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  1. This guy was well informed & asked really good questions.
  2. Thanks. I wonder how many pre-sales Same Truck has already.
  3. This sounds like a McCreery family weekend to me.
  4. He needs to hear the song "Makin' Whoopee". Maybe the 1950's?
  5. Guess he's ready to leave Heart. lol.
  6. THat was a shocker. Guess it doesn't matter about the cowrite.
  7. The crowd looks very small. Early & hot. Carol is very brave.
  8. It doesn't talk about openers, but surely there is at least one.
  9. Weather at Indian Ranch area looks a little nasty..
  10. Dare we hope for a giant leap to #1?
  11. Woo Whooo !!! That'll help at Billboard.
  12. I'm glad they said this is outside. Their inside stage looks very small.
  13. It looks like the same guy in all 3 photos. I think it is he. I've never seen him in camo though.
  14. Probably his team hasn't noticed YET. Maybe they'll see your post.
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