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  1. Yes. Maybe the worst move they can do right now it attach themselves to a major label. They aren't friendly with folk acts and won't get the connections needed in this particular circuit. They need to go indie ASAP.
  2. I most definitely will be, 'cause singer-songwriter/Americana is right in my wheelhouse. And I actually gave it a go on their "Back up plan" single and there's potential. It just needs better producing (which they'll end up getting it, with a contract). I mean, look at this line up for the Newport Folk Festival in 2021. There are great names within the genre, but there's also a lot of up-and-coming artists that all they got to their name is one album rotating on indie radio and opening acts for artists like Jason Isbell. If the folk and Americana community embrace a "singing competition act", it's done.
  3. Here's the thing: I'm gonna offer my complete unqualified opinion. I have a gut feeling that if Girl Named Tom can keep the band together during the next years to come, they'll achieve a comfortable level of success within their genre. Much more so than some of the previous Voice winners. My reasoning is... Folk and Americana's market isn't huge like country or pop. The competition for what Cam Anthony, Chevel, Brynn, etc., are trying to achieve is different. If GNT signs with an indie record label, starts getting gigs like Newport Folk Fest and becomes somewhat regulars in community radios such as WFUV, they'll already be in a comfortable place. Especially when everything a folk artist need is a solid base of listeners, which they've been gathering during the course of the program. And Itunes make it evident. My point is: I feel like if GNT actually wins, there's a chance they'll be one of the best winners The Voice ever produced. I'm not saying they'll become Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood at all, but if they play their cards right, they might be a new name in the Americana/Singer-songwriter/Folk circuit.
  4. If they win, I hope Kelly helps them getting free to sign with the label that better suits them. I know Brynn is signed to Elektra, who also signs Brandi Carlile. A contract with a smaller record company isn't bad at all for Americana/Folk artists. The last thing they need right now is a bad contract.
  5. I know, but it's still weird they won't take the moment to promote the single with Ariana Grande on a major plataform besides the christmas special. But we all know Kelly Clarkson + single promotion is synonym with chaos.
  6. I feel like this is such a missed opportunity that is actually weird. I feel like there's maaaaybe something going on regarding single promotion, etc. I'd have a better imput, but ATRL won't let me join their table
  7. Oooh, Don't tease me with the idea of Kelly's face in a GIF, while contemplating a #TeamKelly top 2. Wasn't this one already enough?
  8. OMG, I've been dying for a 90's cover from GNT in the lines of Cranberries or Sarah Mclachlan. May The Voice gods hear you and let's hope we are right with this pick. In Kelly Clarkson we trust.
  9. Wendy Moten is a country singer too. A damn good one and exactly what the genre needs. More Yolas, less Morgan Wallens. To neglect the fact Wendy herself has dabbled in country alongside great names and said she is a country singer as well, is simply erasure.
  10. I'm loving the genre representation during the finale, as well. - GNT (Folk/Singer songwritter/americana) - Hailey Mia (Pop) - Jershika/Paris (R&B) - Wendy Moten (Soul/Country)
  11. Imagine the poetic justice if Hailey Mia performed The Joke for the finale
  12. To be 100% honest and a bit bitchy, I started doubting Ariana's judgement as a coach when she picked Dilemma for Katherine Ann Mohler vs. Vaughn Mugol.
  13. Hailey Mia = Never question the power of a teenager with good pipes on this show. Never question Kelly's power in "navigating" a vocal competition.
  14. Can we pick Kelly Clarkson hitting the buttom to steal Hailey Mia during Battles as one of the best moves ever done on The Voice?
  15. What the hell is this song for J&S? They are actually trying to bus Ariana?
  16. I do like Anyone Else, though. But it was written by Natalie Hemby and she's amazing.
  17. This is why I don't listen to Blake Shelton. He gives me major racist south vibes in his discography.
  18. I hate this Blake's song with all my energies. So many racist and mysoginistic undertones.
  19. Carly Pierce has a terrible enounciation, sometimes. I was paying attention to the lyrics, but I lost the entire chorus.
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