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  1. My favorite line from Scotty tonight, after he and the djs were discussing getting signed waivers from people who attend concerts. He suggested they be forced to sign American Idol contracts.
  2. I suspect is this another syndicated show like Cody's where Scotty is heard for a total of 10-12 minutes over five hurs.
  3. Isn't Cam actually being produced under the RCA label (in their studio, , etc.)....with promo being handled by TT? I enjoyed her Mandolin/Ryman livestream show. She was able to choose songs that really showed off her voice...with just a few musicians who usually travel with her.
  4. In fairness, though, I should add that Gone West probably was over as a band before that RadioTraks survey. It seems Colbie had decided to split from the group well ahead of that survey.
  5. The last time we all were negative about songs -- Gone West. And we know what happened after that.
  6. I ignored them....maybe I'll do that one tomottow.
  7. The last c2c IG story from Scotty was one from last week when they hiked in the mountains.
  8. I am being advised that the livestream radio event is not available to people outside of the UK.
  9. Evidently, it is not just one spot on C2C's IG account. He appeared at noon (ET), to briefly say hi and to announce he would pop up throughout the day.
  10. Fun and enthusiastic interview. It sure does help when the interviewer actually knows something about his subject....and asks smart questions. Thanks for posting it Sandy. (Easy to read once you click on the URL.)
  11. Once again, XTU (like they did for IB) added early. If they follow their pattern, they really won't start playing YT until it's in the top 15, lol.
  12. Scotty must be hoping to watch the Chiefs/Bills game tonight at 5:30.
  13. I suspect Scotty had sent them a new "music session" that included YT, which they were supposed to play after the chit chat. However, they may have discovered the sound was missing or distorted on that one...so they threw in the one from earlier in the year.
  14. Thanks for the alert about these stations. Hopefully, we will have lots more voting opportunities.
  15. Moose always looks so serious in these group shots, lol.
  16. Don't think we have this already. Nine things Scotty has learned while touring: https://country1025.com/2020/10/watch-9-things-scotty-mccreery-has-learned-on-the-road/?fbclid=IwAR0MFXTl_itqUudZmUpup82oJe7TullMfOr254c6hbFMxdwPnZQifJxb4IY
  17. Some new photos in the carousel.
  18. Fun interview. Don't know why they were asking for questions yesterday....you can tell it was pre-recorded , since the Cardinals were knocked out of the playoffs a few days ago.
  19. I guess we can write it off to a Monday mix-up, lol.
  20. Big Rick in the Morning has not posted his podcast with Scotty yet. It was supposed to happen this morning.
  21. C2C (UK) made their announcement. Scotty has two events on Wednesday, October 21. https://twitter.com/C2Cfestival/status/1313162376196349958/photo/1
  22. Thanks for posting, Sandy. Yep....Sylvia is definitely a big Scotty fan. Shame it wasn't on zoom...so she could see Moose~
  23. Well, when it's digital....no wasting time setting up between performers, lol.
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