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Which battles will appear in next Monday’s battles

Sachin Jain

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What I think

Cam vs Emma

Kenzie vs JD

Zania vs Durrell

Pete vs Savanna

Rachel vs Bradley

Rio vs Carolina 


4/6 or 4/12 (IDK the date yet)

Zae vs Lindsay

Keegan vs Jordan

Raine vs Andrew

Victor vs Deion

Halley  vs Ghianna

Montage. Anna vs Ainae

Montage. Ciana vs Denisha

Corey vs Savanna


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4 minutes ago, Misirlou said:

Savanna W was shown in the promo at the end of the episode, so Corey/Savanna are on next week. I also saw Zania/Durrell. People say they saw Cam/Emma too so there´s 3. 

I think people only assumed Cam/Emma due to Blake being shown using his save.

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2 minutes ago, FloorWax said:

If I had to guess: (no order)

K: Corey vs Savanna

B: Cam vs Emma

J: Zania vs Durell (leak)

N: Rachel vs Bradley 

B: Pete vs Savanna

K: Kenzie vs JD

If this exists: Probably an episode that will be right up there with Ep. 5

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Didn’t see the preview at the end of the episode, but are we sure they’d do a whole episode without a steal? I would fully expect Jordan vs Keegan to be shown instead of Cam vs Emma (if Corey vs Savanna is actually shown)


It just seems weird to me that we’d be getting 8 battles in the last episode with only two being steals/saves (Rio/Carolina and Raine/Andrew) it’s even weirder since those were the most poorly received out of the steals and saves lol

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