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  1. I like willow a lot better then cardigan
  2. I actually like it better than folklore
  3. Ooh, I don’t have that announcement
  4. I think the 10 minute of all too well should win her something
  5. I knew you were trouble would’ve been a good lead too, if she was heading that way
  6. I knew he’d win! Congrats to iman and daniella! I knew Cody and jojo wouldn’t win after their freestyles, it’s too flamboyant for America expected but wow at Amanda getting 4th after having good scores all season lolol and Jenna gets 2nd again
  7. Evermore should win. It’s a great album what?! Willow is so good and deserves to be recognized
  8. I think that’s her worse lead single. I think 22 is the catchiest pop song on that album
  9. She has a new movie coming out?!
  10. Performance at the amas!
  11. I bet you think about me should been on the original album and released instead of we are never ever getting back together…
  12. Should be good. he won fav make pop artist at the amas! This wasn’t broadcast though
  13. Taylor deserved the amas artist of the year…
  14. The Amass were on last night?!
  15. Red (Taylor’s version) is like a mature version of fearless
  16. So why wasn’t all too well a single again?
  17. 1989 is like my work album. I had it playing every work shift
  18. Yeah… reminds me of someone..
  19. Wow, Shan actually did it
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