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  1. Charley Pride has passed away. One of the greats.
  2. So sorry, didn't see your post - I put the same thing on the Event page.
  3. Early announcement for a new show. https://www.myjournalcourier.com/news/article/Morgan-fair-line-up-announced-15758905.php?fbclid=IwAR3z2e8eBv9UVHbYf9S8aKcGDBG6IOkox4qrobfflB0iMsMwsB6oXzp1DPs
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to all - ours will be very small this year but still thankful.
  5. HEB pretty much rules the grocery world in San Antonio. I remember the no Beer or Wine but didn't know about the TV.
  6. Wow = I haven't heard anything about Colin in years. I really like his song about the letter in the tree - sorry I can't remember the name.
  7. I did the survey and told them I didn't care for the songs. I thought I was the only one.
  8. I think this was filmed before You Time came out. He mentioned it on the interview but he had a different shirt on for the performance.
  9. You Time 5:53 am CST 15,841 views
  10. Scotty posted that there are only 5 seats left. "I'm overwhelmed! There are only five in-person socially-distanced seats remaining for my Ryman Auditorium show this Friday (9/4) . Ticketmaster link below. Can't wait to perform for you, whether in person or via the livestream (livestream tickets available at Ryman.com ). It's gonna be a fun night! #liveattheryman"
  11. Best of luck on your surgery. Hope you have a quick recovery
  12. Got my ticket too - so excited to see Scotty again
  13. I am in San Antonio also. Our city is ready to accept some of the folks who evacuate from Corpus Christi if the storm veers their way. Instead of having them all camp out at one facility, they will be housed in one of our hotels.. Corpus has a worse hot spot of the virus and we have a big one too, so keeping everyone safe from both the virus and the storm is a massive job. Liz, Sherry and Angela, stay safe.
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