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Megan's Top Routines of All Time (Currently ranking: Contemporary/Modern Routines)

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On 10/19/2021 at 11:53 PM, *Diana said:

I hated Katie so much. Michelle one episode in blows Katie's entire season out of the water lol


On 10/20/2021 at 1:06 PM, totes4totes said:

i never hated Katie but I hated that she was the Bachelorette and she was way too meta.


Michelle already bringing all the glamor that Katie never brought. And the way she handled the ~binder drama~ was good. And the way she talked to Joe!

Mrs. Lenzen is telling me that Katie broke up with whatever his name is, big jaw boy

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33 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:


He lifts her. Like a piece of paper. When will I find a 6’5 WNBA player to lift me.


and not to encroach on Teyana Taylor. But if I could get pregnant via a routine this would be it.

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15 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Jenna did it first



Can't believe Jenna didn't win an Emmy for GIVING THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT in this routine.


Can you imagine if any other pro got GSJ? They would have given up. Jenna instead was like "I have a partner who cannot dance so instead I will call upon every man in the vicinity of this show who looks good with their shirt off and put them in my dance" and that's how Emmys should be won.

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On 11/8/2021 at 11:00 PM, totes4totes said:

Can u believe this is just now my thread on DWTS until the season is over for me (aka when Jojo gets eliminated)

Wow can’t believe Jojo Siwa got me to watch an entire season of DWTS live on tv and not just YouTube videos later

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DWTS 30: Semi-Finals: Megan's Review


Cody/Cheryl Salsa: I'm not really mad about Cody making the finals. He's very clearly not the best dancer (the number of hand connections that he very obviously missed in the salsa was just YIKES, good on Cody for being able to move on from those fairly quickly). You know what? After Cheryl's run with truly awful people (ALLEGED murderer Ray Lewis, failed Republican Politician Antonio Sabàto, and trash man Ryan Lochte and even way back in the day Tom Delay) and then being ROBBED for a finale spot when she was with Juan Pablo Di Pace, she deserves this. Anyway, this should be about Cody's salsa. It was fine. It's not great because he's not a great dancer but it was suitably fine. Missed connections and all. But I enjoyed the choreography. And I always enjoy watching Cheryl dance. Score: 7/10


Melora/Artem Rumba: Oh Melora. They did you so dirty with this song. Even if it wasn't one of the house band covers, nobody in the year 2021 wants a rumba to "I Don't Want to Wait." Unless it's James Van Der Beek doing Dawson. It's like this week they really wanted to hammer home that she is the OLD LADY of the cast (at the OLD GERIATRIC AGE OF...54). Even if Carrie Ann weren't lift policing and gave this routine an 8 without saying anything, I can't say that I would disagree too hard. Even if Len is right and that technically it was quite good (though I, along with everybody else suspect he is HEAVILY biased for Melora, and that's probably where that 10 came from), it was just overall uninspiring. That's largely on Artem too. It's the semi-finals. We expect MORE. Score: 8.5/10


Suni/Sasha Foxtrot: It's time to remind everybody that it is "SANTA BUDDY" season. (If they are going to covers of Michael Buble covers). Anyway, I'll get to my critiques of Sasha as a pro. I think it's great that he is clearly good at making his partners like Simone Biles or Suni feel very comfortable in his presence (a reason why Suni and Sasha were paired together was Simone's recommendation), but he's only above Gleb in terms of choreography and the ability to push his partner in this pro lineup. And he's been so GIFTED when it's come to partners. In his 9 seasons, he's had Simone Biles, Tonya Harding, Ally Brooke, Justina Machado, and Suni Lee. At least three of those five are ringers, the other two are at minimum naturally quite talented. And Sasha is content to continue dragging out his mediocre choreography and hope his likable personality and his celeb partner to elevate the routine. If Emma had his slate of partners she'd have 7 mirror balls by now. This was cute choreography. There were a couple little missteps here and there. But overall it was fine. But Sasha should be choreographing better than fine by now. Also sorry to every Foxtrot from here on out that has to be compared to JenJo. Score: 9/10


Jojo/Jenna Argentine Tango: Last week I thought the rumba was going to be the gayest dance we'd ever seen on DWTS. AND BOY WAS I WRONG. I can't deny that all week I've been more excited for their Argentine Tango (especially knowing that Len was going to want a more traditional one) than their contemporary routine coming up and I was not disappointed. If it weren't the most ridiculous thing I could do a second-by-second breakdown of how good this was. Hell I STILL MIGHT. But just some highlights. From the 200 times I've watched this. The beginning where they take the hats off. The first lift. Literally any time Jenna puts her head on Jojo's shoulder. Any time their foreheads touch. Around 40 seconds when Jenna runs her hand up Jojo's body. The bit of choreo right after that where everything is perfectly in sync with the claps. Jenna putting literally two of the exact same lift sequences with choreo that were in their first Argentine Tango so you can see side-by-side how much Jojo has improved. Any time Jojo lifts Jenna TBH. The fact that Jojo is doing these lifts IN HEELS. The part at 55seconds where they just have their faces right next to each other and do the in sync steps across the dance floor. The fact that it was so good that I forget that the chair is there. Jenna just ending upside down on the chair. It's all perfect. Score: 100/10


Iman/Daniella Tango: People keep saying that the minute that Daniella gets a ringer it's over for everybody else. But I think half the magic at least with Daniella is that she's doing this with people with no dance experience and that's causing her to challenge herself choreography wise. But IDK. Give her the next same-sex coupling. I think that's the way to push her and get creative even more than she already has. This was just really smart choreography and it showed how much Iman has improved since his first tango. The way he is able to provide such a solid frame for her despite their like one foot height difference. ALSO. THANK GOODNESS it was an instrumental version of "Telephone" so that I didn't have to hear the house band BUTCHER a cover. Score: 9/10


