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Most Unique Contestant: Season 21, 20 and 19 edition


Most Unique contestant of each season  

32 members have voted

  1. 1. Season 19

    • John Holiday
    • Julia Cooper
    • Ian Flanigan
    • Lauren frihauf
    • Payge Turner
    • Liam St John
    • James Pyle
    • Cami Clune
    • Chloe Hogan
  2. 2. Season 20

    • Raine Stern
    • Savanna Woods
    • Corey Ward
    • Ryleigh Modig
    • Gean Garcia
    • Halley Greg
    • Rio Doyle
    • Connor Christian
    • Deion Warren
    • Bradley Sinclair
    • Ainae
    • Pete mroz
    • Victor Solomon
  3. 3. Season 21

    • Gymani
    • Libianca
    • Girl Named Tom
    • Samuel Harness
    • Lana Scott
    • Hailey Green
    • Raquel Trinidad
    • Bella Denapoli
    • Keilah Grace
    • David Vogel
    • Sabrina Dias
    • Xavier Cornell
    • Joshua Vacanti
    • Parker Mckay
    • Brittany Bree

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Who's the most unique contestant of seasons 21, 20 and 19? 


I'd define unique as someone that doesn't sound like anyone else, or has a distinct signature style of singing, which in itself could mean a number of things. Maybe they do weird runs that no one else does, or certain voice effects. Or even just how they make a song their own.


This will be interesting because a lot of us have different music tastes and what would be unique to one person isn't to another.


For instance, I've never heard a voice like John Holiday's. At the same time, he might not be unique to someone who listens to a lot of Opera. I wouldn't know that though as someone who's barely delved into the genre.


Lastly, DO NOT VOTE IF YOUR CHOICE ISNT ON THE LIST. There will inevitably be some contestants that get no votes, so they will be replaced by contestants namedropped a few times or more. I will tag said users after making changes to the poll so you can comeback and pick your choice if you want.


I left s19 options open because I was unable to register to most auditions due to them being removed, feel free to suggest the removal or addition of a contestant.

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My personal vote goes to John Holiday, Gean Garcia, and Gymani.


Already explained John Holiday in the OP, but I've also never  heard anyone quite like Gean, and I've listened to a lot of indie music which seems to be one of his genres he likes to dabble in.


Gymani, while I don't think her tone is all that unique, how she makes songs her own is imo. Particularly her run placement amd vocal choices, it's very odd sounding at first but it grew on me. She clearly had a signature style and it seeped into all her performances.


Maybe her approach is common in gospel music, idk, I only just started delving into the genre.

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