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  1. You evil people putting Naomi in fifth. I’d have her in the top two.
  2. I even knew it was K Bonet. My mind is fried.
  3. Trinity K. Bonet (S6) I actually like Trinity and she was one of the most polished queens on season six when it came to putting a look together. Trinity’s downfall happened to be her confidence and that was surprising from such a polished queen. She tends to give an excuse when something doesn’t go right or she doesn’t shine and it massively impacted on her performance throughout. I think her final couple of weeks in the competition were probably her strongest and her lip sync to “Whatta Man” is one of the best performances ever! That long ass wig and costume? GAGGING! It’s just unfortunate she’s against these queens and I will be finding a voodoo doll for whoever put this list together. saving Naomi (AS4)
  4. If I thought she was going to be in any danger then I’d have taken her up a few places. I’m not a fan of this or the rock climbing photos (I think those are the first shoots) but then she starts to climb.
  5. I love Jenah actually!! I don’t like most of these photos tbh. She just got unlucky this round in my ranking. I don’t think she comes in to her own until week three or four if I remember correctly.
  6. 01. Chantal 02. Heather 03. Ebony 04. Bianca 05. Victoria 06. Saleisha 07. Janet 08. Sarah 09. Mila 10. Lisa 11. Ambreal 12. Jenah 13. Kimberly
  7. Why would anyone bring back Manila (AS1)?! She was terrible!!! ELIMINATING HER!
  8. I wouldn’t even have Nik in the top ten. Her personality is so bland and her photos are even worse. Her Covergirl shot is absolutely terrible! I’d have taken Nicole over her.
  9. that gif was wasted on me!
  10. don’t get me started on AS3 Ben.
  11. Didn’t you nominate her?
  12. Bendelacreme (S6) Finally, she’s nominated by someone. Bendelacreme is a queen from Seattle, who was beat in both lip syncs by Darienne Lake. I never really understood the hype behind Bendelacreme and I never really saw the cute and playful side that made her win Miss Congeniality either. I actually thought she came across pretty fake and false throughout the entire of season six. I think Darienne nailed it when she read Ben for being full of herself. Don’t even get me started on her ridiculous and undeserved all star run because this backed up what Darienne said. Her runways were far too costumey and she didn’t compare to the likes of the queens who had their sh*t together. I find her to be a really messy lip sync queen and I can honestly say she never impressed me in one. Darienne slayed Ben twice and she should’ve gone home the first time! saving Plastique
  13. 01. Heidi N Closet - LOOOOOVE. ChiChi vibes! 02. Crystal Methyd - I loved all of her looks and rap. 03. Jackie Cox - Shes gonna be a strong all rounder. 04. Brita - She brought it during the performance! One of the better ones. 05. Widow - I find her very erratic but there were moments she made me laugh. 06. GiGi - There’s something missing. 07. Nicky - Again, something missing.
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