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  1. The special sauce became the "awesome sauce" today.
  2. Savannah's Instagram story has a picture of the pick she caught.
  3. He gave us a good view of the crowd enjoying themselves
  4. As per Nathan's Instagram the bus in on the way. Looks like they are on I-70. Luke's story shows most of them at Caesar's Palace Vegas. (minus Nathan & Mike) I didn't recognize the guy on the right.
  5. I tuned in as his interview was on. Very disappointing he didn't do YT
  6. Lol, does any other artist get their picture taken more?
  7. I wonder if Scotty or other artists are able to charge their usual fees with the much smaller crowds? This a lonnngggg bus ride.
  8. Could it be spelled r-e-c-a-l-l?
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I have a non-wealthy retiree friend North of San Francisco. It's been hellish-wildfire smoke, electric failures, can't go anywhere, etc. She is on a teacher's retirement. If the state goes bankrupt things could really get bad.
  10. We couldn't hope for much better from a concert. Good videos! Re: the lights-- I think it was the lasers + that were missing. Some venues don't allow then or they just didn't work.
  11. Some self photos & video clips of Scotty https://www.instagram.com/p/CNOnokiJ0mA/
  12. We got a good taste anyway. Loved seeing & hearing them.
  13. Courtney @Courtneyg3149 ยท 5h After 388 days since my last concert.... its FINALLY concert day!!!! @ScottyMcCreery tonight at @clayfair !!!!
  14. Woohoo! Concert night! (Looks like small stage & venue) OOPS a day early. I've been a day early all week.
  15. Surprise ! I lose track of all that publishing thing. Who is the equivalent entity he's with now? They stressed the "world wide" part of it. Seems like Spirit/ Orchard are involved. Or is that a different piece of the pie.? Ah, Wakefield left Sony for UMPG in 2019 as did Tomlinson
  16. Like your use of "Rubicon".
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