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  1. But it is good to show support for Scotty on Pandora.
  2. Just signed up for Pandora. sigh. And yes, you have to scroll through a lot of other songs on Spotify.
  3. I found You Time on the New Music Friday list on Spotify. Am playing it a few times, lol. The rest of the songs seem to be dance-club, pop/rock, rap, etc.
  4. This was a refreshingly light-heated session. Great when the djs really know a lot about their guest.
  5. I misunderstoo the time originally....now I see it was 6:30 Phoenix time, 9:30 ours.
  6. You can watch the "concert" on the Triange Y FB page over and over if you want.
  7. We need some more responses to the SLC station.....on Twitter.
  8. Since Dave/Deb are in SLC, that means at 10:20 EDT, etc. Will remind myself, lol.
  9. And Scotty says McCreery Monday will continue for several weeks!
  10. Wow, Scotty is going to be busy on the 24th....this plus the Garner Y event.
  11. Glad to see that specific time for Scotty's participation.
  12. Scotty is there in spirit -- and in cardboard.
  13. Here's a article reviewing current singles. Scotty's review is about midway. https://musicrow.com/2020/09/disclaimer-trisha-yearwood-chrissy-metz-chapel-hart-and-more/
  14. Been watching Brett's show. He has a raspy kind of voice better suited to blues than country. I only know a couple of songs....Mercy is the one I recognized right away. He had has band members sing solos....not sure if that was just to help fill out his time slot...or whether he just wanted to reward them.
  15. zi wonder if Brett's tickers will sell out by tomorrow night?
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