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  1. I saw her in one Mike's live stories on IG....she was jumping about six feet in the air.
  2. That live IG ended abruptly...and with some strangers face as part of it.
  3. Guess there was no opener. I didn't see one listed....but sometimes they add a local act without notice.
  4. cuh. ☼ @ericadartell · 7m See you soon @ScottyMcCreery
  5. At least we know there is a signal for phones, etc. at the venue. I was afraid it was so isolated, there were be no WIFI.
  6. Mike McCreery posted a similar pic of the venue: https://www.instagram.com/mikemgarner/
  7. Doesn;t matter what song Luke B releases.....it's automatically on the "special deal" list.
  8. In fairness, a couple of other artists only got to do one song....frankly, I was just going back and forth to check on his performance.
  9. Scotty just finished This Is It. Evidently, that will be his only contribution. Most of the artists did the same.
  10. It sometimes takes a while...but eventually many of these un-official videos are taken down at the "request" of YouTube. YouTube does it at the request of the artist or his agent. Of course, while the video is up, it does hurt the artist's numbers -- and nothing can be done about that. I suspect it's a split -- between posters who don't care about anything by their own numbers...and those who genuinely think they are helping that artist.
  11. I wonder how many fans/users believe they are helping their favorite artist by putting these videos on YouTube? In actuality, they are hurting the artist's numbers by doing so.
  12. I actually think cancelling the multi-day, huge-crowd events is a good move. Too difficult to control. Whereas, smaller concerts (whether indoor or outdoor) can be operated on a more structured basis.
  13. Ashlyn Barreira @AshlynBarreira · 8m @ScottyMcCreery was hands down AMAZING tonight! It felt SO GOOD to attend a LIVE country music concert again I'l
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