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  1. I either dislike or don’t have an opinion on this bunch and sometimes the latter is worse. At least this isn’t a round where you all get to cut people. You can save up to two of your favourites. It’s less harsh. I could’ve really had some fun.
  2. La’Porsha Renae Clark Beckham Sarina-Joi Crowe Hollie Cavanaugh MacKenzie Bourg Didi Benami Jason Castro Maddie Poppe Chris Daughtry Nadia Turner Lauren Turner Majesty Rose Janelle Arthur Lilly Scott Alex Preston Mandisa Disclaimer: some of these weren’t my first choices.
  3. You might’ve made a request but I know who your other favourites are. Don’t tempt me boy.
  4. Take a stab in the dark and send the name of someone you don’t wish to be nominated.
  5. But if anyone wants to send me the name of someone they’re worried about in the next five minutes then I’ll delete them off my list if it appears on my next set.
  6. I’m not obliging until after this round. I’m nominating people I think are overrated but I don’t necessarily know who who stans then.
  7. So really you only liked him because of Lee.
  8. Save Michael Lynche and Phil Stacey
  9. Photo 01. Shei 02. Matthew 03. Mirjana 04. Denzel 05. Chantelle 06. Keith 07. Adam 08. Will 09. Lenox 10. Kari 11. Ben Clips 01. Shei 02. Chantelle 03. Mirjana 04. Keith 05. Denzel 06. Adam 07. Matthew 08. Kari 09. Will 10. Lenox 11. Ben
  10. I get confused between them and Kharizma.
  11. Oh. They made it quite far.
  12. They sang a Beyoncè Destiny’s Child song. Obviously Wally was choosing them. I think they lasted about 3 weeks though? Probably why you don’t remember them.
  13. This rankdown is going to take 2 years to complete with that attitude.
  14. Surely Wally can post Maria Lawson and Treyc Cohen in one post?
  15. I don’t know anyone who goes to Church over here so clue me up Phaedra.
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