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  1. That's great publicity for Jimmie's new CD -- on which they are all featured.
  2. My church uses YouTube, too. Sound and visual are great. Scotty should consider, if he still wants to do at home shows, putting them on YouTube.
  3. Wow...I just listened to Scotty on the FB version...sound was much, much better on YouTube.
  4. I think Scotty was sticking with the 90s theme for his solo. Sounded good....but we've heard him sing it before.
  5. I gave up on FB.....Youtube has been fine. Just heard Carly P sing Patty Loveless' You Don't Even Know Who I am. Did a good job...but nobody can sing that like Patty.
  6. Sherry, it probably depends on the number of restrooms involved. Are they letting them use the restrooms inside the center...or will it just be port-a-potties? Or a combo of both?
  7. We had discussed the fact that Home Sweet was just a promo drop earlier. However, RD still has Love You Like I Did to get up the charts.
  8. Bad idea for many reasons.
  9. I like that...horn honks. Maybe they can bring party favors, too.
  10. Let's hope TT is hiring more personnel.
  11. Memphis is a good location for a drive-in show....Loretta won't have to take the boys far. I like their rules...and I hope the enforce them. No one allowed to watch the performance outside of their car.
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