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  1. This is GREAT! I wondered when Scotty would be asked to host! (And You Time should get a lot of airplay! I noticed that the hosts play a lot of their own songs!)
  2. Merry Christmas to everyone! Miss seeing so many of you on the road - enjoying concerts and shared meals and catching up on our lives. There is light and hope on Christmas Day so stay safe and here's to a better 2021.
  3. Got my ticket too!! Just wishing a had a HUGE TV to watch it on now!
  4. One positive from this crisis -- we get to hear Scotty perform songs we would never hear otherwise! He is sounding better and better every day as he gets used to singing solo. Stay safe everyone. It will be all that much sweeter when we get to see each other later this year!
  5. Wishing all of you a fabulous day (and concert tonight!) in Nashville! I am sorry to be missing Scotty at the Ryman but plans for this Paris trip were already planned. (Although the event I was attending Sunday has been cancelled due to the virus! Grrrrrrr......!) I look forward to hearing all about it and watching the videos tomorrow.
  6. CMT voting page is working as of just this minute!
  7. I am also going to be there!! Can't wait!
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