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Sept 4th LIVE from the Ryman

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Ryman Auditorium Launches ‘Live At The Ryman’ Livestream Experience With Scotty McCreery, Cam



Scotty McCreery: Live at the Ryman
Online Event





While the novel coronavirus has halted the touring industry for the foreseeable future, live music will return to Nashville’s revered Ryman Auditorium in August. The Mother Church of Country Music has announced a new six-week series, Live at the Ryman, which kicks off Aug. 14 via livestream with plans in place to allow an in-person audience as soon as local health regulations permit.  

Beginning Aug. 14, acts from the country and Christian community will take the stage every Friday night for six weeks. Performers include for KING & COUNTRY, Cam, Chris Janson, Scotty McCreery, Brett Young and Old Crow Medicine Show. Tickets go on sale Aug. 10 at 10 a.m CT via ryman.com. Livestream tickets begin at $10 while a six-week series pass begin at $50 with optional VIP add-ons.

After more than 20 weeks producing the Grand Ole Opry broadcast every Saturday night to no audience, Opry Entertainment began to explore what a return to Ryman Auditorium would look like as far as concert productions with the help of new livestream platform Mandolin. “We gained some learnings there, and it gave us confidence and motivation to take a look at the Ryman and figure out if we could create a business model that others can adopt and be a blueprint,” Scott Bailey, president, Opry Entertainment Group, tells me.


Live at the Ryman is a hybrid concert model developed by Opry Entertainment, with feedback from Vanderbilt Health, that will start as a livestream option and eventually expand to allow a select number of concertgoers to watch in person while socially distancing and following local health ordinances. Ultimately, the goal is figuring out how to safely bring the live audience back to the Ryman. As a result, the Ryman has modified high-touch areas including its bathrooms with touch-less upgrades like kick plates.



“We’re doing the best we can and trying to be innovative and creative during these really bizarre times right now,” Bailey says. “Our team has developed a turn-key way for artists to connect directly with their fans. We hope that this series will be the first of many shows to use this model in the months ahead.”

Scotty McCreery is scheduled to play as part of the series on Sept. 4. The country singer was the last artist to perform at Ryman Auditorium in March before concerts were canceled due to Covid-19. McCreery says he had no idea his sold-out concert at the Ryman in March would be his last show for months.


“It’s a special place with so much history,” McCreery says of the famed venue. “Every artist out there right now is wanting to be playing shows. This is normally peak season and I’m normally on the road playing a show every night so I’m missing it. I’m missing seeing the fans. We’re going to try and give them the best show we can.”

McCreery says his major concern is with his fans’ safety, but he trusts Opry Entertainment’s commitment to the health of its audience. Most of all, he thinks the Live at the Ryman series will give music fans some hope.

“We’re trying to find ways to still have live music because music is such a bridge for everybody and can be such a healing thing,” he says. “Obviously there’s a long way to go, but if we can do things safely and make sure everything is done correctly, we can still enjoy these times — as crazy as they are right now.”

Live at the Ryman Performance Schedule:

Aug. 14 – for KING & COUNTRY

Aug. 21 – Cam

Aug. 28 – Chris Janson

Sept. 4 – Scotty McCreery

Sept. 11 – Brett Young

Sept. 18 – Old Crow Medicine Show







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I've got tickets for Chris and myself.....can't wait for Sept. 4 to hear Scotty's new music!....and his old music, for that matter!! 😄😍🥰

I got to watch the concert Friday night and again last night. Scotty and the band were GREAT!!!  Loved the new single and the Travis Tritt cover was awesome. When it’s just Scotty and his guitar ... h

I've always liked Cam's voice.  Very "adult" sounding, smoothe.   (and that's a good thing) Not such a screening " teen" voice.  lol


Scotty McCreery..Facebook
Verified Account
Hey y'all - I'm beyond excited to say that the band and I will be performing a live pay-per-view concert on September 4 as part of the new "Live at the Ryman" series of exclusive livestream experiences! 🙌 💥🙌
Pay-per-view tickets go on sale this Monday (Aug. 10) at Ryman.com starting at just $10. I cannot wait to perform a full show live again...maybe I'll perform some new music as well!! 💥👍😀
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10 minutes ago, tfortexas said:

What does he mean "starting at $10"?  This is so exciting!  



