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  1. He has great tone! I wish he posted recent videos of him singing but either way I know his vocals definitely improved. I can't see him getting the PV yet though, but coach save probably.
  2. weird guess but understandable due to the fanbase literally being toxic. but not all stans are like that tbh (I'm a huge stan) and isn't that kind of a dumb reason to not watch the show afterwards? like if I would get angry for the contestants not picking her I would still keep watching to keep in touch with those who actually pick her and stan that person. just my opinion though.
  3. She would slay any Adele song thrown at her. I could imagine this as her semifinal song for some reason though
  4. I came back after the roast on Ed Sheeran mentoring Wendy. I could see no one being able to coach Wendy cause she already has everything (could be about song choice idk).
  5. Had Kelly chosen Holly over GNT, I would've been thinking she automatically gets PV on her team and straight to the finals she goes. Oh and I also feel happy knowing I wasn't the only one repeating that 8-second snippet of performance like crazy. I literally can't wait!
  6. I love his tone! Add me if ever this fan thread is still active lol
  7. omg i didnt know this fan thread existed. KELLY REMAINS THE QUEEN OF THE VOICE IM SORRY ARIANA
  8. Holly's runs are everything. Holly is DEFINITELY going to the finale. LETS MANIFEST THIS!
  9. so basically nothing until Friday right? (i mean sneak peeks for season 21)
  10. True. I mean I've seen what her fans have done before. They'll probably just vote for each artist on Team Ariana and nobody else. lol
  11. I SERIOUSLY think Ariana will bring a lot of viewers this season. that's it.
  12. I don't think so tbh. Assuming Ariana's presence brings in a few more millions of audience, these stans would at least vote for Hailey as well considering we get to vote for each artist no more than ten times.
  13. I literally said I just want the coach performance as amazing as they did on season 18
  14. I just wish the coaches performance this season would be similar to season 18 where they performed "jealous" before the battles. That was amazing.
  15. btw has anyone talked about Holly getting engaged yesterday? congrats to her!
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