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  1. All Access lists the impact or add date for "Damn Strait" on 10/18.
  2. Not surprising. CD players used to come standard on computers, cars, etc. That's no longer the case. CD players are less accessible than it used to be. The last few years streaming has taken over. Also, music industry data has shown that the 2nd most common way music is consumed isn't CD's or digital sales (iTunes) anymore. It's vinyl albums. Most of my local stores where music is sold have bigger vinyl sections than CD sections.
  3. "The Waiter" is definitely one of my favorite songs from the album. However, I'm not sure it would do well on country radio. IMO "Damn Strait" is radio-friendly, has clever lyrics, & getting buzz from industry people that I that I think it's a good single choice.
  4. 1 early add Mediabase Adds Artist/Title (Label) TW Total Historic Adds C. PEARCE & A. MCBRYDE/Never Wanted...(Big Machine/WMN) 74 74 MORGAN WALLEN/Sand In My Boots (Big Loud) 26 140 KAMERON MARLOWE/Giving You Up (Columbia) 22 24 JAKE OWEN/Best Thing Since Backroads (Big Loud) 17 130 SAM HUNT/23 (MCA) 14 97 DARIUS RUCKER/My Masterpiece (Capitol) 9 111 LACI KAYE BOOTH/Shuffle (19 Recordings/BMLGR) 9 34 CHRIS YOUNG w/M. TENPENNY/At The End Of A Bar (RCA) 7 51 DYLAN SCOTT/New Truck (Curb) 7 65 MIDLAND/Sunrise Tells The Story (Big Machine) 6 52 TENILLE ARTS/Back Then, Right Now (19th & Grand) 6 104 TIM MCGRAW/7500 OBO (Big Machine) 6 98 ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERT/Drunk ... (RCA/Columbia) 5 106 MORGAN EVANS/Love Is Real (Warner/WEA) 5 37 D. BENTLEY f/BRELAND & HARDY/Beers... (Atlantic/Big Loud/Capitol) 4 101 KEITH URBAN/Wild Hearts (Capitol) 4 105 TRAVIS DENNING/ABBY (Mercury) 4 78 ERIC CHURCH/Heart On Fire (EMI Nashville) 3 146 RAY FULCHER/Girl In It (Black River) 3 36 WALKER HAYES/Fancy Like (Monument) 3 149 CHRIS JANSON/Bye Mom (Warner/WAR) 2 2 DREW PARKER/While You're Gone (Warner/WMN) 2 53 FRANK RAY/Country'd Look Good On You (Stoney Creek) 2 89 LAUREN ALAINA w/JON PARDI/Getting Over Him (Mercury) 2 142 MATT STELL/That Ain't Me No More (Records/Arista) 2 141 MITCHELL TENPENNY/Truth About You (Riser House/Columbia) 2 25 NATE BARNES/You Ain't Pretty (Quartz Hill) 2 94 S. CARTER f/SWINDELL & MURPHY/Beer... (Warner/WAR) 2 23 AARON GOODVIN/Lonely Drum (Reviver) 1 3 BROTHERS OSBORNE/I'm Not For Everyone (EMI Nashville) 1 100 CAITLYN SMITH f/OLD DOMINION/I Can't (Monument) 1 106 CAM/Till There's Nothing Left (Triple Tigers) 1 71 CAROLINE JONES/Come In (But Don't Make...) (Mailboat/New Revolution) 1 67 CHRIS STAPLETON/You Should Probably Leave (Mercury) 1 156 DAN + SHAY/Steal My Love (Warner/WAR) 1 95 FILMORE/Who Cares (Curb) 1 17 GEORGE BIRGE/Beer Beer, Truck Truck (Records) 1 26 JORDAN DAVIS f/LUKE BRYAN/Buy Dirt (MCA) 1 157 KANE BROWN/One Mississippi (RCA) 1 155 NIKO MOON/Paradise To Me (RCA) 1 14 SCOTTY MCCREERY/Damn Strait (Triple Tigers) 1 1 TOBY KEITH/Old School (Show Dog) 1 123
  5. Deb, I'm pretty sure Kacey Musgraves album is labeled country which was released last week. She just had over 70k total consumption. Combs & Wallen was #2 & #3. For about the last 2 months, #4 is usually Walker Hayes due to his viral & now radio hit "Fancy Like." According to HDD's album estimates, he had around 12K total consumption. Wallen has around 40k last week.
