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Drag Race Holland


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I loved the first episode! Loose rankings after the first episode:


1. ChelseaBoy 

2. Madame Madness (should have been in the top 3, not just safe after that flawless QoH outfit)

3. Miss Abby OMG

4. Sederginne

5. Janey Jacké

6. Envy Peru

7. Patty Pam-Pam

8. Megan Schoonbrood

9. Ma'Ma Queen

10. Roem :( 


Several of them are REALLY hot out of drag lmao, something about those Dutch guys....  

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Not sure if anyone finished the season, but we watched the last two episodes last night. :haha: If there’s a second season, I hope they make some changes to how they edit the episodes. The pacing seemed off at parts, though I wonder if that was perhaps just because they finished taping it all of two weeks before it started airing.


Final rankings:

01. Ma’Ma Queen - I loved pretty much every look she turned out, and found myself rooting for her more and more every episode. The way the judges slept on her and put her in the B3 for being too tall for heels was... interesting and left me feeling amused.

02. Janey Jacké - Probably who I would’ve preferred winning, and I think her part of 9 to 5 is the best lip sync of the season. I hope country stan @*Chris agrees with that. :giggle:

03. Madame Madness - The way the judges slept on her was not it.

04. Chelsea Boy - I can’t say I disagreed with her getting cut when she did since, like Sederginne, I thought she was the worst in the episode and the lip sync, but I really enjoyed her looks. Still not over them not giving her the SG win either.

05. Sederginne - Her attitude towards Abby after she got eliminated was nagl.

06. Envy Peru - A deserved winner even if I wouldn’t have given her all the wins she received.

07. Abby OMG - Kameron Michaela did the lip syncing to the finale storyline better but I was still living for her being indestructible.

08. Megan - Whomst?

09. Rœm Service - Whomst?

10. Patty Pam Pam - I forgot she existed.

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On 9/18/2020 at 3:35 PM, Elliott said:

idk if anyone's watching, but premiered last night. :haha:


watching this now since I'm having withdrawals from no UK season. Also gotta prepare for the possible International All Stars.


I know the winner and runner up, but the rest of the placements will be interesting to see. I didn't have subtitles for episode 2 so I'm fully doing:


Me @ Shea's verse : rupaulsdragrace

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