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  1. Goodluck to the Cunningham Queens! I truly believe that they can be the underdogs of Team Kelly. I am so excited for them.
  2. Again, another artist with a massive potential. I love the tone, he has a pretty strong voice too. Excited to see what he has to bring to the show. Add me once again @sydneysam, for the last time I think lol.
  3. Add me please @Bk1234. Looks like another guy to root for Blake. I love his tiktok covers, he has a great musicianship and voice.
  4. WAIT A MINUTE. The very own Jeremy Rosado from Idol auditioned here? Season 11 is one of my favorite seasons because of the talent pool there (and because of Jess ) and I thought Jeremy had potential back then. His Carrie Underwood performance was what sold it for me. I need to check his covers right now and let's see if I'll ask to be added here.
  5. Gorgeous OP. She might be my token AA powerhouse this season. Add me @VoiceFan!
  6. Parker McKay auditioned for The Voice?! Of all the Season 21 contestants, she's the one that I am most familiar with. I have heard her sang way back on 2018 in Nashville. I think it was CMAs time that time, and I have to say, her voice live and her voice on her videos are almost the same (that is my opinion though). I am actually surprised with her pop song covers because she sounded so country that time, it is interesting and it is working (her Lizzo cover is unexpectedly beautiful). Add me once again @sydneysam, sorry for flooding yours and @Bk1234's notifications right now, you just happen to both made fan threads for the artists I like.
  7. I loved Hailey's Season 19 audition and I thought she deserved a chair turn, but I know there's a time for everything. I am glad that she's back this season, she even got better . Add me @Bk1234!
  8. I love the theme/colors of the OP by the way, great job, it looks beautiful!
  9. I am loving your OPs @sydneysam- great job! I love the artwork. Add me. I have been a fan of JADN since 2019, Jeremy (his brother) is a good singer too. I love David and his voice, he's probably my main favorite right now.
  10. I love her covers on Instagram and Youtube. Please add me @David68
  11. I know a potential when I see one. Please add me @Bk1234
  12. I have not been active during Season 20 days, although I did love Gihanna Zoรซ, but I am looking forward for this season. Bella is one of my favorites right now, I am hoping the best for her on the show. I love her Arizona Zervas cover. Add me @sydneysam! side note: it took me a lot of time before to figure out who you are because of the name change
  13. I had a very busy schedule so I was thoroughly inactive all through out the phase 2 but all I gotta say is I am really grateful for this opportunity, for the opportunity to be the game changer at the start of this show. I was really scared because I just joined this forum when I decided to answer the form of @anonymouskid_35, meanwhile my co-mentors were pretty known here already, but you made me feel welcome Reaching the grand finals was more than enough for me and I'm really glad that Jamie was able to be the representative. I also want to thank the avid supporters of this show!! shoutout to @Bk1234, you're so good in guessing! hahaha, hope to see you as a mentor soon? If there will be another season. Goodluck to both @jarmon and @anonymouskid_35 all final 3 were so good, all deserves to win! Best of luck, it was really nice being your co-mentor. Will be inactive here in IDF for a while maybe, thank you again, lovelots! xoxo
  14. Ali and Aydan for me had the best original song. Competition-wise though I think Ali won that round for me. But, I can imagine myself listening to Aydan's more. Sheldon's original though was also good!! Rankings (4th Round): 1. Ali Caldwell (Stuck) 2. Aydan Calafiore (Wide Awake) 3. Sheldon Riley (Fire) For the 5th round, I felt like it was somehow a 3-way tie but based on preference I'd probably say 1. Sheldon Riley (I super love that duet of Katy Perry with Jeremiah so plus points) 2. Aydan Calafiore (It is not as big as Ali and Sheldon's duet but it was so intimate, fun, and yeah so fitting) 3. Ali Caldwell (I swear she would've slayed this duet with John) I honestly think as of the moment, the results will be: Winner- Ali Caldwell Runner-Up- Sheldon Riley 2nd Runner-Up- Aydan Calafiore
  15. This is my first time lurking in this thread and yeah there's a lot of names. Any suggestions on who is the most probable tco as of the moment and who's interesting? My taste every season is a bit diverse so lay me out on who's IDF favorites as of now. Thanks!
  16. Ren Patrick actually have a really good voice but idk, nothing for me stands out to her as a whole. Maybe they'll try to push her like Maggie from last season and will last until 40 but I don't see her making the lives.
  17. Yes, he is! They're cute together lol, I think they're still in a relationship as of the moment? I followed him on IG right after his audition and his last post with Catie is no less than 4-5 months if I can remember?
  18. NO WAY AMANDA MENA'S GOING TO AUDITION?! Is this confirmed? please please Also, YAY FOR KIKO MARTIN and ALYSSA WRAY!! I might have to search all of their names before deciding on who my final favorites are. But.. lol I did not expect Claudia Conway to be in it, she's good though, just not my type
  19. Oh god I was late lol but these performances stood out for me! Except my underdogs' performance ofc MaKenzie's cover felt so refreshing, it was new to my ears. Good choice @QueenMae16 . @jarmon you both NAILED these song choices imo, love it! @IAN27TAY that was so good, interesting cover from them.
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