 Its $10 per show ..but you can purchase a ticket $50 for all concerts  ..plus there are add ons for additional fees ..thats how i read it anyway!! 

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16 minutes ago, buttons66 said:



 Its $10 per show ..but you can purchase a ticket $50 for all concerts  ..plus there are add ons for additional fees ..thats how i read it anyway!! 

I asked before I read the whole post.  lol.  Is anyone familiar with Mandolin?  


Here's hoping Scotty sells 20,000 tickets.

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Mandolin Instagram ..live Streaming    INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT .....https://www.instagram.com/watchmandolin/




More about MANDOLIN 







The Fan Experience








FAQ  Questions.....assuming the concerts are going to be streamed via Mandolin....SOME INFO HERE!


Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: July 29, 2020

What is Mandolin?

  • Mandolin is a live concert streaming platform built to recreate the live concert experience by connecting artists and music venues with their fans.

Where is the email with my ticket?

  • If you did not receive an email, no need to worry. You can create an account at watch.mandolin.com using the same email you purchased your tickets with, you will see the show in your account on the "My Shows" page. 
    • Tickets for each show will be generated 1 to 5 days prior to the show. 

How do I watch the show on my TV?

  • To view your show on your TV you will need a computer, phone or tablet to stream the show from and a smart TV or smart TV device (i.e. Apple TV, Chromecast Device, etc.) to watch the stream on. For full step by step instructions, click here: https://mandolin.drift.help/article/watching-on-your-tv/
    • Alternatively, you can view the show on your TV by connecting an HDMI chord from you computer to your TV (this is only applicable to computers with HDMI ports).

I purchased a ticket but can't access the show – help!

  • Double-check that the email you used to sign in to the show is the same email that you claimed your ticket with. You can only access the show by using that email address. 

Will there be a replay of the show?

  • All events are exclusively live events.
    • Replays of your show will be available at the discretion of the presenter.

Why can't I send a chat message?

  • You should see an area to input your message (reads "positive vibes...") at the bottom of the comment/chat section. Once you have finished typing your message, press enter and this will send your message. 
    • If you have issues sending the message, try refreshing your browser. Mandolin is available on most browsers but works best with Chrome and/or Safari. 

How can I access the show on a different device? 

  • You must use the same email address you used to claim your ticket to view the show on a different device.

My concert connection isn't strong – help me watch the show without interruption!

  1. Check your network/wifi connection to ensure you have a strong connection
  2. Try refreshing the show page and ensure you are using the latest version of your browser.
    • Mandolin is available on most browsers but works best with Chrome and/or Safari. 

How can I edit my Mandolin profile?

How can I reset my password?

Does Mandolin work with Incognito or Private Browsing?

  • Mandolin doesn't support Incognito or Private Browsing Mode at this time.

My screen is black – help!

  • We recommend refreshing the page if you have not done so yet as you may be experiencing a glitch. If not, it could be your browser. We recommend the latest version of Chrome or Safari.
  • If the issue continues, email help@mandolin.com.

Why can't I hear any audio?

  • Concerts are automatically muted when first entering the show. Hover your cursor over the video until you see the sound icon. Click the icon to unmute the concert.
    • Additionally, if you hover your cursor over the sound icon, you can control the volume level using the volume control located to the left of the sound icon.









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MORE INFO from Scottys Facebook 



You have to go to Ryman.com beginning on next Monday (Aug. 10) and purchase a Pay-per-view ticket, which will be a code you can enter so you can live stream the show on Sept. 4. You can get more info at Ryman.com. Thanks -- Team McCreery
So a code will be issued  for ticket ...make sure you receive it! 
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6 hours ago, buttons66 said:



 Its $10 per show ..but you can purchase a ticket $50 for all concerts  ..plus there are add ons for additional fees ..thats how i read it anyway!! 


I'm guessing that they'll include ticket/merchandise combos as well. 🙂

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Ryman goes live

Friday, August 7, 2020 – Ryman Auditorium is launching its first-ever livestream concert series, Live at the Ryman, with livestream performances to fans at home.

The six-week, Friday night livestream experience kicks off Aug. 14 with for KING & COUNTRY. The series continues with Cam, Chris Janson, Scotty McCreery, Brett Young and Old Crow Medicine Show. Tickets go on sale to the public this Monday, Aug. 10 at 10 a.m. CST.

