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  1. I thanked Scotty on Twitter for playing his song!
  2. Just for the record, GO Country did play: You Time last night at 10:20 PT. At 11:10 am PT yesterday, they played 5MM. On Saturday, at 4:04 pm PT, they played In Between And, at 3:25 pm PT, they played You Time. Glad they are at least including Scotty a couple of times a day...even if we would prefer they chose YT for all those plays.
  3. While I think their cooler was adorable (with Moose as it's "star"), that's a lot of money for a cooler. But then it's for a good cause.
  4. Every day I request You Time to be played during his show...knowing these setlists were written in stone weeks ago. Just want Go Country we are listening, and know how little they have played it, lol.
  5. And the artists included were pretty much the usual suspects.
  6. I think Scotty is going to run out artist-related stories soon since the number of artists included is so limited, lol.
  7. Do I hear 13 or 14?
  8. Yep....it was fun and informative. Nice session.
  9. Wasn't able to listen yesterday...but I've been tuned in today. Many of the same songs as yesterday, some are the same artist but a different song. So far, Scotty has not played any of his own music.
  10. In four hours, I think they included maybe 20 artists.
  11. Listening again today. Pretty much the same artists today (some with the same songs, sometimes new songs). They did play Runaway June and Gabby Barrett today....like the former's song, don't like the latter's. He played This Is It a little while ago...but no You Time yet.
  12. Blake Shelton (with and without Gwen) got at least 3 plays....as did Luke B. I think Kenny Chesney got 3 spins, too, but not sure...same for Luke Combs. I'm hoping Scotty will play You Time at least 2 or 3 times tomorrow.
  13. Scotty is certainly honing his hosting skills.
  14. Scotty has introduced some songs.....nice personal stories. I have had to listen to a lot of rat-control and KIA commercials, not to mention some music that would not normally be on my playlist.
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