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  1. Just n oticed....guess I forgot to tell you, Deb, that I am going to the Lancaster PA show on Saturday. (Sandy is unable to go.) By the way, you have it listed as Lancaster, IN.lol
  2. How many country "news" outfits are there -- blogs, online magazines, etc.? Maybe a thousand? lol
  3. Luke does other projects....many times for Christian groups or events.
  4. They seem like such a sweet couple....glad they were able to buy that house.
  5. I guess scam artists will try anyting.
  6. I guess flights are out of the question...maybe into Buffalo?
  7. This is the annual CRS event. It starts tomorrow and ends Sunday (I believe).
  8. I've tried that...doesn't work for me.
  9. Last time I was able to access the voting page for CMT was Friday, too. Nothing since then.
  10. I am so excited for Scotty....adding those ireland dates is fantastic news.
  11. I'm beginning to suspect that is the case, Sherry.
  12. Nothing so far on FB either. I thought we'd be seeing some tweets or posts from Betty.
  13. Anyone have any idea when the show ws supposed to start?
  14. Got my answer about the LSU jersey....it's his own jersey. Thanks again, Sandy, for all the great videos.
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