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  1. The 1/3 also happens to be the best vocalist of the group, so if they win, i'll count it as a Team Waffle victory
  2. After three seasons of sausage fests , Team Waffle is making a comeback tomorrow, this is beautiful
  3. You think so?? I still prefer Taylor to stay away from this show, she has some re-recordings to do (and hopefully she gives some attention to "evermore" now that it has been nominated for the Grammys )
  4. Remember when i mentioned in one post that Minivan are "fine" with LGBT+ people as long they don't talk about their (very real) issues?? They are fine with minorities as long as they shut up and don't play the "victim" (Even though they ARE VICTIMS) Yeah, i was right
  5. Me, reading about all these technical musical things about notes:
  6. Ricky Duran is releasing his first album since his time on The Voice on February 1st, 2022 https://www.instagram.com/p/CXKMSU7Ma6x/?utm_medium=share_sheet
  7. I'm confused, what is the point of the whole "fake frontrunner" thing?
  8. I strongly doubt they will do that, but TPTB is unpredictable sometimes, so who knows
  9. Paris. TPTB will probably give him the pimp spot in the IS (assuming he happens to be there), even if he doesn't need it.
  10. Here is my reasoning (a pretty pessimistic one, but after three dissapointing semifinals results, you can't blame me lol): - TPTB will clear really push for the only Team Ariana members to get trough - Also, Joshua's song scream "closer" Of course, there is a chance that Wendy closes (if that happens, the chances of Joshua getting PV will be pretty low), but the only semifinal closers that didnt get PV were Britton and Shawn, so, yeah, that's it. -If the scenary i just described with Joshua and J&S getting PV ended being true, Hailey will be stuck in the IS with either Wendy or Paris (leaning more towards Paris being at the bottom). Her chances of winning that are ZERO
  11. Yeah, after all the money, time and publicity they have invested in their new coach, they are not letting her leave without a finalist. Anyway, if Hailey happens to leave tomorrow because of this, the season will be over for me; i've had enough of sausage fests on the finales
  12. Man, i wish i have that much faith on Hailey getting trough as some people here does Anyway, i voted Joshua, Wendy, J&S and GNT. That is not a finale i'm looking forward to watch (mainly because of you know who) but it is what it is
  13. Wendy and Hailey But then, there is Paris I'll need this one tomorrow night for myself:
  14. How you guys are feeling about her chances?? She got a good song choice, but so did everyone else Regardless, i'm sure she will kill it and even if she leaves, she will leave on a high note
  15. Gymani sings an overdone song - IDF: Wow, that song is overdone, but she will do great regardless. Joshua sings an overdone song - IDF: Wow, an overdone song, but his voice will work well with it, no doubt Hailey sings an overdone song IDF: What the hell is this?!! OMG, this is so terrible, please retire the song, AWFUL!! I'm tired, honestly. You will never give the girl a break. Bye
  16. She will do a great job. She keeps proving herself week after week so i don't see how this time will be different. That song is actually good for her even if it is "OvErDonE" but of course, IDF finding something to complain about, no surprises there Other contestant sang a song last week that is actually FREAKING OVERDONE (You know which one i'm talking about) there were comments about it but i didn't see the same level of complaining and negativity, i wonder why?? It's almost like IDF has really different standards for certain contestants...oops, i said it
  17. I second this 100% Not only that, but being one of the few ones that believed in her since the beggining. And also for having excellent taste in snowflakes: Lauren, Addison, Brynn, Chevel, Maelyn, Cam, Wendy and Hailey (This one applies to @Bk1234 as well)
  18. I also nominate @season1 for owning 4 fan threads of winners (including one of the most active fan threads, despite being the one of a contestant from 15 seasons ago) and also making fan threads for contestants that are usually ignored here
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