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  1. Idol's IG was still promoting the Sheryl & Arthur duet prior to the show. Arthur pulling out was definitely last minute. Kudos to Graham for stepping in! https://www.instagram.com/p/CPO3hHOBp2j/?utm_medium=copy_link&fbclid=IwAR0zLxt3XqVwgJZGmxYK3qImSzZOrllQ7G4lHRlbJmOOnBY59LsjX68hwzY
  2. While ratings for tv are terrible in general, ratings matter for shows like The Voice because they typically attract companies for ad revenue. This is a factor in what started the decline for Idol. They had very good ad revenue at its peak. When ratings for Idol started declining consistently so did the ad revenue, which eventually led to cutbacks in other areas.
  3. Billboard Country Airplay #26 (lw #29) Billboard Hot Country Songs #45 (re-entry) https://bulletins.billboard.com/country/country_update_2021_0517.pdf
  4. BMG Is New 'American Idol' Recording & Publishing Partner https://www.mjsbigblog.com/american-idol-joins-forces-with-bmg-goodbye-hollywood-records.htm https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/9573338/american-idol-bmg-label-publishing-partnership-details/
  5. 4 adds today Mediabase Adds Artist/Title (Label) TW Total Historic Adds CHRIS STAPLETON/You Should Probably Leave (Mercury) 44 46 TYLER RICH/Better Than You're Used To (Valory) 16 16 CALLISTA CLARK/It's 'Cause I Am (Big Machine) 11 116 DUSTIN LYNCH f/M. PORTER/Thinking 'Bout You (Broken Bow) 10 81 MADDIE & TAE/Woman You Got (Mercury) 10 56 CAM/Till There's Nothing Left (Triple Tigers) 9 41 CAROLINE JONES/Come In (But Don't Make...) (Mailboat/New Revolution) 8 23 BROTHERS OSBORNE/I'm Not For Everyone (EMI Nashville) 6 49 GARTH BROOKS & TRISHA YEARWOOD/Shallow (Pearl) 6 125 JOE NICHOLS/Home Run (Quartz Hill) 6 20 PARKER MCCOLLUM/To Be Loved By You (MCA) 6 101 JAMESON RODGERS f/L. COMBS/Cold Beer Calling… (River House/Columbia) 5 138 KANE BROWN/Worship You (RCA) 5 146 K. BALLERINI f/K. CHESNEY/Half Of My Hometown (Black River) 4 96 RYAN HURD w/MAREN MORRIS/Chasing After You (Arista) 4 136 SCOTTY MCCREERY/You Time (Triple Tigers) 4 153 CHRIS LANE/Fill Them Boots (Big Loud) 3 59 KEITH URBAN w/PINK/One Too Many (RCA/Capitol) 3 156 MICHAEL RAY/Whiskey And Rain (Warner/WEA) 3 108 NATE BARNES/You Ain't Pretty (Quartz Hill) 3 55 NELLY & FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE/Lil Bit (Columbia/Records/BMLGR) 3 5 RUSSELL DICKERSON/Home Sweet (Triple Tigers) 3 120 TENILLE ARTS/Back Then, Right Now (19th & Grand) 3 3 BRETT ELDREDGE/Good Day (2021) (Warner/WMN) 2 41 BRETT YOUNG/Not Yet (BMLGR) 2 78 DILLON CARMICHAEL/Hot Beer (Riser House) 2 43 INGRID ANDRESS/Lady Like (Warner/WEA) 2 97 JACKSON MICHELSON/Tip Jar (Curb/MCC) 2 8 KENNY CHESNEY/Knowing You (Blue Chair/Warner/WEA) 2 147 KIP MOORE/Good Life (MCA) 2 24 LADY A/Like A Lady (BMLGR) 2 146 MATT STELL/That Ain't Me No More (Records/Arista) 2 93 MO PITNEY/Local Honey (Curb) 2 15 NIKO MOON/No Sad Songs (RCA) 2 39 TRAVIS DENNING/Abby (Mercury) 2 57 BRIAN KELLEY/Beach Cowboy (Warner/WMN) 1 1 BROWN & GRAY/First Light (NHMM) 1 1 CAITLYN SMITH/I Can't f/Old Dominion (Monument) 1 62 CHASE RICE f/FGL/Drinkin' Beer. Talkin' ... (Dack Janiels/BBR/BMLGR) 1 154 CHRIS BANDI/Would Have Loved Her (Records) 1 56 CHRIS JANSON/Waitin' On 5 (Warner/WAR) 1 103 CLAY WALKER/Need A Bar Sometimes (Show Dog) 1 67 DARIUS RUCKER/My Masterpiece (Capitol) 1 70 ELLE KING & MIRANDA LAMBERT/Drunk (And I Don't Wanna Go..) (RCA) 1 3 GRANGER SMITH/Hate You Like I Love You (Wheelhouse) 1 39 HARDY/Give Heaven Some Hell (Big Loud) 1 102 IAN MUNSICK/Long Haul (Warner/WEA) 1 28 JON PARDI/Tequila Little Time (Capitol) 1 117 LEE BRICE/Memory I Don't Mess With (Curb) 1 152 LUKE BRYAN/Waves (Capitol) 1 158 SAM HUNT/Breaking Up Was Easy In The... (MCA) 1 156 THOMAS RHETT/Country Again (Valory) 1 160 TYLER BOOTH/Already Got One (Columbia) 1 2 TYLER CHILDERS/Feathered Indians (Hickman Holler/Thirty Tigers) 1 1 WALKER MONTGOMERY/Out Of Nowhere (PIA) 1 1
  6. I remember Trent Harmon coming back to S1 of ABC Idol to talk about his new album. He didn't get a performance, but a brief interview. I think he was supposed to perform, but it got pulled. Idol doesn't treat its winners well anymore.
