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  1. I seriously had the trouble of logging in to my account just to react to the idea of someone dissing Sir Paul McCartney, one of the biggest influences contemporary music has even seen in the entire world, as... a coach on The Voice? And still he wouldn't hold a candle to Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton? WHAT? ANY MUSICIAN who would have the slightest possibility of acquiring a piece of wisdom from any remaining Beatle is blessed. Be it on a reality competition or any other venue. That's it.
  2. Regarding the coach panel... I won't be exactly satisfied with anything, TBH. Blake is solid, but hinders the development of this show with his minivan army. John is useless at this point. The next coach won't actually matter, because they won't be able to surpass the power Blake (and to a minor extent, Kelly) has over Minivan. Unless it's someone like Reba McEntire, which counters both Blake, Kelly and completly alienates any younger crowd that might be watching. Gwen is honestly a very sleepy choice. Like "eh, here we go again...". "Let's approach the married dynamics...". Oh, genius, let's see how country the ska princess is, nowadays. To me it's an eye roll. So yeah, I'll be disappointed with any coach line up. But I don't mind it in the end and I won't be complaining.
  3. I'm an early 20's gramma and I can't post a tweet, apparently . But I'd like to let you guys know that Natalie Hemby posted earlier on her twitter page that Wendy Moten "HAS to win The Voice". If y'all know who is who in Nashville, y'all know Natalie Hemby is a great ally to have.
  4. Best moments of the season 1. Caleb thirst fan base 2. Kelly Clarkson doing this:
  5. She's gorgeous but she seems a bit too straight for my taste . But tonight, it surpassed this peculiarity
  6. BTW, I know this ain't the thirst thread, but Bekah tonight
  7. Why do I feel like I need Kelly Clarkson feat GNT - A moment like this [Live from Montana Ranch]?
  8. Man, if it was a La La Land/Moonlight situation with GNT being announced and Wendy taking it, I'd go full Ryan Gosling
  9. Jeez, I'm skipping the finale because I'm nervous. But I decided to check IDF to see if it already ended and... The app announcing the winner before Carson, GNT already releasing music under Republic Records and Carried UnderWHAT!? Why the things happen when I'm not watching?
  10. Gonna be honest: if the voting audience for this show were younger, there's a big chance Hailey would take it. And I don't meant that because she's young, etc., but because her numbers have been solid in plataforms that are much more relevant nowadays. Apparently, just not relevant enough for The Voice.
  11. My point is that it is fairplay, not that they've been doing it currently.
  12. I wish I would be so sure as some of y'all that GNT is a lock to win. But honestly, Wendy's stats seem to be too close... I feel like it's unfair to declare the winner solely by the finale performance instead of the entire run. In this sense, I think the itunes mutipliers (or any other stream) is fairplay. In terms of popularity and resonace with the audience across the season, GNT deserves to win. Even though Wendy is an stellar singer, her appeal has been lackluster compared to other competitors on many plataforms. I wouldn't feel pleased with a format that allows one big number on the finale to snatch a stellar run.
  13. I feel like it's gonna get tricky to predict tomorrow night. Wendy seems to be bringing the expected attention to her ballad. However, GNT already surpassed 7K likes on Facebook and 130K of views, solely on The Chain. PS: "I just voted for The trio. A Boy named Tom. Let’s make this the first group to win the voice. And Fleetwood Mac. That’s my kind of music". ...Sometimes Facebook is entertaining, at least.
  14. Random MInivan Facebook comment about GNT: "Alison Krauss song, I’m impressed. Maybe Blake was right about them being country". Not Blake selling a Team KC frontrunner to his fanbase
  15. I don't know what is worst. To read the comments from a bunch of middle aged people on Facebook, or a bunch of teenagers on Twitch.
  16. Y'll acting like I'm dragging Hailey Mia when in reality, I'll be voting for her as well
  17. Jeez, Hailey Mia is REALLY behind on her uptempo. She seems like a lock for the 5th or 4th place.
  18. I feel like ariana started a drinking game with blake for everytime Kelly says she' fourteen. Did y'all noticed that?
  19. Why do I feel like Paris always picks his songs from a baby making playlist?
  20. This pajama party screams "SHE'S FOURTEEEN" and Kelly still doesn't save her breath to announce her age.
  21. I remember there's an interview or something like that in which GNT explained why they picked Kelly as their coach. Does somebody knows where it is, so I don't have to go through 96 pages? Please?
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