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  2. umm hello nbc can u just leak Gymani pls we've been waiting for this moment for so long
  3. Was Ariana pitching for LiBianca when she brought up the math? Or is it from someone we do not know how many chairs they got yet..
  4. I know they're hyping Ariana as much as they can but I can't wait to see my favorite artists from Team Kelly.
  5. Oml i thought i was the only one doing the math on who's more likely to win. This is making me love Ariana more
  6. Lol I loved Holly's snippet! In fact I was trying to imagine what arrangement she did that led her to go all out (that rocketman power vocal thingy from 0:05-0:08 in the first promo). But I also loved Gymani's, I think that snippet was just the first chorus, she probably will go higher the second time. Like if both switched places (Gymani having the longer snippet) I would pick Gymani so it's Holly for now...
  7. I haven't heard her sing yet, but if she chose a hard song to sing "Call Out My Name", slayed, and got 4 chairs, then based on that info I would already be invested in her. I hope this doesn't turn into a Zae moment where I find his blind audition legendary compared to his knockout.
  8. I mean I find coach performances addicting when the arrangement is so good. S18 and S14 were amazing performances, like specifically I'd rather see a coach performance where each coach had equal time to shine, a great song choice, and sung the hell out of the song. But if the promos had LONGER snippets of the contestants singing, I'd pick that cause' I wouldn't want to wait 20 or more days to hear my favorite artist in the blinds.
  9. i was thinking they would instantly get at least 500k followers. I could be wrong though
  10. Oh I just realized that. But I swear I think she'll tell her fans to vote this time considering she was very excited to give shoutouts to her team (lucky them)
  11. umm what its not even spelled right, is this a sign of them not voteing or something
  12. oh lmao I love how the contestants seem to be "obsessed" with Ariana but don't pick her anyways
  13. Gymani in the premiere cutieee!!!! that snippet was so soulful omg
  14. I love Ryleigh's voice! But I've only heard "I'm Every Woman" so far. It's so sad that some people think she's just screaming and not singing.
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