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  1. Really good. They knew their stuff.
  2. Also Beaver Creek Colorado in February could be tough to get to. A lot of areas in Colorado get their heaviest snow falls in February.
  3. the Norway Bank Snow Stage doesn't sound like indoors. Hmmm. Nope you're correct.
  4. Here's hoping Scotty doesn't have to cancel any shows here or abroad.
  5. Who's the guy with the glass in his face in all the pictures. Is that Nagy?
  6. Dress-up party for nye. Clean shaven? (from Scotty's Instagram.
  7. I watched it on both TV station and stream. On the TV station there was a ridiculous amount of commercials during the stream blank spots.
  8. Yes, it does. Scotty seems to really like "same truck". I personally think it's the worst or weakest song on the album. I'm afraid he'll release it as a single. I hope not. He took up valuable time with it on this show.
  9. It is on our TV station. So much for program guides.
  10. My local station KVEO does give a local online link to the show on their Facebook page. Since the program guide doesn't show it, I wonder if it's only online in this area.
  11. Our local NBC is shown in the list of station above, however the station guide on our cable shows Jimmy Kimble live at the time. I'll be ready with the web site link just in case. Our guide is not always reliable. It definitely, in promos, shows Scotty's concert being in all time zones. If so, it's great publicity. Damn Strait should get a boost from it.
  12. Is this the same concert but just run on different stations?
  13. All the expenses incurred, many already traveled to be there, sponsors, ticket refunds, etc. What a mess. There was another team that had that problem, but gave a couple of days notice.
  14. A bunch of radio stations re-tweeted the family picture. "It's the most wonderful time of the year".
  15. I ate wayyyy too much! I am regretting it.
  16. Ashley's baby https://www.instagram.com/p/CX2AHvYJjIHTVawS_OxJ2ZLdycYIv36YCxhzq80/
  17. ZBB is already recurrent on Billboard. Scotty is 35.
  18. "Will" was confusing. He does resemble Nix.
  19. That's not George. The guy with a gray beard is Kevin from TT, I think.
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