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  1. Surprised that overprotective and me against the music were not chosen
  2. They should’ve done some ballads like sometimes shocked that none of the guys bottom 2’d
  3. I think this is his official site https://www.adamlambert.net and I think he is signed, I don’t know what his label is btw that mad world with demi
  4. What?! She has more albums out from 2015?
  5. Oh idk lol I thought afp was worth 75
  6. lol @ AFP being worth more than runner up. So Tiffany got more money than df
  7. So obvious that he won i think the pre jurors would be fun live, ugh stupid covid
  8. The girls are better this season. Not surprised Martin left
  9. Ahzah so played better than big d. Big d is nothing but a jury goat i was rooting for her in that hoh endurance
  10. Wow 25 years i was singing 2 become 1 today, i don’t know why
  11. So he has two new singles out. OMG I love shivers. And I’ve had bad habits in my head this week. Anyone else like his new stuff?
  12. Yeah Xavier is winning this Ky was bitter. He’s gonna be a bitter juror huh for the first time, I think everyone is deserving of AFP. Everyone came to play and was entertaining but I like dx
  13. Mel C should’ve cha cha to spice up your life
  14. Sara reminded me of Hali
  15. what?! This started already?! poor Britt, getting stuck with the one that can’t dance and probably eliminated early And I like Britt too mmk gleb better not screw this one up
  16. Is this Trudeau’s last term? wow I’m shocked that the liberals actually won
  17. Wow @ ndp ctv is already liberals win with a minority
  18. Azah screwed up on that hoh. She just handed the game to the guys lol I still stand by what I said in I think Xavier wins. Kyland vs x would be interesting too cause I think kyland has friends on the jury if Tiffany wasn’t playing for a team, she’d be a badass player
  19. It would be a miracle if liberals won
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