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  1. As someone who loves mystery/detective shows, I just wanna say this pov woman is much more worthy to dig deep for all joking aside, I love the AA representation this season and its finally time for a trans to represent in the voice and hopefully we'll learn more about the pov woman after the battle tapings
  2. I love country and his voice is always killing every song. Hoping to see him at least in the semifinals ( add me ofc )
  3. I think some people are sleeping on Ryleigh, her range is incredible but perhaps she's not that hyped cause there are always artists like her in every season idk
  4. I loved Carson's covers, the only male artist I'm rooting for
  5. And why isn't there a very short promo between the interactions of the coaches like last season? The promo was released like 3 months before the new season so what's stopping them from doing it again
  6. So is the Tyshon Knight spoiler on YouTube comments fake? Someone said he was a 4-chair turner on Team Legend...
  7. I could not agree more; he then kept ending up in last place (except for Katie she went third) and when he realized that he probably turned his chair more often John might end up in last place again considering how stacked Kelly's team is, Ariana's large number of fans, and Blake just always wins(not hating). But the spoilers are still incomplete so who knows I'm just speculating
  8. SAME. except I have three: insert Bella DeNapoli (been repeating her amazing cover of "Damaged" for about 30 minutes now)
  9. yikes... your seriousness scares me. gon' be used to seeing you reply to me
  10. that WE might have emphasized Kelly die hard fans like me... does that mean you dont like Kelly
  11. mostly true, but even without the blocks she could still at least get two. Justin was vibing pretty well with Kelly (i sensed it) and Johnny Bliss would have picked Kelly if you don't count Adam's block (and Alicia wouldn't have to pull out her guns by singing a spanish version of her own song)
  12. THIS WOULD MAKE SENSE. After all the producers do control most of the song choices so... but I still doubt it
  13. What's funny to me is that during Kelly's first season she already had 2(?)four-chair turns on her team. I can imagine Kelly pushing the contestant to be on her team so hard though edit: reminds me of Joanna Seronko picking Nick because of his pitch
  14. my speculation is that they didn't turn cause they would have for sure chosen Ariana. but WOW the pov 4-chair AA female artist that picked Kelly instead of Ariana herself... it's all confusing
  15. the person probably mistook CammWess' blind audition cause "earned it" and "call out my name" are both written by The Weeknd...
  16. It's a good thing she picked Kelly, I think I remember Kelly saying (maybe in season 17) that the best strategy for an amazing artist to bloom onto the show is to deliver a solid performance enough to let an awe in front of everyone but not too much that everyone's gonna be expecting more stellar performances from that artist. idk what im talking about though I just really hope Kelly will stick with her ALSO ADD MEEEE
  17. I know im new here but... ADD ME... she's so amazing I had to let out my first comment lol
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