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  1. Looks like he got a gift to me.
  2. Garth & Trisha are finally in the top 30. Jansen & LBT, recent Opry inductees, have both struggled on the chart. Maybe an induction isn't such a great thing.
  3. This was really great. Now that is a professional interview.
  4. We did lose the drizzle before we got to Denali though.
  5. We cruised there, sailing July 4th, & caught a lot of drizzle.
  6. Maybe they get the choice. Don't bother about fans.
  7. Yep! A far piece away. lol. June is supposed to be the best weather in Anchorage. It starts raining in July.
  8. Are you sure that's not Scotty? After I listened several times I thought it was him.
  9. I guess you all know Luke Bryon has Covid.
  10. I'm sure. San Antonio & Nashville are on the same time.
  11. The special sauce became the "awesome sauce" today.
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