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  1. Saw this cover of Twice A Child. This guy did a good job.
  3. lol. Booneville has a population of 8k or 9k. They're so small they can do whatever they want.
  4. Where is clear 99? Missouri I think. Are they jumping the gun? Or part of a plan?
  5. With that wine plug he should get many free cases.
  6. Well there is plenty of buzz.
  7. I still think they could have had a lot more safely in the audience, like 500 to 600. Yes Billy Dukes has become a Scotty fan. Dare we say Scottified? Billy's right, Scotty kept his eyes on the balcony or higher a lot. I notice that during the concert.
  8. The after 6 rule wouldn't help much. they showed film of early afternoon and it was just as bad.
  9. Social distance! Most ARE wearing masks, but too many in small spaces for me. And they would only let 125 at the Ryman?
  10. Has anyone heard how many viewing tickets were sold?
  11. yes but not quite as good as FMM. The chorus isn't as memorable or singable. It's good, but.....
  12. Agree. I liked you time. I'm glad they didn't go with Twice a Child.
  13. You'll also have to set up you tv "source" to the HDMI you are hooked up to. Practice looking at some Youtube videos.
  14. Haha. My laptop is about 10 yrs old. I tried logging in on my tablet while my laptop is booted up but not on Mandolin, but it didn't work on my table then. Sorry you can't get it to work. Having to watch it on your desktop may not be ideal if the computer is in a room where you can't get comfy.
  15. They aren't using IP, they use email. It worked on mine. I did turn off my tablet so that I had only one device on my IP. Try turning off your desktop and then boot up your laptop.
  16. Hmmm. I wondered about that. I bought my ticket on my tablet. I was hoping I could use my laptop to watch. I'll try it and let you know.
  17. Well we were all wrong about the single.
  18. To watch on your TV you need to hook up your laptop to the TV. I watch my church service that way. Since my TV is not Bluetooth, I have to wire it to my laptop. Usually with a HDMI cable. I have an extra HDMI slot on my TV and one on my laptop. I plug into my HDMI 2 slot on TV and change the "source" to that HDMI2 option. My cable is plugged into HDMI1 so I have to use HDMI2 for the extra equipment (laptop). It works fine but you need to set it up early. Basically you are watching on your computer but using your TV as your monitor.
  19. Ballyhack Golf Club Is that Scotty singing for them.??? Scotty had this on his Instagram story.
  20. I remember someone mentioning a song a long time ago named Prayed For. I think it was Scotty way back at the start of work on album.
  21. TT post the same Instagram and said Scotty has big news tomorrow. I'm no good at interpreting emojis. I under stand the eyes and hands, but.........
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