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  1. 3 more shows tomorrow: Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery · 13m Hey y'all. I'm doing 2 Facebook Lives & 1 Instagram Live tomorrow (Wed, 4/8), all on radio's FB & podcast's IG pages. All Times Eastern 12:30 PM @wbyz945 (Baxley, GA) @Facebook Live 1 PM Smoking Section Podcast @Instagram Live Q&A 1:30 PM @95KSJ (Mobile, AL) @Facebook Live
  2. poor Moose....he is a free spirit for sure. I think he is going to have a long time out.
  3. According to Scotty....that's 4:pm PT....so 7 pm ET.
  4. Tony Michaels @NinjaDJTonyM · 15m @ScottyMcCreery @KRTY Facebook Live Takeover - Tuesday 4:00p ... Who’s looking forward
  5. It now be a two-parter, per his tweet a little while ago.
  6. And the two-part tape Monday, too....Modesto station.
  7. The time on this is confusing: When you click on the Youtube start button...it says at the bottom April 6 - 8 am. That would be 11 AM EST Howeever, the promo itself says 7;30 am - 10:30 am ET.
  8. I guess artists dropping singles and CDs are getting priority.
  9. More Shows: Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery · 13m Tomorrow (Friday, April 3) I'll be doing two @Facebook Live performances with radio on the stations' Facebook pages. All Times Eastern. 1:00 PM - @KATCOUNTRY103 KATM (Modesto, CA) 1:30 PM - @FM1061 WMIL (Milwaukee, WI) Hope to see ya there!
  10. Lizzie Mat liked Scotty McCreery @ScottyMcCreery · 7m Tomorrow (Thurs, 4/2), I'm doing 3 Facebook Live & 1 Instagram Live performances on these radio pages All Times Eastern 7 PM @WFMS Indianapolis-FB Live 7:30 PM @TheBull1017 WBWL/Boston-IG Live 8 PM @GoCountry105 KKGO/Los Angeles-FB Live 8:20 PM @CoyoteCountry KXLY/Spokane-FB Live Wonder if he's playing golf in the afternoon?
  11. The IG story was out of sync....kine of distracting, but OK if you just listened.
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