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  1. kaitgedeon Came to gamble, ended up at a free concert #ScottyMcCreery #NotABadNight #ThisIsIt 11m
  2. Scotty beat Brett Young in the finals. QdR showed it live. It's up on WSG. Champ Scotty!
  3. ChrisYoungMusic @ChrisYoungMusic · 13m Just hanging out and watching @BrettYoungMusic @ScottyMcCreery @lindsayell and so many others play ping pong (yep... ping pong) and saw @CassadeePope !!!!!! Cheers #Nashville ChrisYoungMusic
  4. Exactly! However God bless them or we'd hear nothing.
  5. luke.hilliard I can’t believe we did it! We bought a house. I didn’t think not even a year into marriage we would even attempt this. We’ve been so blessed.
  6. It said 9 pm but maybe that was the opener. This is like Billy Bobs. The show there starts at 10:30.
  7. HaHa you've already tried!!
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