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  1. This is honestly the hardest decision tonight, and also for Avery and Johnny. I super love Donel, but looking at his performances, there's a just a few performances of him posted on youtube and I really don't know what songs to give to him in the future. I just picked the 8 that I think gave it their best last night and who I think I can do better things with, I don't wanna screw over the artists in the future by their song choices. I'm sorry if I let your favorites go, but I will do my best to give my remaining artists the song choices that suits them in the future!
  2. Nice set of groups! I am sad that Lemonade was swapped out but this line-up is pretty diverse. Good choices @IAN27TAY !! My favorites are actually 5AM and 4th Impact
  3. Am I the only one really sad to see Jeremiah go? He's really a passionate and natural storyteller . I am personally on and off on Alisan because sometimes she overdo the notes, making it look like she's screaming . But overall, @jarmon I HATE YOU, THAT'LL BE HARD TO BEAT !!
  4. I think Virginia vs Clarissa and Adam vs Elyse will be on Sunday. Bukhu vs Johnny on Tuesday
  5. Hi guys!!!!! I'm super thrilled to be part of this show, and I'll try to be a fair and awesome mentor to my category, I love being an underdog, and I also want that win for my category, so let's go!
  6. I agree on all of you, it might be really hard for an AA woman to win on the show. But, thinking about what's happening right now, I'd bet that they'd want an AA woman to win, and I know for sure they'd push that hard. To be perfectly honest, they did not pushed Kennedy to win that much, she's got really bad song choices at some point in the lives, in the semis, she's got a really bad partner, the robe girl . They also did not highlight her that much in the pre-lives shows, her battle being a montage, her knockout being in the middle in the last night of Knockouts. But this is jus
  7. Finally!! Not to bash but yeah I did not like him at all in terms of singing, but he was entertaining. Anyways, I hated his season a lot, it's just super boring for me. I did enjoy SOME of her performances, but man there were a lot more deserving than her to be in that season's Top 14. I was so mad that timr that she went through
  8. Are there any contestants you're hoping to come back for next season? I would honestly love Olivia and Kimmy to come back! IDK but they're just so interesting and Kimmy ugh what a queen of riffs and runs. I would also love Lauren Spencer Smith to come back, but as much as I love her, she probably won't still receive the rightful support she deserves. Also, it'd be cool to see Lauren Mascitti to come back, I do think she just got some wrong songs in the later rounds.
  9. I'm really excited to see Virginia vs. Clarissa and Bukhu vs. Johnny. It just both looks interesting, hope they don't disappoint
  10. Thank you MJ! BTW Todd's my favorite in S18 (even all time) too, so what a taste!
  11. This is so true though, however Hunter is really a huge revelation for many ever since the Battles, then followed by his stellar Knockouts, then there goes that. So, I still prefer Gwen over Nick, but prefers Nick over John all day HAHAHAHA. Nick is really good at pitching at contestants, but I really don't like his choices for his artists. John is just super picky in the Blinds to the point where it is annoying because even if the artist deserves the 4-chair turn, he won't turn just because he wants a SEASONED artist, not the potential lol Gwen is not tha
  12. I really love Miley and J-HUD combination, there's just something about them that is appealing. But overall, I like the line-up of Season 15 better. Kelly and J-Hud might've fought for the belters, but they're entirely different from each other for me. J-Hud is more of a soul belter, and Kelly is a pop one
  13. Ohhh I didn't knew this. Thought they were all friends or close pals or s0mething hahaha
  14. Great list so far! I totally agree with everything that you said in this list
  15. Hello, so I am actually new here, and I gotta say... we have the same taste! That's exactly my Top 12 . Rooting for Stellar and Mark the most though!
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