  7. I don't think Olivia is eligible. Her single charted on the Mediabase pop charts last year so I assume she has a record deal.
  8. Fitchuck has produced & cowritten songs for many popular country artists, but they are mainly country/country pop acts (not country rock). His credits include Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Little Big Town, etc. I think her producer doesn't fit her style & Casey is one of my favorites.
  9. I agree a full All-Star season wouldn't work. But maybe Idol sees a format similar to The Voice Australia that would work here. TV AUS recently has a format where new contestants compete with only a few returning contestants. The few returning contestants have to start from the beginning at auditions so returnees will have to make the cut to get to live shows. Returning contestants on TV AUS, generally do the show again because they were young/inexperienced when they first auditioned, trying to reignite a career that had short-lived success, etc. No matter what the reason is behind this, I think it's a bad idea to let past finalists who are still eligible to do the show again.
  10. I actually thought this comeback twist wasn't just because of the pandemic. It could have been a test run & that they could do a format similar to The Voice Australia.
  11. I could see the 3 singing originals all advancing. Hope, I'm wrong about that.
  12. Agreed, but considering HR's track record I wouldn't be surprised if whomever wins this year doesn't do well. I don't think it matter if it's Arthur, Casey (who IMO has potential post-show), etc. who wins. I just don't think the label at this point is a good label & won't help anyone similar to The Voice contestants.
  13. I would think Arthur wouldn't want to win. However, I don't know why it matters about HR. It's not like old Idol where the label was forced to put out music by the winner whether they liked the winner or not. HR dropped Just Sam before they released any music. HR could always do the same if Arthur wins.
  14. Two stations were added to the Mediabase panel a couple weeks ago. That probably factors into why there was a sudden AI recalibration. https://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/206215/mediabase-adds-two-country-stations-to-published-p
  15. Kelly Clarkson also did "Respect" 3 times during the show (Hollywood week, finale, semifinal group).
  16. Just like Dustin Lynch just did with his single, Brantley Gilbert & his label has decided on moving on to a new single. That's why Brantley's single is dropping so much.
  17. In past Idol seasons, social media #'s are a good indication of who has a fanbase. Ava had low #'s compared to the Top 12. It probably didn't help unlike most of the contestants left they were shown a lot since the beginning of the season & Ava wasn't as much.
  18. Usually good social media #'s in recent years do predict who gets far on Idol. Ava had one of the worst social media #'s in the entire Top 12. She was one of my favorites, but knowing that her social media #'s was low I knew unfortunately she wouldn't likely get far.
  19. I agree a lot of it is corporate manipulated. However, if we believe some of the data (MMI) is used to tell radio what to play such as sales & YT views, fans & general public can help a song. If you look at songs which are extremely old above Scotty on the charts, many of the one's taking too long are underperforming in sales, YT views, etc. which are factors fans/general public can help with. I doubt that's a coincidence. This includes Dustin Lynch (moving on to new single after 60+ weeks & a Top 10), Jordan Davis, etc. which are all have been consistently underperforming in sales & YT views. Generally, most Top 10 singles should have around 10M YT views. These singles are underperforming around 5M or less & weren't selling well compared to other singles around it. Both songs have great callouts & are even on big labels. It's the other factors that are holding it back from converting it especially since its underperforming. I believe if those songs had done better in those factors which are less controlled by corporate, it wouldn't have taken radio as long to convert. For example, Scotty's This Is It & In Between. TII had excellent YT views, sales, callouts, etc. In Between not so much in those factors. I loved it as single, but for whatever reason it didn't seem to connect as much with people. Not saying TII still didn't take longer than I wanted to climb the charts, but it's not 60+ weeks like IB did & I think radio taking a long time to play it had a lot to do with the overall buzz (sales, YT views, etc.) of the song. I do think radio has become more corporate in even the past couple of years. But it still seems like currently when a single from a non A-lister is doing well in many factors (sales, callouts, streaming, etc.) it usually takes less weeks to climb the charts than a non A-lister who is not doing so well in many of those same factors. That's why some non A-listers peak around 40-50 weeks & some at 55+ weeks. That's potentially about 10 less weeks which I think is a big difference.
  20. Usually songs with excellent callouts stay longer on the charts even after peaking. Brett Young & Parmalee's songs have excellent/above average callouts. FGL & Chris Stapleton's singles had ok callouts. Even previously with Scotty's singles, for example This Is It had excellent callouts so radio kept playing it after it's peak so it slowly dropped down the charts. In Between had ok callouts so radio dropped it more quickly. That's why callouts are so important. BTW, I've seen several radio people confirm this is generally how country radio works with callouts & how slow they are to drop a song.
  21. I think Lee was still part of 19 at the time. David was with them for a long time. Even though they were not on the original label, I would think being on 19's roster also matters.
  22. I like Makayla more than Arthur or Louis, but I know it's very likely to be between Arthur or Louis for the vote. I would say if people don't want Arthur to get the vote to vote for Louis because he's likely the only other contestant with a chance. Remember voting for this is not just overnight. It's about a week worth of voting. That means it will be about these contestants fanbases & their dedication.
  23. I agree it doesn't make sense. That's why I said maybe it's money motivated since I think if he gets voted through he has a chance to win. I assume winners still get $.
  24. The only things I can think of is more exposure or more $ from potentially winning. However, he's already received exposure from last year. He says he's doing it for his fans. But IMO you don't have to do this comeback to still do stuff for your fans such as releasing new music (which he has), social media interactions, livestream concerts, etc. during the pandemic.
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