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  1. Don't understand. It's still increasing on mine. Over 11K now.
  2. You know, I think I like this version better than the recorded version.
  3. That might be like 50 weeks. I doubt it has been decided what the next single would be for sure.
  4. It's enough to discourage a fan.
  5. He has a few from 3 yrs ago also. Scotty looks so young there.
  6. He/she has 3 others also. Really good quality. Inbetween
  7. It's good to see the same songs from different areas of the room. Angela seemed to have a noisy Bunch near her, or should I say noisier. I'm really enjoying them.
  8. it looks like galvanized metal. Looks kind of cool. Industrial chic.
  9. Looks like it's just about a sell out. At least seats are about gone
  10. Gosh, you'd a thought they were already.
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