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  1. I actually think it’ll be this queen.
  2. It’ll be another of my favourites.
  3. 01. Shei 02. Chantelle 03. Matthew 04. Mirjana 05. Ben 06. Lenox 07. Will
  4. Emily Piriz Emily was a contestant on the thirteenth season of American Idol. She was a pretty girl with a pretty voice but she never had a “moment” from her audition to the week she was eliminated. I think my favourite performance of hers was “Stars” which she performed for her Hollywood solo before advancing to the live shows. I don’t think she should’ve gone home the week she did just based on Jena was still in the competition and she makes my ears bleed. Every. Single. Time! Emily might not have been memorable but her voice was a thousand times better than Jena’s. Saving Dimitrius
  5. I love Sharon so much. She changed the game for a lot of queens. So happy that she was able to pave the path. I love Shea, but my love for her has faded. I’m excited for All Stars to fall back in love with her.
  6. MacKenzie Bourg MacKenzie was a contestant on the fifteenth season of American Idol. It was probably my least favourite season based on talent and MacKenzie contributed to that. I know that I go on about basic singers who can play an instrument but this guy was one of the most basic contestants to make it to the finals. Never mind the top four. I never watched most of the performances whilst season fifteen was airing and watched them later to educate myself. I honestly wish I wouldn’t have bothered. MacKenzie absolutely ruined classics like “Billie Jean” and “I See Fire”. This boy shouldn’t have even made the top twenty. His performances were abysmal. See ya!
  7. Have I not got 2 write ups? Copy and paste the template below with your selection: 1. Zoey 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Sola 7. Nico
  8. I genuinely can’t even guess which way this will go. No doubt it’ll be two of my favourites.
  9. Sydnee Carter I can’t tell whether I’ve accidentally chosen a photo of Brian May or Sydnee Carter. The likeness is unreal in that photo. Sydnee was a contestant on X Factor Australia 2014. Apparently the fandom think she had an amazing audition but I remember being underwhelmed and bored by her. That went for most of her performances too. Sydnee was nothing new or special. Her vocals were mediocre and I think the live shows proved that. She’s slots in to the group of contestants where the judges and/or public go mad for an audition and this is able to carry them so they can skate by. I just find her very underwhelming. Saving Nicolo.
  10. I didn't feel well yesterday.
  11. There goes to first member of my top three.
  12. Sorry, I felt crap yesterday so spent most of it not on my phone.
  13. These shoots are horrible. Solo 01. Mirjana 02. Shei 03. Chantelle 04. Adam 05. Matthew 06. Ben 07. Will 08. Lenox Pairs 01. Chantelle 02. Shei 03. Adam 04. Mirjana 05. Matthew 06. Lenox 07. Ben 08. Will
  14. I’m gonna guess either Jujubee or Shea.
  15. 01. Crystal - The only queen I’m bothered about this season. She’s brought something different every week and hasn’t relied on the same thing. 02. Heidi - Her commercial was hilarious and she looked great on the runway. 03. Widow - Solely based on her slaying the lip-sync. I don’t think her commercial was worse than Gigi’s or Jan’s. 04. Jackie - Shes here by default. Hated her runway though. I find them to be so cheap looking. 05. Jaida - Again, she faded in to the background and I didn’t particularly enjoy her runway when it was up against the likes of Crystal/Heidi/Jan. 06. Jan - She looked great on the runway and did well in the lip-sync but she annoyed me this episode and her commercial wasn’t great. 07. Gigi - She deserved to leave this week. The runway was the same silhouette, the commercial was by far the worst and copied from a former queen and I just think she’s cocky. Overall 01. Crystal 02. Heidi 03. Widow 04. Jaida 05. Jackie 06. Gigi
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