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  1. Holly Forbes - Last Dance - 6 Wendy Moten - Jolene - 9 Jeremy Rosado - Freedom Was a Highway -6 Jershika Maple - Ain't It Fun - 8 Lana Scott - The One That Got Away - 8 Joshua Vacanti - If I Ain't Got You - 8.5 Jim and Sasha - Stay - 7.5 Paris Winningham - Amazed -8 Hailey Mia - Peter Pan - 9 Girl Named Tom - Viva la Vida - 7.5 Jeremy Rosado - What Hurts The Most - 5 Holly Forbes - Because of You - 5 Jershika Maple - What Is Love - 9.5
  2. @Dany deserves a mention too for keeping us updated with every news related to the show. We love you
  3. I also nominate @KimberlyxKyla for their brilliant posts on the Flop predictions threads every season
  4. I nominate @Bk1234 for being dedicated in updating his fan threads and also for doing an effort trying to spread some positivity here
  5. At least you were nominated, i'm not even relevant enough to be nominated in something like that (This is sarcarsm, obviously, but it would have been funny see how many votes i could have gotten )
  6. Honestly?? Me neither, i'm fully expecting this to happen, so, when it happens, it wouldn't take me for surprise like when Chris Kroeze got PV lol
  7. Imagine we discussing this and then...BAM! Jim and Sasha get PV out of nowhere
  8. Remember when we used to have studio versions for the duets?? Yeah, good days
  9. I completely disagree on all your opinions about Lana. With that said, i think the song is an abomination itself, everything, since the god-awful lyrics to the trashy voice of the original singer, is terrible (maybe i'm biased because i really can't stand that woman, but still)
  10. About Wendy, i have been listening to her performances, they are actually really good, all of them. Yes, the expectations are high on her due to her first three performances where she showed all her range and power, but all of her live performances have been on point, at least for me. Still, hoping for a power ballad tomorrow, she needs to give her all so she can easily snatch that PV into the finale.
  11. Yeah, you are right. Sorry. I'm just pissed by all the negativity around her but yeah, attacking negativity with negativity it's not the answer.
  12. There is any chance that we will get studio versions for the duets? Because otherwise we will have to wait until tomorrow to know the pairs and song choices
  13. If Wendy, Hailey and GNT make it to the finale, we will have this season the same number of female finalists that we had in the last three seasons COMBINED. Let that sink in.
  14. I'd they both advance to the finale i'll be satisfied, even if they are 4th and 5th.
  15. Imagine that the theme for the Semifinal week are Christmas songs. Which songs you would like for the Top 8 to sing? Top 8: Girl Named Tom Hailey Mia Jershika Maple Jim and Sasha Joshua Vacanti Lana Scott Paris Winningham Wendy Moten Also, you can imagine the pairs and songs for the duets if the theme was "Christmas songs" instead of the 90's. So, let's go! Remember, this is just for fun.
  16. Youtube is more positive about her, you have to look deep into her videos to find negative comments. But still, she still get them: in her performance last week most of the negative comments were about how she played safe by doing a song of other genre country, argumenting that she played safe and didn't understood the assignment. And of course, in the Instant Save vídeo, they think that she, along with J&S, should have been the ones to be at the bottom Instead of Holly and Jershika
  17. Did you watch the show on Season 14?? If you watched that season, and followed the SM related to the show then, there is your answer. No need to explain more
  18. That sounds more like IDF being delusional, because i was sure that Jordan was gonna win even though i had a little (extremely little, tbh) hope for Gihanna
  19. Nah, that's 100% not happening But if they advance to the final tho... I would stay away from IDF if that happens
  20. This girl does not deserve to be forgotten just like that Her run is similar to LiBianca in the sense that they both had solid runs on the show (except for their battles being montaged), but ended being instantly eliminated in the Playoffs due to not being Minivan's cup of tea. (And they both sang Billie Eilish at some point, too) Unfortunately, her knockout was overshadowed by Carter's, but she still slayed, and her version of "Weak" is definitely the most memorable cover of that song in The Voice
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