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  1. Off the top of my head.... Kelsie Watts S19 Julia Cooper S19 Tayler Green S18 Jules S18 Kyndal Inskeep S17 Rizzi Myers S16 Cecily Hennigan S16 Mikalea Astel S16 (though I agree with Kelly's decision. She didn't seem ready for the crossbattles). Abby Cates S15 Genesis Diaz S14
  2. That's fair. I don't mean to discredit him as a coach. his song selections leave something to be desired and I will argue that to my grave. But that being said, he knows how to play the game. Picking Cali over Gracee in S17 and what he said to Gracee after her IS performance shows his strategic thinking. Granted, his strategy didn't work, but had it not been for Hello Sunday's performance, I guarantee it would have. He's a good coach and being on his team does bode well for a contestant in the lives, regardless of the genre. My only real criticism here is song choice outside of his comfortable genres. And yeah his steals are unbelievable sometimes. I mean just look at Chloe Kohanski (although I credit that win more to Miley's decisions than Blake's. I still can't get over the fact that Miley Cyrus gave up the winner and runner-up of S13, only to finish 3rd with her finalist).
  3. I honestly loved it. As much as I wouldn't have chosen that song, it shows her versatility. She wiped the floor with JessLee and didn't even break a sweat. On the other hand, I feel bad for JessLee because I would have loved to see her on a song that was even remotely her style.
  4. Yeah that's true but the point that was made earlier about Blake being good with country and rock applies here. This was one of my fav battles of S18 and it was rock (and Joei is really more country-rock, at that).
  5. I just keep going back to what she did in that last chorus of that song. It wasn't her best performance at all but that's not because her battle was bad. It's simply because everything else was just that good.
  6. I'll be honest, I've only been watching since Season 15 and there are only so many performances of earlier seasons still on Youtube. But Ricky vs Marina, while a good battle, wasn't all that creative in terms of song selection. I just think there is a song out there that could have been that much better for them.
  7. Oh yeah for sure. Toneisha and Jacob slayed the hell out of that song and Kyla KILLED "One Last Time". But I can't get over how basic not creative "Good as Hell" was and I can only imagine how good Kyla and JessLee would have been with a better song (or maybe different partners...)
  8. YES this is 1000% the exception. This battle was awesome and the song choice was perfect imo
  9. As bad as this was, it didn't surprise me in the slightest. Blake sucks at song choice with anything but country (and even then he has his moments). Whenever he has pop artists (or anything even remotely close that isn't country) It's like he picks a random song off a list of popular pop songs and gives it to them without a second thought. Like can we all agree that "One Last Time" is not in Kyla or JessLee's lane and "Good as Hell" is LITERALLY the most basic and unoriginal song choice he could have possibly come up with for Toneisha?
  10. I think that age differences are only an issue depending on the song and, furthermore, the interpretation of the song. With "...Ready for It?", I viewed it as the two of them singing the song with one another, rather than TO one another. Like they're each singing it about different people. Not to mention the fact that the song isn't explicitly talking about anything sexual. Yes, it may nod to that, but "in my dreams/you should see the things we do" can mean anything. If you're 14, it can just as well mean holding hands on a date as it could mean anything else. Age differences in a battle performance are only important if the song is OBJECTIVELY considered inappropriate for one of the people in the pairing. Also, IMO, the first consideration for a battle should be how well the voices of the artists fit together, not the demographics of the artist. From there it's about choosing a song that both can succeed with (and yes, part of that is choosing a song that isn't wildly inappropriate for either artist.)
  11. yeah High Hopes was awful. Joana and Matthew both deserved a better song and a place in the Knockouts.
  12. In more recent seasons.... Best: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Karli Webster vs Addison Agen (S13, Team Miley) Use Somebody - Christiana Danielle vs Shana Halligan (S14, Team Alicia) Mercy - Kymberli Joye vs OneUp (S15, Team Kelly) Here - Kim Cherry vs Kendra Checketts (S16, Team Blake) The Joke - Lisa Ramey vs Betsy Ade (S16, Team Legend) Burning House - Marybeth Byrd vs Dane & Stephanie (S17, Team Legend) when the party's over - Roderick Chambers vs Joanna Serenko (S18, Team Nick) If the World Was Ending - Payge Turner vs Lauren Frihauf (S19, Team Gwen) I Surrender - Marisa Corvo vs Ryan Gallagher (S19, Team Kelly) Worst One Last Time - Kyla Jade vs JessLee (S14, Team Blake) Location - Kayslin Victorita vs Oliv Blu (S16, Team Legend) Take Me Home, Country Roads - Kat Hammock vs Josie Jones (S17, Team Blake) High Hopes - Joana Martinez vs Matthew McQueen (S17, Team Blake) I Could Use a Love Song - Kyndal Inskeep vs James Violet (S17, Team Gwen) Missing You - Arei Moon vs Samuel Wilco (S18, Team Nick) Hard Place - Tamara Jade vs Olivia Reyes (S19, Team Legend)
  13. This is probably pretty subjective but it's always something I have opinions about every season.
  14. You Oughta Know /// Alanis Morissette Kelsie Watts (S19) Knockouts Betsy Ade (S16) Crossbattles (would have been eliminated if she wasn’t stolen) Madison Cain (S15) Blind Auditions (didn’t get a chair turn but was chosen for the comeback stage).
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