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  1. Like you have your own "play pen". lol
  2. It was made up of two couples. That's not good. If there is a breakup then there goes the group. Or maybe they figured they were not going nowhere.
  3. I bought tickets. Should I go head and set up Mandolin acct or wait to do that.
  4. I can this being the start of an avalanche.
  5. I asked before I read the whole post. lol. Is anyone familiar with Mandolin? Here's hoping Scotty sells 20,000 tickets.
  6. What does he mean "starting at $10"? This is so exciting!
  7. Another 50M streams will bring IB to platinum. lol .
  8. How long has Keith Urban's song been on the charts? Another long-termer.
  9. She must have gotten a good response from the last one. Free wine for Scotty & Gabi!!
  10. Scotty on Twitter replying to Jordan on wanting new single Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery · 3h Replying to @Mccreery02 Couple days ago found out its coming out sooner than i thought it was
  11. The storm seems to be falling apart but will keep flooding rains for a day or two. Of course the same areas flood every time we get significant rains. Can you imagine going to a shelter with the rampant virus?
  12. Liz is in San Antonio (250 miles north) and Angela is in Fort Worth (500 miles). The winds shifted direction so the blowing rain is not beating against the leaking door anymore. So mopping is minimal now. The eye is down in the Mexico mountains now but heavy feeder bands of wind and rain will pull off the ocean for a while. Maybe a couple of days. Sigh! Don't know how this is going to spread or diminish the Covid19 especially in Northern Mexico. Tornado warning siren just went off. Sigh again! update. We've had 11 inches of rain so far. Will continue for a couple of days they said. (tornado didn't hit as far as I know) Flash flood warning in effect.
  13. discovered a door that leaks. Mopping up as I go. I'll turn in a work order for it tomorrow. I'lll probably not ever have this powerful wind blowing from that direction ever again but best get it fixed. (ps. where we live you just turn in a work order and they fix it. Love it)
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