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  1. I don't think it's the case this season, unless someone is considering GNT as the fake frontrunners for another victory. Which, I don't buy it considering the smashing results across all platforms.
  2. I would count GNT and (possibly) Paris out of this bunch, though. The rest better watch out.
  3. IDF: apocalyptic about Lana's chances. Me (a non-Lana fan): oh, she'll nail this song and be the actual ultimate snowflake killer of someone unexpected.
  4. I don't wanna be that person, but Lana might have put herself on the finale. I just don't know who will be leftout from Team Blake. I don't know if it's going to be Paris, though. While Caleb is bringing SexyBack to IDF, PAris will bring SexyBack to Minivan.
  5. Caleb singing “And she loved me so naughty, made me weak in the knees” certainly will move… something for IDF.
  6. Jeez, I'm a Kelly Clarkson stan as well. But chill. Wendy and Kelly are both amazing singers. There's no point in having a meltdown over it.
  7. If it worked for Miss Clarkson, it might work for Wendy as well.
  8. This song is in her wheelhouse, but won't move a needle for her on this particular stage of the competition.
  9. No, you can vote for both. I feel like the "vote splitting" problem is only a real problem during Instant Saves.
  10. I can't say exactly who, because it will depend on the performances. But Joshua/Hailey/Wendy are on the line. Lana and Jershika I predict as bottoms, already.
  11. Gonna be honest with y'all, I'm predicting meltdowns for monday. Some REALLY beloved snowflakes around IDF might be victims of the snowflake killers.
  12. Well, I don't hate Lana. Neither do I love Chevel. But speaking from a neutral position towards both, I believe Chevel's tone and style is more unique within modern country. Meanwhile, Lana's style is more common. So if I do have to pick between them, I'd say Chevel is the most appealing in general terms.
  13. Alright, who is going to take PV and go to the finale? - Joshua closing with Ashes; - J&S with one of the most minivan friendly songs possible - Hailey Mia with one of the most overdone songs in singing competitions since its release?
  14. Hmmm, yes and no. This is why it is the most perfect and competitive song of the mix, for me.
  15. Don't mind me here, doing a celebratory dance for GNT getting the most perfect song. I mean, it's always been obvious GNT screams Joni Mitchell. And River being a "christmas song" of sorts... It's just perfect. Kelly Clarkson isn't kidding around, people.
  16. With this song choice and Aretha, I feel like Wendy is a graduate on Kelly Clarkson's Academy of Vocal Competitions.
  17. How do y'all look for the studios when they are about to drop, though?
  18. @Misirloureally is the one I go to everytime I need to discuss country songs, indeed . And overall I always pay attention to their opinions. I feel like @TeamAudra @VintageVoice@FloorWaxusually has something interesting to say. @Bk1234 Always cares a lot about the contestants and usually brings the studios Disney1024 and their spawn accounts are an entertaining nemesis, at this point.
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