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AI20 Canadian Invasion 🇨🇦

Idol Maniac

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17 minutes ago, Idol Maniac said:

Apparently, Lauren Spencer-Smith opened the floodgates, as a trifecta of Canadian or Canadian-born contestants (Cameron Whitcomb, Leah Marlene, and Nicolina Bozzo) are among this season’s top 24. How will Team Maple Leaf fare?

Well, if they get a good edit (unlike Lauren Spencer-Smith who they literally never showed)

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6 hours ago, Carrie_On said:

None of them will go far if they don’t let Canadians vote. Cameron and Leah seem too kooky, and Nicolina is a strong singer, but she’s up against Kenedi for that belting diva spot and she won’t be able to take her out. 

I think that both Kenedi and Nicolina could easily make it into Top 5… they are both power diva belters but both bring something different to the table. 

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