'LIVE AT THE RYMAN' is a hybrid concert model developed by Opry Entertainment with input from the company's official wellness advisor, Vanderbilt Health. The series will launch first via livestream and expand to incorporate a small, socially distanced audience in accordance with local health ordinances. The Ryman did not say how many fans would be allowed.

Artists will perform full live sets on stage at Ryman Auditorium. Regulations include mandatory masks for all Ryman operations and production staff, as well as enhanced cleaning practices.

"Our company has prioritized the health and safety of our employees, customers and artists since day one of the pandemic," said Colin Reed, chairman and CEO, Ryman Hospitality Properties. "This unique live music experience represents the next step in our commitment to doing things the right way while also creating a repeatable model that will allow artists and fans to connect during this bridge period until a vaccine or treatment for COVID-19 is available."

Each concert in the series will be produced by the same team that has produced the weekly Saturday live broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry since the early days of the pandemic when all events with a live audience were suspended. 'LIVE AT THE RYMAN' will use the Mandolin livestream platform for the six-week series, giving fans at home access to a front row seat.

"Both fans and artists are eager to once again feel the energy and excitement that concert venues foster, but we must prioritize health and safety as we reimagine live entertainment today," said Scott Bailey, President of Opry Entertainment Group. "Our team has developed a turn-key way for artists to connect directly with their fans. We hope that this series will be the first of many shows to use this model in the months ahead."

Livestream ticket prices begin at $10 with optional VIP add-ons. Six-week series passes for the livestreams begin at $50. Exclusive 'LIVE AT THE RYMAN' merchandise, including limited edition custom Hatch print posters, t-shirts and more will be available for purchase in advance online to commemorate the series.

Upcoming dates are:
Aug. 14 - for KING & COUNTRY
Aug. 21 - Cam
Aug. 28 - Chris Janson
Sept. 4 - Scotty McCreery
Sept. 11 - Brett Young
Sept. 18 - Old Crow Medicine Show

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I purchased my ticket this morning as well.  In fact, I purchased 2 tickets and will prob go back and purchase a couple more -- I want Scotty's numbers to look AMAZING.  Additionally, I view this as my opportunity to help Scotty support his band! 🙂

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From Scottys facebook today ..



Verified Account
1h · 
Tickets are now on sale for my "Live at the Ryman" pay-per-view live stream concert on September 4. This is a full band, full show streaming live from the legendary

, and ticket prices start at just $10


. I've been in the studio working on my new album so I think this is the perfect opportunity to perform a couple of new tunes in addition to all your favorites. I have not been able to perform with my band since March, and I have missed them more than I can say. Come enjoy our reunion on the Ryman stage

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September 4 & 5th is my granddaughter's wedding weekend.....rehearsal & rehearsal dinner on the evening of the 4th and wedding on the evening of the 5th.  However, I am going to purchase a ticket or two just to support Scotty and his band!  If I'm lucky I will be able to catch the last hour of the live performance.  Fingers crossed!!  Been TOO long since we've seen him!

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11 minutes ago, tfortexas said:

I bought tickets.  Should I go head and set up Mandolin acct or wait to do that.



I set up mine right after I bought tix yesterday ....dont think it makes much difference when you do it. After you set up the acct you will get an email with a confirmation from Mandolin for the show (or shows if you picked the pass for all)

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Facebook preview from tonights show 4King&Country........



King & Country start around 14.50 mark and present their opening number....big production featuring their video of one of their songs with their stage performance.


Show was for 1 and 1/2 hours..bodes well for full Scotty concert


They did have a very  few family members in the balcony ,otherwise it was empty Theater.


Sound and production for streaming was excellent. 


Not my style of music ...but 'interesting' entertainment !..






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18 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

I second all of Sandy's comments about last night's Mandolin/Ryman show.  It was so simple to access....and no problems with the show throughout.  No rebuffering, etc.



Wonder how many tickets were sold.  Did you just log into your account and the concert was there? 

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Went to my email account, clicked on the email covering the 4K&C concert.   You then clicked on the start (or open I forget which)  button...voila, you were at the opening site.  I was a few minutes early, so I basically saw promos until the start.

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