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  1. I looked up this guy, Jake Brown. These were interviews, along with many others, that seem to have been for his books about Nashville songwriters, etc. He just now posted them to Youtube. Amazon description of the books list many artist subjects, but the list doesn't show Scotty or Frank Rogers but does say etc.
  2. Disclosure-- I "found" them on WSG.
  3. They used the acoustic songs recorded for youtube and Spotify plus some chit-chat. Sounded realllll good.
  4. This article is dated May 5th.
  5. Since WXTU has the heaviest weight, those of us who don't have a local station carrying this should probably listen online to this station?? Or does it matter?
  6. It seems it's a used car dealership.
  7. That doesn't surprise me, with the state journalism is in.
  8. Scotty told Cody Moose is yellow lab.
  9. Wonder if Raffaella is kin to Jaime Braun?
  10. I really don't like Scotty's name linked with them. Being linked with controversial organizations is not good for his career. Scott Stem should be aware of that.
  11. This is like the WHO, extremely high management cost. Little going to the real cause. IMO
  12. Angela posted Scotty's part on WSG https://www.facebook.com/angela.sabo.9/videos/3880553825350010
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