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  1. The Indian Ranch show was cancelled because of Hurrican Ida. Glad to see it rescheduled.
  2. I think the interview with Scotty (Whiskey Riff Raff) was posted back in late August. I'm pretty sure we had a link to it then.
  3. I read today that Brandi Carlile's single that was submitted to the Grammy's as an Americana song...was switched by the Grammy's to the pop category. Brandi has always considered herself a roots/Americana writer/singer....and I thought she was, too. Brandi was disappointed by the change. Funny, they can arbitrarily switch categories when they are in the mood, apparently, but still put songs that are clearly not country in that genre without hesitation.
  4. Checked XTU again this morning.....You Time played at 7:18 am, DS played at 2:05 am.
  5. Have been checking XTU's playlist....but they still seem to be playing You Time more than DS. I'm not complaining....any Scotty appearances on that station are exciting, lol.
  6. Wow...he's appearing in Bensalem PA as well as Lancaster. Bensalem is slightly closer to me -- but Tenille Arts is not appearing at either venue. I like her. It's a casino.
  7. I think they have a few facts confused. Like you said, Sandy, Loretta was kept in Garner/Raleigh. He did lease (or maybe bought) another Ford F150 for a few years that he kept in Nashville...used it to drive back and forth to the Opry, Ryman, recording sessions, etc. I did think he stayed near the airport from various posts over the years. Another kind of confusing point...I recall someone tweeting that he used to handle bringing Scotty's truck from the garage to the airport.
  8. Nice write-up. Corrections: he was 17 when he won AI, and the song is a homage to GS, not the whole CD. Love that they (TT and Scotty) chose Gruene Hall for the video back drop...such strong ties to George.
  9. Lucie...I swear I saw that show promoted awhile back...and thought that we added it. Guess I was wrong, lol.
  10. What;s really odd, the station tweeted around 1 or 2 pm about adding their app. etc for top country music.
  11. I think there still is a country station on Long Island and definitely one in Neptune NJ (Thunder). (I found out just now that WNSH was licensed out of Newark NJ.)
  12. Wow....WNSH flipping formats is big news. I am not that familiar with the NYC market these days...is there another country station in the city?
  13. Sandy, you and I are good detectives we had guessed (privately) that they were filming the new video at Gruene Hall after we realized they were in New Braunfels.
  14. Awwww....that's great. Actually, story-telling songs are usually great for adapting to tv or movies.
  15. He changed the endng for Kelly's show....probably for time constraints.
  16. Keep an eye on NBC.com for the show posts.
  17. Evidently, they are filming the new music video in New Braunfels, TX. Libby Barnes, their favorite make up artist and hair stylist posted an IG video with Gabi in it. New Braunfels is not from San Antonio....where King George has at least one of his homes.
  18. Some nice videos of this event: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVNw5d4jSav/
  19. Hmmmm....artists may change their minds about their next single. They can tell the writers they love it, and want it to be out there next...but that can change even up to the last minute.
  20. I just fainted....just noticed WXTU Philly was one of the stations to add DS. Of course, getting them to play the song is another whole story.
  21. The tickets go on sale November 22....but the show isn't 'til next July.
  22. Not sure if anyone posted this show for 2022 yet...April 30...Johnson County, Overland Park, KS: https://www.instagram.com/p/CVL7RQVL_15/
  23. Scotty and Gabi are off to Texas to film the Damn Strait video. I hope they have a speedy editor.
  24. You've been waiting to say that since DS was announced as the next single...haven't you? lol
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