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Anyone know the songs they are singing next week?


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2 hours ago, Misirlou said:

We know the following things:

  • Jeremy is singing gospel.
  • Wendy is singing an upbeat Aretha song.
  • Holly is singing rock, and is showing "all her power and range like she hasnt before on the show"
  • Paris is very happy with his song, and its "right in his lane"


That sounds good. I just hope the songs choices are better that the last week ones.

I really wish GNT could sing Afterglow by Laila or smth similar and Jershika to sing a song by Nina Simone.


2 hours ago, Mohammad said:

Jeremy might be singing “break every chain “


Would be interesting to see his version, even though it will be quite difficult to top Kimberly's.

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They were just announced 



Hailey: Elastic heart 

Gymani: Diamonds 

Jeremy: Reckless love

Girl named Tom: More hearts than mine


Jershika: How can I ease the pain

Joshua: The show must go on


Holly: Alone

Jim and Sasha Allen: Have you ever seen the rain


Lana: I hope

Paris: Use me

Wendy: Freeway of love

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