this is definitely my second favorite song on it.





32. "Right On Time" - Lindsay Ell







2022 didn't feature a lot of new music from Lindsay as she only released 2 singles and one of them was pretty meh. But Right On Time deserves it's respect as it's a really good song. I got to see Lindsay perform twice this year once by my house and once at her fan party in Nashville for Cmafest. I got to meet her at both events so that was really cool. Lindsay also trolled Fox and Friends which is hilarious and well deserved. https://www.yahoo.com/video/lindsay-ell-trolls-fox-friends-171651668.html







31. "Make Her Me" - Hunter Rae





This ranking is now featuring back to back Canadians in the rankings. Hunter would be the person I most recently discovered that made it onto the list. I met her at Cmafest in Nashville but I didn't see her perform we both went to the same concert to see the same person and we were talking in the bar so I got to know a little about her that way. She doesn't have a ton out there yet as she is a recent Nashville transplant but I really like her song Make Her Me so I am excited to hear more from her in the future! 

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30. "Blue" - Ingrid Andress





So one of the coolest things that I got to experience while at Cmafest was when I went to Ingrid's fan party for Cmafest. What we got to experience here was when she played her entire album that wasn't coming out for another 2 months for all of us first before the public got to hear most of the songs. We had to put our phones in a sealed case so we couldn't record any of it but instead of playing Blue someone talked her into singing Blue Acapela. She had nothing set up but the crowd wasn't going to let her off the hook without singing something and this is the song she chose to sing because it worked the best just pure acapela. That was such a cool experience and I wish I was able to record that but oh well lol.  





29. The Devil's Still Down In Georgia - Carter Faith





Previously I posted a song by Cole Swindell which took a twist on a different classic country song and that's what Carter did with this song. In movie terms this would be like the sequel to The Devil Went Down To Georgia. I like how I accidently posted Ingrid and Carter back to back since I will be seeing them both in concert together in March when I go visit my friend and cousin in NYC. 




28. Nervous - Maren Morris





We have reached my favorite song off of the Humble Quest album! Nervous is that b*tch from this dope a** album! Looking at some of these songs I was thinking wait how didn't some of these songs get ranked higher but then I looked at the songs ahead of it and it's like oh yeah that's how. In a weaker year this could have easily been a top 10 song but for 2022 it comes in 28th place.  




27. Missing You - Lauren Weintraub






And here is my favorite Lauren song of the year and it's Missing You. This is my most streamed song of hers although if I was going to rank all the Lauren songs from all years I would probably still have She's Mine ranked at #1 one still because that's such a classic. 




26. Strangers - Maddie & Tae





And the song that is just missing out on the top 25 is Strangers from Maddie & Tae. This is my favorite song of theirs from Through The Madness so thus its their highest ranking song this year. It's no "Girl In A Country Song" but it was definitely one of my top streamed songs in the first couple months of the year. I have seen Maddie & Tae in concert a bunch these last couple years and they are awesome in concert I do highly recommend seeing them live if you can. 

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