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  1. Ohhh favouritism for Vee. I’ll remember this.
  2. Sarina-Joi Crowe She‘s one of American Idol’s biggest let downs ever. She tried out for so many years and then absolutely crumbled when it was her time to shine. She had a couple of decent performances at the start but her last two are up there with the likes of Jena’s. My ears were bleeding. “Mamma Knows Best” was probably her strongest performance but it was so self indulgent and over the top. “You Really Got A Hold On Me” absolutely paled in comparison to Haley’s performance. Her voice was strained throughout and it was boring. “Love Runs Out” LOLOLOLOLOL this was an absolute train wreck performance. It was completely off pitch and hideous. But then we get to “Neon Lights” and it gets even worse. Her last two will go down in history as two of the worst.
  3. 01. Chantelle 02. Mirjana 03. Shei 04. Matthew 05. Adam 06. Keith 07. Will 08. Lenox 09. Ben 10. Kari
  4. I’m concerned that people didn’t tank Neil.
  5. So is Olly Murs but there’s no fake British twang.
  6. I was never giving my opinion on your comments or opinions regarding sexuality. They were on anything she’s said. This went South very quickly. Where’s Sahara?
  7. and I’m just having a conversation. There’s no attacking or need for an atmosphere.
  8. I think people have the right to feel a certain way if it’s warranted. I don’t think by devaluing someone’s sexuality that gives someone the right to feel a certain way. I have issues with how left wing some of America is. How left wing some of the world is. I’m thankful that I live in a country where most people don’t really care. It obviously has its issues as everywhere does but I feel we move forward quicker and that’s probably because of the size.
  9. I disagree on the last part but we’ll leave it here and move on.
  10. Don’t tell me. I get angry.
  11. Yeah, well that crap doesn’t fly with me.
  12. I can’t @ this. Narrow-minded growler can go now.
  13. Oh Lord. She’s one of them? Please can we get rid? I just googled her and she said it was a choice. Absolute lols and full of ignorance.
  14. How does that make her ex-gay? I’m confused. Surely that just makes her single? I remember you liking her. A lot.
  15. What do you mean “ex-gay”? I wasn’t around to catch this when it was airing.
  16. And I’ll cut La’Porsha for funzies.
  17. Just save La’Porsha or whatever her name is and get it over with.
  18. Sam Black is the hottest guy to appear on XFUK.
  19. Stop influencing! It was an awful season.
  20. you snooze, you lose. One of the most bland contestants in the history of the show.
  21. I thought he’d save someone else alongside Chris.
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