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  1. I’ll do my remaining two write ups this afternoon.
  2. THANK YOU. I know 13/12 would be the highest she’d get as you’re all haters. Super happy that she’s made the finals though.
  3. Lol @Elliott thinking I’m sarcastic Katee is my favourite. Lols.
  4. Jesus answers my prayers,
  5. Katee is in the top four? I’m done.
  6. Tied? If it’s Naomi then I’ll scream.
  7. The only time she has ever made me sick. what happened to you sis?
  8. I think Cheryl is such a wonderful queen. One of the few with a personality from the first season.
  9. Love Cheryl. Elliott, you got all of mine hours ago, right?
  10. Is it 22 posts to each page now?
  11. 01. Shei 02. Matthew 03. Chantelle 04. Adam 05. Keith 06. Will 07. Ben 08. Lenox 09. Mirjana
  12. Alien Uncovered were A W F U L
  13. I just wanted to make sure someone was saved before I made my decision.
  14. No one needs to see that.
  15. I couldn’t think of any words for the piece of trash but thank you.
  16. Danny Tetley I’m cutting Danny for the sole fact that he’s currently serving a sentence in prison for the sexual exploitation of teenage boys. Danny Tetley, 39, a semi-finalist on the show in 2018, admitted seven charges of causing sexual exploitation of boys aged between 14 and 16. His offences came to light when one of the boys' parents checked their son's phone and saw the graphic content. The court heard Tetley "spent likely many thousands of pounds" on convincing seven teenagers to send him pictures, telling one of them: "Trust me, money ain't a prob as long as they are good." He messaged them on WhatsApp over "a period of months" until he was arrested in May 2019. Tetley, of St Enoch's Road, Bradford, was jailed for nine years. He will be monitored on licence for a further eight years after his release. Saving Andrea.
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