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S21: Strongest Team thus far (Week 1)


Strongest Team so far  

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  1. 1. Choose:

    • Kelly
    • John
    • Ariana
    • Blake

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1. Kelly- The only coach with 2 contestants in my Top 4 (GNT and Gymani, also two of the three 4 Chair Turns as well).

2. John- Samuel is one of my favorites and he has Joshua who has potential to do really well, and Paris and Jonathan, who also seem very talented

3. Blake- He has Wendy Moten who is amazing, and I liked Peedy and Hailey but preferred John’s group to them. 

4. Ariana- None of her contestants made my top half of the episode. Jim and Sasha and Katherine were in the middle for their episodes, but I’m not a huge fan of the other three. She also has the 2 auditions I enjoyed the least 

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Kelly has the most four chair turns (and one of them nobody saw going to her), plus she has a personal favorite and an act that seems to have plenty of untapped potential.

John might have my main snowflake right now, but his team is less appealing to the main demographic (I do really like three of his five members right now, though).


Blake has two acts I really like and two who have voting potential, but lack of genre diversity hurts him (as three of the four I could see pairing in the battles in three different combos, and the one who sticks out is the one carrying his team strength-wise).


Ariana has yet to get anyone who really screams “potential winner” to me, but they’re all fine vocalists in their own right.

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Averages of my scores from the other thread,


Team Ariana - 4.6 (this week, they filled her team with fodder, I don't see any of them being a serious threat, obviously would love to be proven wrong, the average is taken down by Katie and Chavon, not saying they were extremely bad but simply not enjoyable for me at all, the duo has potential but they are already clearly overshadowed by GNT)


Team Kelly - 7.625 (loved GNT, intrigued by Gymani and respect her as a vocalist, the other two are fodder in my mind)


Team Blake - 7.625 (I respect Wendy a whole bunch but she isn't someone I root for, Peedy showed potential, he just needs to showcase more of himself, Hailey has serious potential going forward, too)


Team Legend - 7.8 (Samuel is my favorite as of now, really liked Jonathan, and intrigued by Joshua but he needs better songs)


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