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  1. I think we've heard rumors in the past about the next single...a certain artist co-writing it....but it turned out to be wrong. Sometimes writers make assumptions or are just providing wishful thinking. We shall see, I guess.
  2. JT not only liked the video -- he reposted it in his IG stories. I hope Scotty sees both. One North Carolina artist respecting another.
  3. This looks like a new show: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSExr9OL_dk/ November 11, Hanahan SC
  4. I realize the threat of wildfires is very real...but I'm not sure how moving the show to a football field is a preventative measure. Just realized that Cherry Peak is a Ski Resort....thus higher up in the mountains.
  5. The station's IG account. In their stories, is a great shot of Scotty on stage. https://www.instagram.com/ksonsandiego/ And their FB page....with video of girls dancing to Scotty off in the distance/ https://www.facebook.com/ksonsandiego/
  6. KSON just posted a video on FB and IG about 5 minutes. According to the line-up scheduling, Scotty should have been on stage. Nope.
  7. Mo Pitney was listed as an opener...never saw anything from him or anyone at the show about his being there. Very strange.
  8. Colleen, and the others in the front row, should have stood up and filled in that gap before the GA folks poured down against the fence.
  9. We should probably celebrate....seeing WXTU at the top of the list. Amazing.
  10. Here is another of those IG accounts...with a video of Scotty on stage in the stories. https://www.instagram.com/nessainga/
  11. Spoke to soon...here is a link to one of those IG accounts: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR-ktqpAHbY/ There are two videos of Scotty -- one where he is singing You Time, the other it's In Between. Big crowd.
  12. I've been watching a couple of IG accounts -- because they are at the show. However, it seems they stopped posting once Rodney went back on stage.
  13. Well, I've never seen a booth like this at one of our fairs or festivals in PA, lol: https://www.instagram.com/p/CR-RGq3Fsbv/
  14. Yep, me too. Has Keith given up pretense at still being a country artist?
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