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  1. Oh there are crazies. I was talking to someone earlier who is convinced that Tuesday night 80% of the government will be put into jail including Biden and Harris and Pelosi all the democrats and disloyal republicans. Then on Wednesday Trump will be sworn in for 4 more years and he will replenish the government that has been throw in jail. Oh and here is the crazy part, lol, in 4 years Trump will install JFK Jr as the next President. He has been hiding him and prepping him all this time and his death was fake. Seriously I'm not creative enough to make up that last part. My jaw dropped when I
  2. Of course Wednesday is the day my store has inventory so I'll be there sun up to sun down. The one day I really really don't want to be there! Ugh! I'll DVR everything and watch it when I get home. Although just like a ball game it's much better live.
  3. Oh I'd make that hogg squeal!
  4. ***Plays "Bye Bye Bye" in the background!
  5. Trump needed to go from Twitter but Jr is right. Other dictators are free to be on there as well. That's not right. If they take down Trump they need to take down all the evil leaders who have Twitter access.
  6. Also the TeamTrump Twitter is gone after he tried posting from there.
  7. I know it's a permanent ban. I didn't type that graphic I just pasted the link.
  8. This is going to hurt Trump worse than losing the election! I love it!
  9. They forced thru a Supreme Court nominee in less time than that. They can do it if they want to.
  10. Well it is their job. Nothing is stopping you from hitting the off button on your remote control instead of watching and being exhausted and whining about it.
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