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  1. That's all you and all this BS is worth. Just a big joke not to be taken with an ounce of credibility.
  2. I bet you are excited to see if Santa slides down your chimney and you can finally get a peak at him next month too.
  3. Finally a Republican with integrity speaks up
  4. You know the BS has got too deep when ya lose Tucker.
  5. And Biden has even MORE votes in MI after all this Detroit BS.
  6. I don't know. I fully believe Biden will step down after 1 term and not run in his 80s for a 2nd term. Harris will be the heir apparent. She could already be President by then. Time will tell. But I could see Trump wanting to try and do to Harris what he did to Hillary.
  7. Yep I did but election day proved me wrong. I wasn't mad. I was sad. I didn't try to pull excuse after excuse of how she still may win it out of my ass. I moved on to whom I should support next. Imagine that!
  8. Its a given unless the justice system or his maker takes him back first.
  9. Nah the state of denial doesn't have any electoral votes. And I was all about Hillary in 2016. She lost. I moved on to Kamala (for President or VP). Sometimes you pick a loser. Sometimes you pick a winner! But in the end ya gotta do like Frozen teaches and Let it Go! Find yourself another egotistical blowhard to follow in the GOP, there's plenty ya just gotta look. They don't just fall in your lap like Trump did. Put some effort into it. But hey who knows. Maybe they are hiding some Trump votes in Roswell with the aliens. Maybe the aliens secretly voted for Biden. oooooooooooooooooooo.
  10. All I see is a bunch of losers with nothing better to do. Nothing they are doing can change the outcome. Just sore asses trying to be relevant when they are too ignorant to know it's over. Like I said all it does it makes me laugh. Find a new god to worship.
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