  6. KILT station's music director is Nick Russo who tweeted this a few days ago:
  7. HDD has changed in the past several years where you can customize the charts using the Alpha Data charts. Here's some other charts that Scotty's charting on currently: #16 Top Artists (based only on sales, no streaming) all-genre #9 Digital Album Sales (all-genre) #20 Song Sales (all genre) #26 "You Time" - Country Song Sales (all releases) You can also customize to see what's selling or streaming in certain cities. I'll list several where Scotty's charting. I posted the link below if anyone wants to check it out or post other cities he's charting on. #21 Boston, MA (album sales) all-genre, all releases #15 Baltimore, MD (album sales) all-genre, all releases #15 Dallas-Ft. Worth (album sales) all-genre, all releases #6 Charlotte, NC (album sales) all-genre, all releases #9 Charlotte, NC (song sales) all-genre, all releases #9 Phoenix, AZ (song sales) all-genre, all releases #12 Denver, CO (song sales) all-genre, all releases #11 Houston, TX (song sales) all-genre, all releases Link: https://alphadata.fm/charts/hits-album-chart/
  8. "It Matters To Her" is also charting at #76 on the iTunes Country chart.
  9. HDD usually comes out with album #'s projections after a day of sales. The only predictions they made were based on Lil Nas X which is currently at #1 on iTunes (and has been since release on Fri.). His projections are at 130-140k total activity. Only 17-20k is predicted as sales (rest is streaming). https://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=328321&title=NEW-RELEASES%3A-BIG-NAS-X
  10. I know this is an old thread, but I didn't see a thread for the Seasons Change album (I think it got lost when the site was down). When an artist has a new album, HDD (Hits Daily Double) usually posts an artist's previous debut week #'s. Scotty's is below. Also, I posted the link in case you want to see other artists #'s. DATE ARTIST | TITLE | LABEL PREVIOUS RELEASE FIRST WEEK Upcoming Release 09.17.21 SCOTTY MCCREERY | SAME TRUCK TRIPLE TIGERS Previous Release First Week DATE TOTAL ALBUMS TRACKS STREAMS 03.22.18 40,300 34,300 22,300 5,636,400 https://hitsdailydouble.com/new_album_releases
  11. Updating these #'s: iTunes: - Carly just released her new single (w/Ashley McBryde) & got an iHeartradio deal. She was on late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel last night (performed last single "Next Girl") so it's not surprising her #'s did increase & is now ahead of Scotty. Scotty did seem to increase his position in the all-genre preorders. The bold is where their current position is & the regular font is their position as I posted previously. - Scotty (country) 6th row, #7 country preorders 4th row, #7 country preorders - Carly Pearce (country) 7th row, #8 country preorders 3rd row, #6 country preorders - Laine Hardy (country) 7th row, #9 country preorders 7th row, #10 country preorders - Jameson Rodgers (country) 13th row, #18 country preorders 15th row, #22 country preorders I only updated the country artists. Amazon: - Jameson Rodgers #89 country, #619 all-genre #203 country, #1,613 all-genre - Carly Pearce #17 country, 94 all-genre #12 country, #53 all-genre BTW, Laine Hardy's new album is a digital only release.
  12. FYI: It is estimated that Kacey Musgraves this week will be the #1 Billboard Country Album with about 71k SPS. If she doesn't have a big drop, her #'s can effect the upcoming releases on Fri. I think iTunes preorders seem to be cumulative. Generally, the first row of preorders all-genre (10 in each row) all seem to chart well on iTunes. These are the following notables releases on Scotty's album release day, genre, & where they are positioned (in order). iTunes: - Lil Nas X (pop) 1st row - Daughtry (rock) 3rd row - Spiritbox (rock) 3rd row - Thrice (rock) 5th row - Scotty (country) 6th row, #7 country preorders - Carly Pearce (country) 7th row, #8 country preorders - Laine Hardy (country) 7th row, #9 country preorders - Jameson Rodgers (country) 13th row, #18 country preorders Scotty is the top country preorder on iTunes out of everyone on 9/17. However, Carly is releasing her new single tomorrow (a duet with Ashley McBryde) which is receiving an iHeart radio deal so I can see that attracting more preorders/buyers. Amazon: Amazon orders include old/already released albums in their ranking. Generally, if an album is in the Top 10 in Amazon country before release date there is a likelihood those albums sell over 10k such as Chris Young, Kacey, etc. - Jameson Rodgers #89 country, #619 all-genre - Carly Pearce #17 country, 94 all-genre Amazon not listing Scotty's album under a genre was never fixed so there's no #'s. As I expected, I think Carly's going to sell well. I wouldn't be surprised either if she is the featured artist this week on one of the streaming services main country playlist.
