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S20: Favorite Pop/Rock Battle


S20: Favorite Pop/Rock Battle  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Choose:

    • Jordan Matthew Young vs Keegan Ferrell - Calling All Angels
    • Corey Ward vs Savanna Woods - Dreams
    • Pete Mroz vs Savanna Chestnut - Have a Little Faith in Me
  2. 2. Favorite Individual Performer:

    • Jordan Matthew Young
    • Keegan Ferrell
    • Corey Ward
    • Savanna Woods
    • Pete Mroz
    • Savanna Chestnut

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Just now, FloorWax said:

Did IDF always prefer Savanna this much? I could've sworn it was more even between her and Corey.

I'm a bit surprised too that it was this much, but I did expect her to beat him since many here thought she won that battle. And many of the non fans of either of them agree with that. I'm leaning towards her now too, to be honest, despite preferring Corey initially.


Whats funny is that, and they edited this out it seems, but according to a source, all the coaches chose Corey as the winner.


IDF went nuts for his blind audition (he was close to Cam in the poll, his fan thread went hot, etc), but people were more focused on Savanna this time around. So while he is doing fine with the audience I believe, I hope he regains his momentum here with his KO.

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