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  1. I honestly would pay money for GNT to attempt Angel, by Sarah Mclachlan during this round. It's the perfect mash-up of 90's influence with Becka's vocals. The boys would make it an entirely different song, with their harmonies. Maybe cranberries, but my pick would be Sarah for sure. There's a particular yodel-y-ish vocal style alt-rock females used to have during this time that I think Becka would nail perfectly.
  2. Nah, but KC covers everything, it's not fair to count Kellyokes on this equation.
  3. I'm actually disappointed on TPTB when it comes to Holly. Why the hell try to transform her into a Kelly Clarkson 2.0? I mean, they literally recreated Kelly's performance of The Dance (even the color scheme) and then threw Because of You on her back. All I have to say is: WHY?
  4. Blake and Jimmy Fallon called GNT as the winners on the Tonight Show.
  5. Does anybody have a clue about the song selection for monday in general?
  6. These stories led me to believe the same, as well.
  7. Actually it now makes sense to me. I've been considering J&S wildcards this whole competition. They get votes and likes even though Minivan isn't fond of them in the comments and the arianators doesn't have voting power because most of them live internationally. I feel like their votes are comming from part of minivan, but mostly from Sasha's followers. The problem is: followers voting power vs town support. The last didn't worked much for Holly.
  8. Gonna be honest, because I don't have a horse in this particular race. But in case John actually reaches the finale... It's probably going to be with Joshua. He's been getting PV over Jershika for a while now. However, I don't think John will reach the finale. Having said that. 1. Girl Named Tom Even though I wasn't enthusiastic of their Top 10 performance, I feel like it cemented their way to the top even more. Paris is the only one who can get close to GNT and even on his best days, there's still a considerable margin between both competitors. 2. Paris Winningham Paris is without a doubt Blake's frontrunner. He would have this season on the bag if not for GNT. He is talented and can connect easily with Minivan. I mean... telling a sad story about connection to a country song before performing it, even though he is not a country artist? Come on. I don't think he do it on purpose, but the guy has been very appealing. 3. Hailey Mia I'm actually unsure about this particular placement for Hailey. TPTB has been selling her very well, but her last performance may have dampered things a little bit. But she's still on the run, much more than other competitors. 4. Wendy Moten Ugh, it pains me to place her in 4th because she's above everyone else on the competition. But the girl doesn't have a clue on how to appeal to the audience and unfortunetly it's an important part of the game. Blake has been a terrible coach when it comes to "navigating" the competition with her, as well. At this point, he's nothing more than a glorified cheerleader for her. 5. Jim and Sasha If Paris is the Dark Horse, those two are the wildcard. I don 't understand exactly how they are getting voted through and I don't particularly like their act. But well, they are climbing and always in a very unexpected manner. In fact, I have a strange gut feeling that somehow, J&S and Hailey Mia are now direct competition and their respective placements are interchangeable. Also, I'm sure TPTB will pull a robegate if Ariana do not have a contestant in the finale. Well, Monday will define everything. Let's wait and see.
  9. I feel like things got weird between Ryan Gallagher and the rest of the cast after he was expelled
  10. Nah, Wendy should be put together with GNT and perform something similar to the Time Jumpers.
  11. Who will risk making predictions for the top 5 now that J&S are Ariana's frontrunners and completly unpredictable when it comes to voting?
  12. After voting, I need to say. I'm tired of Holly being a copycat of Kelly Clarkson. She did Kelly's version of The Dance to a fault and now relying on Because of You. Not my thing.
  13. Well, Carson said it was a hit. Maybe we are out of touch.
  14. I honestly was expecting an acoustic singer songwritter performance and I was excited. please, bring back Maneskin.
  15. KC has a Christmas special comming this week and they are promoting Annie live
  16. I have no Idea about the metrics to predict J&S. Last time Facebook was ok for them and they were B2. This week, they were ok on likes and terrible under the comments and got PV. How do we predict!?
  17. Without supervision, we would have achieved pornographical level
  18. I didn't mind Kelly before, I started listening to her after the Meaning of Life album (weird, I know). And here's the thing, when she's not using a weird clothing or make up, she's really hot, specially in black. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe her confidence, humor or maybe I have mommy issues , but Mrs. Clarkson nowadays is the real deal.
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