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  1. Amen. It might take a few weeks to get significant #s of adds.
  2. Thanks all! I noticed her show is on here on CBS about 3 pm. I'll TRY to watch it. I really dislike those kind of shows though. Guess Kelly has left Nashville in her dust. Back with the LA crowd.
  3. How Ya Doin Up There is definitely one of my favorites. It may not make a single, but I love it.
  4. KSCS now has a larger audience than KPLX. It use to be the other way.
  5. Don't admit you didn't see it. Claim they added it after you searched. lol
  6. To get big adds in Texas, all you have to do is sing about King George? Duh, lol. By the way no link to Preston's quote?
  7. They were noisy but notice the crowd yelling the phrase "Damn Strait". A good sign?
  8. Isn't that where they had to add a second show last time?
  9. Scotty had better hurry. He needs to be in Jacksonville FL Tuesday. Wonder if it's a whole band thing.
  10. It surely is. A lot of hoop-la. Of course the pregame events were not shown on TV. The coverage started with the tunnel entrance of the team.
  11. The Nebraska football game is to be broadcast on the Big 10 Network. On my Spectrum cable it is channel 382. (not that helps anyone else.) I doubt they'll show the national anthem, but I'll try to check it out.
  12. A lot of confusion. Glad you thought to call.
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