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European politics

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Very soon will be the NATO meeting in Madrid, Spain in 28, 29 and 30 June. Biden will meet with our president Pedro Sánchez and our king Felipe VI first, Ukraine is still demanding to enter to the European Union and the 27 agree but the problem is they don´t complete all the requirements to enter and other countries like Turkey, North Macedonia and Albania are still waiting YEARS to enter (since the 2000s)

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3 more news:


1. In 2023, the people who want to enter to one of the 27 countries of the European Union they have to pay a fee

https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/etias-eu-visa-waiver/index.html#:~:text=The cost%3A €7 (%24,has not yet been announced.


2. Russia wants to cut very soon the gas to Europe

https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/23/business/europe-natural-gas-russia.html#:~:text=In the latest sign that,serving Germany and other countries.


3. The European Union set the date in 2035 to eliminate combustion engine cars



And tomorrow begins the NATO meeting in Madrid

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The ECB (European Central Bank) is in a big trouble, first the euro is at it`s lowest point since the introduction in january 1 2002, if we compares with the dollar ( 1 euro = 1,02 dollar at this moment) they need to make like the Federal Reserve in the US higher interest rate to control the inflation, but the problem is they can`t do it because the southern european economies like Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (which they called us the PIGS😂) we have economies more vulnerable than northern europe and we need a euro cheaper because that help us at this moment with a lot of tourism we have,  but the rest wants to have higher interest because their economies a tougher and can´t wait to increase the interest... Tomorrow they have a meeting to analyze what to do

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The pendulum swung to the right?


Right-wing coalition wins Sweden's election






A blogger's take:




Within the politics of Sweden, the ‘Sweden Democrat‘ party is the equivalent of MAGA Republicans.  As a result, the European media call them “far-right.”


As the results of last weekend’s election are finally tabulated, the anti-globalist parties in Sweden have surged to victory.  With all of the consequences from globalist policies creating havoc in the country, the political dynamic in Sweden has now flipped.



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Giorgia Meloni also come to Spain to help VOX a "far right party" here is the 3rd biggest party at this moment and the next year here in Spain is election time so let´s see... and in 2024 the european elections so Von der Leyen is ending her time.


1 euro = 0,97 dollar, one of the worst moments for the european currency, also the british pound 1 pound = 1,09 dollar


And... Russians abandoned the country to evade to fight the war


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