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  1. I agree, it's a weird songchoice for someone fiery as Wendy. I'd probably give it to Hailey Mia, honestly. But she did killed the end of the song, though. That's my general fear. But MInivan usually doesn't like these types of high notes.
  2. Alright, I need someone pragmatic to make an analysis about the GNT vs Wendy scenario. It's usually @Misirlouor @TeamAudra Anyone care to make an impartial analysis?
  3. Hm... I feel like the real battle is going to be Baby Now That I’ve Found You vs Somewhere over the rainbow. But yeah, GNT will have to relly on the support they have been receiving the entire season to win. Wendy will give them A LOT of trouble. Maybe even win. Unless Minivan think she's screaming to much on a Judy Garland song.
  4. I have a horse in this race and I'm not rooting against the competition.
  5. I also never supported that song choice. I feel like they might go out of key.
  6. Hmmm... Wendy's song choices are really coming to snatch the crown from GNT, especially with Somewhere over the rainbow. I've watched an episode of The Voice in my country in which one of the contestants peformed that song perfectly and didn't snatched the crown, though. My predictions are before the studios are... 1. GNT 2. Wendy Moten 3. Hailey Mia 4. Paris 5. Jershika
  7. Girl Named Tom - Acoustic Wap Paris Winningham - What's New Pussycat Hailey Mia - Baby Shark Wendy Moten - Beyoncé Medley Jershika - Misery Business by Paramore
  8. The females I have are mostly a bunch of tracks from The chicks, all the Highwomen, Miranda Lambert, Reba, Loretta, Martina, Dolly, Bonnie Raitt, Faith, Shania, [well, I don't know where I'll classify Big Little Town ], Deana Carter, Kacey, Tanya Tucker, LeAnn Rimes and Kelsea Ballerini. I'm not a huge fan of country pop like Maren, Kelsea and Kacey, but I'll give it a go on a track here and there. I strongly feel you would like "Better than we found it", by Maren. It's a folky protest song that , btw, should be covered on The Voice. PS: My absolute favorite is Miranda Lambert, though.
  9. Honestly, this "Come back as a country boy" still gives me nightmares. I just can't. My country playlist is mostly dominated by females spamming from Loretta to Maren Morris. The exceptions are Jason Isbell, Sturgill, The Highwaymen, John Prine and Chris Stapleton. But I do have The Dance, Amazed and Anyone Else by Blake Shelton, because of Natalie Hemby.
  10. And reiterates how much women in country music have a mountain to climb. While most of the female singers run circles around 90% of their male peers, the men are the ones getting played on radio. And a lot of them sound like a potato.
  11. I have a gut feeling about GNT, though. I've commented about it on their fan thread. But in sum: they are reaching for a much more niche genre (folk/americana) than most of the usual top 5. The problem is the Americana industry to embrace a singing competition act. But well, the Americana industry is usually known for embracing misfits, so...
  12. I'll guess the upbeat song, but I'm ALWAYS wrong about these things. I'd say... God only knows, by the Beach Boys. Kelly performed this song earlier this year on her talk show alongside the family of one of the original members of the Beach Boys and made it a whole moment about connection, etc. Maybe this song is in Kelly's head for them. Now watch me get it wrong once again
  13. I hate when there's a band/group and people start with "oh, they are going solo". "Oh, the vocalist will leave the band". "The rest of the band is just support for the vocalist". If someone gave a dolar to Hayley Williams or Brandi Carlile everytime these types of comments came up, they'd be wealthier than Beyoncé. GNT haven't even finished The Voice yet and y'all are breaking up the band, or analyzing internal dynamics that we don't even have a clue about.
  14. Crazy suggestion, but the "Girl Crush / Like I'm Gonna Lose You" version GNT released on their covers album. It's naturally a quartet song and Kelly can belt a little during the "LIke I'm gonna lose you" part.
  15. I don't know if GNT will be releasing an original of any kind. I just figured a christimas song by GNT would make sense right now.
  16. No, but it would make sense for GNT to release a christmas song they just performed with Kelly [rememberig they have an announcement programed].
  17. Yes, it crossed my mind. Joni was probably the same age and saw her younger self reflected in Bekah, around the time she had the "little green baby".
  18. Regarding the MJS predictions... Wendy got 2nd and Hailey 3rd. I'd probably rank the contrary and predict a KC top 2 if TPTB doesn't intervene with a weird song choice or spot. What do y'all think?
  19. Just curious, bud. Why do you think this season has been somewhat divisive?
  20. Of course. I meant it like the Maelyn-Sarah McLachlan duet, etc.
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