  13. I didn't want to put this in the Same Truck thread, but these numbers are something to keep in mind for how sales/streaming of recent country album releases have done their 1st week leading up to Scotty's album release. iTunes sales has definitely changed than a few years ago even if you chart high. Streaming is definitely why most artists chart well. Currently, BB200 Top 10 all genre is 30,000+ total (sales + Streaming). Morgan Wallen is still #1 for BB Country Albums with about 41,000 total. - Nelly (country collaboration album) #7 Billboard Top Country Albums #45 BB 200 estimated SPS: 2,900 pure sales, 10m song streams stayed in the Top 5 on iTunes all genre albums for entire 1st week of release - Lauren Alaina (new album) #21 Billboard Top Country Albums #173 BB 200 7,200 SPS (3.4k pure sales, 4.4m song streams) stayed in the Top 10 on iTunes for a few days, rest of week usually in Top 20
  14. Kat & Alex actually are a married duo that was on Idol (season where it was done at home due to COVID). They were good together in the auditions, but they weren't IMO as good solo & was eliminated in Hollywood. They are signed to one of the big labels.
  15. The artists haven't been officially announced for Hardy's next album (another collaboration album). However, there's an album cover with drawings of each artist collaborating circulating the Internet which includes Scotty. Scotty is left middle (behind vehicle).
  16. While I do think Russell will climb faster once "You Time" peaks, something that could potentially be a problem is his callouts. I don't know his callouts on National Callout, but MMI (which seems more similar to NC than RadioTraks) his single is #33 out of 50. That could be a potential problem since callouts are so important.
  17. Generally, country artists start being very popular in their early 30's. Keith started becoming very popular in the early 2000's so it's not surprising he's in his 50's. I have liked Guy as an artist since I saw S1 of AU Idol. He has a great voice. But I don't really like him as a judge. He makes questionable decisions & IMO is given too much favoritism by the producers. For example, when Guy said during an audition he has specific songs he's pulled just for him & the contestants for his team. He said other judges could do the same. I doubt it. For instance, I doubt if for example Rita asked the same thing Guy is given she would be given those same advantages by the producers.
  18. I didn't take the survey. I saw it posted at Pulse Music Board that RadioTraks had a survey for those 3 songs & posted it here. From what I've heard over the years from others that take the surveys, you are asked to chose which one you like best, would you buy/stream the song, & want to find out more about the artist. All the questions make sense to ask to gauge single choice, buzz, & artist interest.
  19. I posted before that all those radio stations that heard it when he performed at the Triple Tigers concert could have given good feedback to the label. Sometimes labels pick singles by using the surveys, but maybe in this case they already received feedback from the numerous stations broadcasting the event. I'm just happy that they have the next single picked out & ready to go to capitalize on the momentum after "You Time" finishes climbing the charts (crossing my fingers for #1) & the album release.
  20. RadioTraks sent out a survey with the following Danielle songs: "Look At The Mess," "Stop Dragging Your Boots," & "Break My Heart Again" Usually these surveys are given to industry people to decide which single is released to radio.
  21. I was expecting it since I said there was too big of a gap between Luke & the next song pushing for #1 from Thomas Rhett. Rhett would have to increase 1400+ of a bullet & Luke would have to drop a lot immediately. Rhett's single isn't performing as well as his typical singles either so it hasn't been moving as fast. His song last week on Billboard was only about 1.0 AI ahead of Scotty's which is different than Mediabase where Rhett is ahead of Scotty by about 4.0 AI.
  22. Just saw yesterday's email from All Access. There's an ad for Luke Bryan's single pushing for max spins now until 9/5.
  23. Sep. 17th has album releases from several Idol alums. Daughtry, Scotty McCreery, Laine Hardy, & Caleb Lee Hutchinson are all releasing albums that day.
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