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Snowflakes/Favorite singers that Idf and minivan had in common in recent seasons!


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Basically name singers that both idolforum users and minivan both liked. This is just a thread to talk about the most successful singers on the voice that we’re liked by the most two popular fans… a blog occupied by The voice lovers, and middle aged women who drive minivans that love facebook.

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49 minutes ago, erik g said:

I wasn't on IDF at  the time but since he won imma just assume minivan liked Cam Anthony as well lol


28 minutes ago, ikwonic said:

Carter Rubin? I know Minivan liked him, don't remember how IDF perceived him, but I don't remember him being disliked. 

Y’all really gonna leave Girl Named Tom out of the conversation like this then, okay 💀 /j

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