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  1. We just need more Taylor. More folklore/evermore, more deeper cuts of her discography, and some new takes on her music (I had this vision of Kelsie Watts doing a rock version of I Knew You Were Trouble instead of You Oughta Know).
  2. I would also love to see more songs from Voice alum, like when Reagan Strange sang Danielle Bradberry's "Worth It" in the S15 Playoffs
  3. I totally agree. I loved both Tamara and Olivia but their battle was awful solely because if song choice. Emmalee was so underrated too. I had her on my team and though I definitely preferred Kelsie, I would have loved to see more from Emmalee.
  4. Kelsie Watts vs Emmalee: "I Love Me" (final rehearsal).
  5. Anyone want to dm me some of the song choices (without the winners/losers)? That's honestly my fav part of the battles lmao
  6. If there's any news that anyone wants to share on Anna Grace, Gihanna, Lindsay, or Kenzie, my dms are open
  7. I would love to see an all female panel (although that means no Blake....) Kelly would have to be on there for sure. I'd also love to see Alicia with Kelly again. The Kelly-Gwen dynamic is a lot of fun and Gwen's coaching has improved significantly, although I wouldn't mind forgoing her for Miley And in the last spot, either Christina or JHUD (just not Shakira lol). So basically, Kelly | Gwen | Alicia | Christina OR Kelly | Alicia | Miley | JHUD The only real downside I see to this is that without Blake, my guess is that country artists would all flock to Team Kelly and she would become the new country coach.
  8. Also, it is a CRIME that The Bundys didn't perform something by Delta Rae. Would've made for a much better crossbattle imo
  9. For some of these, I've even picked out two artists (from any season/team) who I could see doing these songs justice (think of it as like an all stars season) "Hey Girl": Zan Fiskum vs Jules, Belle Jewel vs Lynnea Moorer "Rebel Yell": Chloe Kohanski vs Jake HaldenVang (obvi) "Symphony": Kennedy Holmes vs Hannah Mrozak "Keeping Score": Chevel Shepard vs Jake Hoot (two country Team Kelly winners on a Kelly Clarkson country song is a no-brainer) "Girl With One Eye": Cami Clune vs Payge Turner, Darby Walker vs Sarah Grace "Domino": Kelsie Watts vs Rizzi Myers "Love Me Anyway": Any combination of Addison Agen vs Megan Danielle vs Allegra Miles "All Too Well": Jackie Verna vs Reagan Strange "Love Me Wrong": Karli Webster vs Aaron Gibson "Who Says You Can't Go Home": Kyndal Inskeep vs Ben Allen
  10. I started a note on my phone of songs that I think COULD make great battles (if done right) bc i had so many idk for sure that none of these have been done though but I'm pretty sure none of these have been done at least for the battles. Hey Girl - Lady Gaga (feat. Florence Welch) Ironic - Alanis Morissette Sanctuary - Allie X Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) - ABBA Rebel Yell - Billy Idol Symphony - Clean Bandit (feat. Zara Larsson) Keeping Score - Dan + Shay (feat. Kelly Clarkson) Break My Heart - Dua Lipa Girl With One Eye - Florence + the Machine Domino - Jessie J Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson Rain On Me - Lady Gaga (feat. Ariana Grande) Green Light - Lorde Love Me Anyway - P!nk (feat. Chris Stapleton) All Too Well - Taylor Swift Mine - Taylor Swift Prisoner - Miley Cyrus (feat. Dua Lipa) Sine From Above - Lady Gaga (feat. Elton John) Love Me Wrong - Allie X (feat. Troye Sivan) You should be sad - Halsey I Would've Loved You - Jake Hoot (feat. Kelly Clarkson) Who Says You Can't Go Home - Bon Jovi (feat. Jennifer Nettles)
  11. (idk if this has been said but) Ever since Season 5, whether an artist’s BA is AIRED first or last is TYPICALLY a good indication of their success on the show (the earlier seasons showed no such trend). With a few exceptions, every artist who’s audition has aired first has at least made it into the lives and every artist who’s audition has aired last has been eliminated before the lives (I’m counting the S13 Playoffs as the Lives even though this season was pre-taped). Exceptions will be in red. S5 First: Kat Robichaud (Top 10, CeeLo) Last: Shawn Smith (Battles, CeeLo) S6 First: Christina Grimmie (Third, Adam) Last: Caleb Elder (Battles, Adam) S7 First: Luke Wade (Top 8, Pharrell) Last: Justin Johnes (Battles, Blake) S8 First: Sarah Potenza (Playoffs, Blake) Last: Hannah Kirby (Top 8, Blake) S9 First: Mark Hood (Top 12, Pharrell) Last: Sydney Rhame (Battles, Pharrell) S10 First: Paxton Ingram (Semifinals, Blake) Last: Ayanna Jahneé (Battles, Christina) S11 First: Jason Warrior (Playoffs, Alicia/Adam/Blake) Last: Josette Diaz (Knockouts, Miley) S12 First: JChosen (Playoffs, Gwen) Last: Chris Blue (Winner, Alicia) S13 First: Chris Weaver (Playoffs, JHUD) Last: Gary Carpentier (Battles, Adam) S14 First: Britton Buchanan (Runner-up, Alicia) Last: Amber Sauer (Battles, Kelly) S15 First: Sarah Grace (Semifinals, Kelly) Last: Matt Johnson (Battles, JHUD) S16 First: Gyth Rigdon (Runner-up, Blake) Last: Jackson Marlow (Battles, Kelly) S17 First: Katie Kadan (Third, Legend) Last: Caroline Reilly (Battles, Gwen) S18 First: Todd Tilghman (Winner, Blake) Last: Cedrice (Playoffs, Legend/Blake/Kelly) S19 First: Tamara Jade (Semifinals, Legend) Last: James Pyle (Knockouts, Legend/Blake) All exceptions pertain to the last aired audition, so the first aired audition is expected to be in the live shows. For anyone interested, here is the first four seasons: S1 First: Tarralyn Ramsey (Battles, Christina) Last: The Thompson Sisters (Lives Top 16, CeeLo) S2 First: RaeLynn (Lives Top 16, Blake) Last: Sera Hill (Lives, Top 24, Christina) S3 First: Terry McDermott (Runner-up, Blake) Last: Cody Belew (Top 8, CeeLo) S4 First: The Morgan Twins (Battles, Blake) Last: Jessica Childress (Battles, Usher)
  12. I mean I figured- its really everyone's first question after the blinds. But I wanted to share my two cents without having to scroll through and find what's been said so take it or leave it i guess I am interested though as to whether my thoughts are commonly shared or not so I may do some scrolling lol
  13. I don't know how much this has been discussed (I'm not about to read through 138 pages of this thread lol) but........ Every season I love trying to predict battle pairings (and give them a song choice I think would work) so I've started doing that with Team Blake, though I haven't given song choices. I did this based on minimal research on these artists so I could be totally off and I'm okay with that lol. Here's what I have: Cam Anthony vs Keegan Ferrell Emma Caroline vs Savanna Chestnut Aaron Konzelman vs Pete Mroz Ethan Lively vs Avery Roberson Jordan Matthew Young vs Connor Christian (not 100% sold on this one. I wasn't sure what to do with Jordan). Emma Caroline and Savanna Chestnut are both in that female pop country lane so I could see them being paired together (my reason for pairing Ethan Lively and Avery Roberson is similar, they're in similar lanes). HOWEVER, I could totally see Blake taking those two pairings and making two male/female country duets. For example, Emma vs Ethan and Savanna vs Avery, or vice versa. I tried to do Team Kelly next but I couldn't figure anything out that I was happy with. I probably could with more research and a better understanding of their voices but oh well. I was thinking Kenzie vs Corey but idk.
  14. True, the battle was amazing but applauding Blake for ANYTHING about that battle just feels illegal because picking Selkii over Cecily was such a sin lmao
  15. “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers has also eliminated Katrina Cain in the KO and Chrissy Joly in the Blinds, although Vanessa Ferguson successfully auditioned with it.
  16. Omg you’re right I didn’t know that he seemed so much younger to me either way I can’t stand him
  17. According to Wikipedia, every coach had a steal at the time of Rizzi's elimination.
  18. That may very well be true but I honestly think if Kyndal had waited a couple years she would have done better. 10,000 Hours wasn't BAD but it wasn't the best song for her at all. It didn't compare to her Blind or KO. Her artistry was her best quality and if it was that much more refined, she would have done a lot better imo.
  19. I'm still mad about this battle to this day omg. Great song choice but there's no excuse for Rizzi to not be stolen. It makes sense why Kelly paired them; they filled the same spot on her team. And I think Presley was the right decision, but Rizzi should have been stolen. Period.
  20. True. I guess I was thinking along the lines of the live shows, post-playoffs. But at any rate, she was one of Gwen's frontrunners imo (Rose is the only one who had a leg up on her on team Gwen if you ask me). I love Myracle too but I wish Gwen had picked Kyndal. She's honestly one of my favorite contestants of all time, especially after I saw her and Max live after the show at a concert
  21. He was good but he didn't stand a chance against Todd. But honestly I wish Kailey Abel won their Battle. I think she really wanted it more and showed her passion. Not to mention her tone is amazing and Cam is altogether not really that unique
  22. Honestly he was nothing special to me but to each their own. I think he was rightfully eliminated against Allegra and there were plenty of people more deserving of steals, but the I agree with the rest.
  23. This may be an unpopular opinion, but she was one of my favs after the blinds. She was so unique and I don't necessarily disagree with Tayler winning the battle, but I just really wanted to see more from Jules (i.e., actually see her battle).
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