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Rank the Auditions Episode 2


Rank the Auditions Episode 2  

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  1. 1. Who was your favorite?

    • Gean Garcia - All i Want
    • Aaron Konzellman - Ordinary World
    • Carolina Rial - Stay With Me
    • Ethan Lively - You Look So Good In Love
    • Yellsmiles - Midnight Sky
    • Zae Romeo - Falling

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  1. Zae (A-, very good with just a few strained moments where his falsetto needed support)
  2. Gean (B+, wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did but here we are)
  3. Ethan (B, I am a sucker for George Strait albeit not as much as my mom is)
  4. Aaron (B, good ending and he seems likable but overall not my favorite of the night)
  5. Carolina (B, a little too riff-heavy for me but I do like her tone and she's got potential - she could still win me over later on)
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1. Zae (A-) - He sang great and he emoted very well. I understand why he got four chairs to turn.


2. Aaron (B) - I like his tone, but other than that and him nailing the ending, there wasn't much to this performance.


3. Gean (B) - Like Aaron, he has a nice tone, but overall the performance was just OK.


4. Ethan (B-) - This was pleasant enough, if a little boring. It also reminded me that Kelly let Chevel sing this with a grown man for a duet.


5. Carolina (B-) - In terms of vocal capabilities, she probably outsang everyone but Zae, but she needs to tone it down..... The second half was impressive, but honestly kinda grating to my ears.


Edit: Ethan and Carolina are interchangeable, I just decided boring was better than unpleasant for today.

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1. Aaron Konzelman (9/10) - A very pleasant take on a song that's been done wrong so many times before. He doesn't sound like he looks imo.

2. Gean Garcia (8.5/10) - On the note of not sounding like he looks... definitely one of the more polarizing contestants we'll have this season. Loved the audition and looking forward to hearing what's next! It was definitely a good intro to his voice.

3. Zae Romeo (8/10) - Very good intro to Zae! Touching story and a pleasant audition. A few things he definitely has to work on, but I can see him as a contender for Nick unless Nick does something stupid.

4. Carolina Rial (8/10) - The first half was lovely and super strong. After that first chorus, she did too much and it became a bit of a chore to listen to. She definitely has pipes, she just needs to learn to control it and she'll continue to be in my good graces lol.


5. Ethan Lively (6.5/10) - 17? Damn. Puberty really does pick favorites. He wasn't bad at all, just a bit dull and it didn't feel like it went anywhere. 

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