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  1. Charlie Wilson is appearing at that festival....but not the same day as Scotty.
  2. Ooops...I was reading the wrong day's chart!
  3. I suspect they are going to keep Gabby B at #1 for another week....her label/team seem to be focusing on making her the next Carrie U.,lol.
  4. Loved all of those photos they used...and Scotty's comments. Thanks for finding that video, Sandy.
  5. Thanks, Sandy.. I had done a Google search and got the same "show" page.
  6. I am a faithful fun of The Amazing Race. They have featured Alaska several times....the scenery is always spectacular, of course. But they also have had to contend with that drizzle.
  7. Have they discontinued the 12-pack voting and/or the show? I am getting show choices, etc. but no poll.
  8. Hmmm...I guess I won't be attending this festival....but Scotty must be thrilled. It's one of the few states he's never been in. In fact, it might be the only state he's never visited.
  9. Have no clue what the issue is with CMT for this poll....but, like you, I never could vote yesterday. Haven't tried yet today. Hope they get organized soon.
  10. Anyone else having trouble voting for the CMT 12-Pack Countdown?
  11. It's great that Scotty acknowledges how much help Brad Paisley was to him. I cannot imagine anyone who would have been better to have as a mentor while touring.
  12. What would that gang do without Loretta?
  13. I knew who Slash was....just didn't know he was still touring, lol.
  14. It might help Scotty's chances of appearing at the Opry again if we keep watching the video Circle Access posted on YouTube:
  15. Scotty just posted these photos and a video. Moose wants to run with his mom sooooo badly. All the pics and the video are a lot of fun. https://www.instagram.com/p/CN3ruLvj13S/
  16. He left the exact same comment on Facebook that he had deleted from Twitter. And the FB post is still there.
  17. For some reason, Scotty deleted that tweet a few minutes ago.
  18. When you look at most of the major stations' playlists....you would swear that no matter which radio group they belonedg to, the same committees create those lists.
  19. Something that could not happen today: Surprise hits that, in turn, stay at number one for five or six weeks. There is no spontaneous climb up the charts. Can you imagine this happening today?
  20. We just have to vote twice as hard this week.
  21. Yep.....and that he missed the AI live shows start-up.
  22. I think Jon Pardi and Jake Owens use the same videos for every jam.
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