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  1. I'd rather if her knockout results were: TEAM KELLY Gymani vs. Hailey Mia Holly vs. Xavier Cornell Girl Named Tom vs. The Cunningham Sisters Jeremy Rosado vs. Kinsey Rose - Kinsey SAVED. I don't think she'll plan to keep a trio and a duo on her team at the same time. Also I just wanted to see Kinsey be saved twice by her coach. (that is, if this season's lives is top 24)
  2. For some reason I actually agree with all of Kelly's decisions, and I'm not surprised by it. It's clear she's trying to get Gymani as her only powerhouse front-runner so she decided to discard Jershika the same way she discarded SandyRedd in Season 15 by staying with Kimberli. Also, anyone going against Holly is literally free food, I'm confident Kelly is setting up Gymani and Holly for the liveshows.
  3. I expect that too. If Gymani ends up winning her battle and knockout on Team Kelly, she'd probably have to be saved by her coach to advance. I'm thinking Holly is Kelly's best chance to be in the finale. She's like a (Corey 2.0)????
  4. Agreed, Barracuda would've been the PERFECT song choice for her. Hot take here but Devan did not deserve the win, the same way Nick won with Michael Williams (he was great though) even though I was rooting for Samantha Howell. SO GLAD 4-WAY KO IS GONE JUST LET THE COACHES DECIDE WHO GO TO LIVES PLS
  5. Unpopular opinion but Corey's instant save performance "Iris" was his best performance. I know it wasn't vocally perfect but damn it hit me the first time I heard it...
  6. you're underestimating the power of twitter edit: and I feel like they do. imagine the backlash they got if they intentionally let Kenzie win despite the massive support of Cam in the comment sections
  7. I'm SUPER confident Jershika will stay on Team Kelly. And in no way am I able to picture a Jershika versus Gymani on battles and knockouts. GOOD LUCK TO BOTH OF THESE QUEENS THAT I ROOT FOR THE MOST
  8. GIRL CAN SING. Ariana better consider her as her frontrunner.
  9. I was thinking of the stans storming on the comment section of a montage video and trying to cancel The Voice though I'm really expecting a massive amount of views the show gets this season.
  10. why do I feel like the producers won't montage any of Ariana's artists
  11. honestly anticipating to see at least another two 4-chair turns. This season just comes out as strong we've already had seven 4-chair turners and 19 contestants who we still ought to know how many chairs they received. (im confident about this they're definitely lurking somewhere in tapings 3 and 4)
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