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  1. I really believe this will be the ticket.
  2. Damn a Biden landslide is looking good!
  3. Joe needs to announce her as his VP already and move on. Together they will be unstoppable and the earlier they make it official the better. I'm already looking forward to her 2024 campaign when Joe bows out for a 2nd term and let's her take over. It will happen.
  4. I'll be on the way home from work tomorrow at 4 so I'll be jamming out in the car!
  5. . They have already shown on the news North Koreans laying flowers out for him I guess at the palace or the hospital.
  6. I'm in grocery management. I'm working more than I even did before the virus. Tons of overtime. We're hiring so many people who had been laid off of other professions.
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