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JoJo Siwa


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I will be extremely upset if JoJo Siwa wins this Competion. Sure, she is a good Dancer, but she is a "Professional" and has been one for many years.

This is Totally unfair to dancers who are not Professionals. Dancing with the Stars should only be about "Stars" with no Professional Dance experience and choose the one who improves the most during the Season. This is so unfair to other Dancers. Also, this is called "Dancing With The Stars", well, I do NOT Think Olivia Jade is a Star in any form of the word Star! Also, why hasn't her Mom been to the show to cheer on her Daughter. 

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1 hour ago, totes4totes said:

lol was your Reddit post not getting enough traction for you????

Amanda was a career Rockette, Melora went to Joffrey on a ballet scholarship, and Cody was a backup dancer for Katy Perry. Hope you bring the same energy for them!!!! 😘

this sent me 💀

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