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  1. But they did leak Gymani so I could see them strategies for gaining views
  2. I think Wendy would've thrived in team Ariana, and when she does win it'll make its way to the headlines "first black woman to win the voice" and then the arianators are gonna says something like "ARIANA'S IMPACT". But lol what do I know about the show
  3. 1. Gymani 2. Wendy 3. Girl Named Tom 4. Samuel 5. Katherine
  4. Ariana should really make a statement about that. Silence is not an option , at least encourage your fans to remain positive and never discriminate the people who don't join her team. MY OPINION.
  5. so Gymani's go-to-karaoke song is Positions by Ariana. interesting...
  6. "there's no way she's picking anyone else y'all we can finally relax"
  7. Yeah I'm so confused. They hyped Ariana so much in the promos but not in the premiere. If Gymani picked Ari then this episode would've saved the night.
  8. im loving twitter lmao. 1 in 2 arianators hate the team and they think Vaughn is the only one carrying her team
  9. SHE KILLED IT!!!!! I was crazy about the fact on how she made it really intimate and at the same time be so powerful! It's like this isn't her final form yet, can't wait to hear her more of her. Best rendition ever no one will dare touch this song now, 11/10 will repeat until I get bored.
  10. So a leak will be uploaded today in a few hours right? Cause' I'm in a different timezone lol
  11. I know right! Why does everyone else think that was underwhelming. That was so good i'm already on repeat. That tone is something I would die for honestly
  12. I don't know why some are disliking Vaughn, he has a beautiful tone and I'm already obsessed with his blind audition
  13. Did not expect Vaughn to be the leak, but damn that was better than I expected.
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