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    Huge Scotty fan. Admire not only his talent but his character, wholesomeness, and faith in God.

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  1. Speaking of co-writers.......I notice one song, "The Waiter" on the Same Truck album is written by Scotty, Frank Rogers and Matthew West. I am assuming this is the contemporary Christian artist that also co-wrote "Feelin' It" with Scotty and Frank. One and the same??
  2. I've tried on several devices - Kindle Fire, iPhone and computer. I first voted on my computer and was successful but any other times I've tried to vote on my other devices, it says they have already counted my vote! I've tried different days, different times of the day! Bummed!!
  3. Deb, praying all goes well with your surgery!
  4. September 4 & 5th is my granddaughter's wedding weekend.....rehearsal & rehearsal dinner on the evening of the 4th and wedding on the evening of the 5th. However, I am going to purchase a ticket or two just to support Scotty and his band! If I'm lucky I will be able to catch the last hour of the live performance. Fingers crossed!! Been TOO long since we've seen him!
  5. I was a big fan of Don Williams and Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good was one of my favorite songs! Thanks Alan & Caylee - love it!!
  6. FANTASTIC!! Congrats to Scotty, his TT team, his band, crew, Gabi and family!! Well deserved!! So proud of him!
  7. AWESOME News!! So proud for Scotty!! And I see Atlanta is on the schedule!! :)
  8. REALLY ESPN?!?! I waited ALL DAY for Scotty's performance and we got 10 seconds?! So disappointed! But, still proud for Scotty that he got the opportunity to perform!! Thanks Buttons for the above link!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
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