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  1. Good book. Very different from the movie.
  2. Yes thanks. Hopefully they will have a writeup on size of the crowd next week.
  3. There's another Monty Criswell co-write on there. How You Doin Up There. Sounds good.
  4. Yes I remember the interview. He also said hic co-writes were only about 1/2 the songs. But this list has only two he didn't co-write.
  5. Also Scotty didn't have a co-write on TAC & FFAS. Artists get no money for airplay unless they are on the writer side.
  6. I'm very familiar with travel through Monte Vista. (notice I said through) Colorado, Wyoming, Montana are hard to fly to unless you are going to the main city. A few puddle jumpers around but scary. A friend nicknamed them Rocky Mountain Scareways (instead of Rocky Mountain Skyways).
  7. It's still about a 4 or 5 hr drive to Monte Vista.
  8. Scotty's show tomorrow is a long way & there are any airports near. 18 hrs travel time from Nashville.
  9. Notice winner must pick up guitar in Denver.
  10. Haha, Wallen's fans, upset about "cancellation".
  11. Yep. On a post, but not so sure about "thread" name. Probably need admin for that
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