Amanda/Alan Tango: I know they wanted Amanda to go last because of her contemporary. But I think watching this show go Argentine Tango/Tango/Tango was a bit of a mistake (and then right back to Argentine Tango with Cody) because it doesn't allow for Amanda's tango to stand out except that she's got the shitty cover of a pop song for a tango as opposed to an instrumental or something more traditional. It was clearly good in the way that Amanda is a good dancer, but not something I will remember at the end of the night. Also I get that technically since this was her week 1 dance that it was her "worst" dance. But I would have rather seen her do a redemption to her jive from Queen week. Score: 9/10




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Part 2


Melora/Artem Contemporary: Never before has a bus been so obvious. I am gonna talk about the pitfalls of contemporary on this supposedly ballroom dancing show in my review of Sasha's routine. But I have QUESTIONS about this dance. Number 1) why is Melora wearing the flat version of her rumba shoes? 2) Why is Melora wearing shoes at all? 3) Is Melora wearing shoes because she is a trained ballet dancer and thus feels more comfortable wearing shoes? 4) Is it because Melora is older? 5) Why isn't Artem wearing shoes? 6) Who decided that Melora and Artem should look like they are dressed for completely separate dances? 7) PLZ tell me that Artem choreographed this himself because it would be embarrassing if he got somebody else to help him with this. #8) Do you think that this dance would have been better if it were actually a jazz and Melora choreographed the routine? These are the questions I have. Score: 7/10


Cody/Cheryl Argentine Tango: TBH if I am Cheryl and I am looking at the choreography for contemporary that Artem and Sasha gave their partners as well as the dumb songs that DWTS chooses. I'm going "EFF THAT, I will NOT have my possibly last routine this season be embarrassing MYSELF doing a contemporary even if Cody would probably be better at that." Instead they got an Argentine Tango which suffered from 1) being the lesser AT of the night and 2) making Cody wear the boxiest suit in a pattern that can only be described as fancy pajamas. Cheryl again looked amazing (ALWAYS LOOKING OUT FOR #1) and this may be Cody's best dance? Debatable? Undecided. I will ponder that. But yes, aside from the boxy pajamas. Score: 8/10


Suni/Sasha Contemporary: This time Sasha is wearing shoes and Suni isn't. Anyway, that's because Sasha cannot dance contemporary. In fact. People want to critique Iman. Well that's WHAT SASHA IS GIVING IN THIS DANCE EXCEPT HE CAN'T LIFT SUNI OVER HIS HEAD. Sasha is like "what if I stand here and then Suni does some flips and then runs to me and I lift her. Or she runs and does some dancing and then I walk over to her while she's dancing and occasionally flail my arm around." I am being too harsh. But actually. That's this dance. Sasha cannot choreograph Contemporary nor do I think he can dance it very well. And that at it's core is why contemporary is not great on this show because most of the pros sans Jenna/Witney/Lindsay currently don't have that cross-training experience. NOR SHOULD I REALLY WANT THEM TO. Anyway, pros like Artem and Sasha and Daniella are essentially learning contemporary and choreographing contemporary on the fly. Also contemporary is just a really nebulous category that is just lyrical. To make it different than a freestyle. Score: 8/10


Jojo/Jenna Contemporary: I have been on #TeamJenna for 8 long years. It wasn't always easy, but I always knew that Jenna was a superbly talented dancer, choreographer, etc and finally after many years I am now on the popular side. (TBH I got there when Jenna and Kiki were partnered in SYTYCD14). This is extremely good choreography with A LOT of content. And Jojo doesn't look out of place here. (Which I KNOW that she's had dance training) (so has CODY AND LOOK AT HIM). I think a less talented or less ambitious pro would have taken a same-sex partner and just given them essentially the same choreography (no shade to Johannes but this is essentially what he's doing in Strictly and to be fair there are different challenges with a male-male partnership). But Jenna gave Jojo a lot to do and there's still a lot of partnering to this that isn't just lifts. Anyway, just overall beautiful. Score: 10/10


Iman/Daniella Jazz: I can't wait for their freestyle where Daniella dances on top of Iman's shoulders as he provides an incredibly strong frame and then Teyana Taylor also joins Daniella and he is lifting each with one hand!!!!!! Score: 9/10


Amanda/Alan Contemporary: I want to do a whole separate thing on how Amanda's privilege complicates the experience of empathizing with her tremendous grief. But I don't necessarily think that's appropriate for this post nor maybe this forum. But you know. I guess ask me if you want to hear my thoughts. Nobody does which is why I am posting in THIS THREAD as opposed to the show thread. Anyway, compared to the choreography of Jojo's contemporary this is clearly a step down in terms of content. But kind of like Suni's it's really lifted by the emotion. I imagine that in person this was REALLY affecting, I mean both Alan and Amanda looked like they were going to cry before the routine again. But upon rewatch I was left wanting more. I feel it started actually really strong but faded as the routine continued. IDK GUYS. Score: 10/10



Episode ranking:

1. Jojo/Jenna AT

2. Jojo/Jenna contemporary

3. Iman/Daniella Tango

4. Amanda/Alan Contemporary

5. Iman/Daniella Jazz

6. Suni/Sasha Foxtrot

7. Cody/Cheryl Argentine Tango

8. Amanda/Alan Tango

9. Suni/Sasha Contemporary

10/11. Melora/Artem

12. Cody/Cheryl Salsa

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