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  1. Man, 3 black ladies lost to a man so white, that people call him skinny Thor.
  2. Man, everyone knows at this point that Corey is my snowflake and I'm not even making a case for him. But it really breaks my heart that GIhanna was so good tonight and wasn't voted through because of a few reasons I prefer to keep it to myself, but yes, there are social dilemas surrouding demographics involved.
  3. I'll add to the meltdowns: Gihanna was robbed and it's the first time I defend a pop teenager on this show.
  4. "I felt I was scrolling through Tik Tok" - CARSON
  5. Man, Hoot feat Kelly put Ian feat Blake to shame.
  6. Excuse me, everyone knows I'm very stupid when it comes to the rules. So, I have a question. Tomorrow, when Kenzie get the PV, the Instant save between Corey and Gihanna will be decided by who received more votes after Kenzie or who Kelly saves? Or they will both compete with the others equally without Kelly or the prior public vote interfering?
  7. Aaand Minivan is unanimously praising. But considering Kenzie has been a little shaky with them, I'd say the finale is still open. Any more song recommendations for Kenzie @Misirlou? Because I'm still with my head stuck in Garth Brooks...
  8. Actually, he's going head to head with Cam, even though Cam was already around 1,8 K when Kenzie was posted.
  9. It's pure classic country, man. Lots of people love it. Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Loretta, a lot of the greats used to do that. It's a lost tradition and deserves respect.
  10. Hmmm, not trying to be Debbie Downer, but Minivan is eating Kenzie's performance like never before, though.
  11. I must be in my Simon Cowell personality today. I don't feel like voting for anyone. Not even Corey. Well, let's see.
  12. Victor should be doing gospel since his KO's. It was unfair to him, to give him the songs he has been performing until now
  13. Exactly. I think people who wants to see Kelly win will vote for Kenzie, because he is her best shot. Then, I don't see Corey sharing the top 5 with Kenzie as a bad thing for him. I will reiterate my previous thought and say that it's actually a bad thing for everyone else, but Kenzie.
  14. Well, if it was 2 country males on Team Blake, I'd agree. Team Kelly fanatics splitting the vote between country and indie pop just because of the coach seems like an anomaly.
  15. I don't understand how Corey (pop/rock/indie) would split votes with Kenzie (country-mullet). It's easier for Corey to split votes with Cam, considering both seems the type to attract casuals.
  16. TPTB pushing for a Cam win. Jordan singing classic country on Team Blake will take votes from Kenzie. If he receives a questionable song choice, we can already crown Cam the winner.
  17. Hmmm, weirdly enough I thought about this song when I was morphing into my emo self while thinking about songs for him. I figure The Voice has the rights, considering Cami Clune was considering this song last season and Evanescence is making a come back. They even performed on Kelly's show. I don't know about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone picked this song for him.
  18. Queen Kelly will finally be able to release her danm album and still be ready to take over Ellen's spot on daytime.
  19. Yep, Anyone Else is the only Blake Shelton song I actually like and it's in my personal country playlist, because it was written by Natalie Hemby and she is a Goddess. However, I don't think it's the song Kenzie needs. Also, @MusicMedicinehas a point when it comes to Austin. Maybe Austin during top 9 and Garth Brooks on the top 5 would be an interesting strategy.
  20. Alright, I'm a bit oblivious to Blake's discography. The songs I've heard I pretty much hated, honestly (even though there's one song I like, but that's because of the person who wrote it, not because of Blake). Does anybody here knows Blake's work well enough to suggest some songs that would fit Kenzie? Because I was listening to Austin and even though there's the whole connection (he's singing in front of Blake, etc), I don't know if it would be a powerful moment like a Garth Brooks ballad, for instance. So, what else besides Austin would he be tackling?
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