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  1. The track list looks great! If he left off some good ones we know of I'm excited to hear how much even better the final list will be! I see more #1s!
  2. Wow! What great news to come home from work to! I love the new song and I love the album title! Come on September 17! I've preordered!
  3. The last concert I saw before Covid hit was when Scotty played that venue early last year. But I've been there dozens of times over the years seeing many artists.
  4. Just got my tickets for Charlotte!
  5. I listened to his EP today. It's flying up the Itunes chart. If you would have told me someone like Luke Combs wrote those songs and performed them I'd of believed it cause they are that good! This kid has mad skills. I think a Nashville label will pick him up eventually once everything blows over from this. His voice and writing are so above what so many signed artists are putting out today.
  6. Not much to discuss here when we actually have a moral President who is doing a good job. Enjoy ya'lls 1400 checks, and child tax credits!
  7. At bare minimum charged and convicted with a tax felony. That alone would bar him running again. Jail time I don't see. Maybe home incrassation.
  8. A front door open and media with a zoom lens. Have you not seen the picture all over the internet?
  9. Then flies away and comes home with his tail between is legs blaming his kids and left his poodle home alone in the cold on top of it. What a disgusting sad pathetic coward excuse of a wasted human.
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