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  1. Episode 3: Battles Part 2 Carson:Today! we will witness another 8 battles and we will start with team blake! Rachel Messer Vs. Katrina Cain -Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye and Kimbra Contestants on picking/joing Blake: Katrina: “I just kind of had a gut feeling. I knew that he had won a bunch of times, so of course that was in the back of my mind. But I really felt like he saw me as an artist and not just a contestant. So I was really interested in hearing what he had to say about the business and where he thinks my voice can go.” Rachel: “Going into it, I had my heart set on Blake Shelton. And I just felt like he would be a really great match for me style-wise and also he does seem like a very relatable person. But Kelly turned around and she was just being so sweet and I was almost convinced. I almost went with Kelly, but I just had to go with my gut and it was with Blake.” Blake: First of all this battle is on fire! Both of you obviously gave your best and it really payed off! Both of you are incredible vocalist like oh my god. But like the others coaches say, theres that vowel sound that sometimes the lyrics on both of you is not that clear but nonetheless i will pick the artist who i think has bigger range and the one who sang the most comfortable and that is Katrina Cain! Carson: Katrina! Congratiolations you are one step closer to live shows! Coaches! Rachel is available for steal No coaches steal, Rachel Messer is eliminated WINNER:KATRINA STEAL:NONE LOSE:RACHEL
  2. GOOD MORNING IDF! Last time we witness the first batch of battles! And we will continue it now! But before we start our battles, lets welcome our special guest performer for today! Lets leave the door open! Carson: That was a fun performance guys! Thank you!
  3. BATTLES PART 2 IN 10 MINUTES Tagging some users who might be interested! @Bk1234@sydneysam @taylorkat @Solaris @QueenMae16 @Angeles @QueenCami @QueenKalie @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @B-B @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @QueenMae16 @Feder @DorisAnn @British Man @thevoiceisthetop @VintageVoice @Dalton Eduardo @Harmat @Cookie73
  4. I REALLY LIKE ALL OF THIS PERFORMANCE! (except s4, didnt hear it yet but will watch it and gonna do my ranking!)
  5. Katie Maelyn CammWess Victor John Thunderstorm Rachel
  6. 1.Eugena-Eventhough its not in the rooftop i think its the best out of all the photo here! 2.Isis-The only one who obviously shoot/edit in the rooftop and her POSTURE is the best! 3.Fatima-I love the swimwear! of course she always follow the assignment but i think for now shes in the middle-ish but still slay it! 4.Chantelle-Like everybody, i dont care if she will win this competition! She surely slay this shot! 5.Catherine-ACHKKKK this edit ID SUPER CUTE! I really love Catherine face here! SSS for the effort! Still a great shot 6.Amanda - Not really a bad photo! But i think in this batch of photos this picture is the less that i like but still love the effort!
  7. Rose Short and Kyla Jade patiently waiting to be save
  8. Closing this night battles is from TEAM ADAM Foushee Vs. RADHA – singing Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel Contestant on picking/joining Adam Foushee: “I really connect with Adam’s career the most and I felt like he would understand who I was as an artist creatively. I do identify as a singer, but as an artist first and songwriting is a big part of it for me. So I admire that about him and his music.” RADHA: Radha said she was honored Adam used his block to try to land her for his team and that he turned around so quickly. “I really love working with Adam as a coach because he’s very honest. I’m the type of person that really likes straight-forward honestly. It okay to be hard on me a little because I take instruction and criticism well.” Adam: Wow, this performance is just beyond galaxy! Both of you really did great! RADHA your voice is so powerful and its great, I got attached to you in the blinds because of your confidence and stage Prescence, after this performance you made me love your voice even more! Foushee in your blinds that jump note you did is iconic and like RADHA you made yourself even more iconic. Vocally both of you did a very good job. But I think im gonna go with RADHA Carson: RADHA you are going in the knockouts! Coaches Foushee is available for steal! No coaches steal, Foushee is eliminated. WINNER:RADHA STEAL:NONE LOSE:FOUSHEE That’s the end of Battles night/part 1! Goodnight IDF!
  9. Next performing is from TEAM KELLY . . Erika Zade Vs. Sarah Grace – singing No Roots by Alice Merton Contestant on joining/picking Kelly: Erika Zade: “Kelly is the best person,” Erika said during a conference call with the media. “She’s such a good mentor. I mean the way she instructs – you can just take everything and it’s so helpful and she’s just the sweetest. So I love her.” Erika also said she’s been a huge Kelly fan since she was young. “I literally jammed to her with my dad in the car.” Sarah Grace: “I really wanted a coach who I felt was similar to me, not only in music taste and style, but also personality wise. I wanted a coach that I would enjoy spending time with. So watching Kelly on last season, I realized how similar we were, and I actually get told that a lot. I’m super bubbly. She’s super bubbly. She talks a lot. I talk a lot.” Sarah said she also loves the blues influences on Kelly’s new “Meaning of Life” album and the fact that, like her, Kelly is from Texas. Kelly: Erika, you have this really cool intense thing that really rad aand your runs are so epic and effortless, your just much into it you just both have different attack to it, Sarah, you are just 15 but you are really in to blues music, that is insane. And your vocals is just really fierce. Ok, im going to pick Sarah! Carson: Great Job Sarah Grace you are moving on to knockouts! Coaches Erika is available for steal No coaches steal, Erika Zade is Eliminated WINNER:SARAH STEAL:NONE LOSE:ERIKA
  10. Up Next is from TEAM JHUD . . Mike Parker Vs. Natasia GreyCloud – singing Gravity by John Mayer Contestant on joining/picking JHud: Natasia GreyCloud : “I actually went completely with my gut on stage. I was leaning towards Kelly to begin with, but I definitely look up to both of those artists. It was just kind of a matter of in the moment going with what I knew was going to be right for me. So you can see a little bit of surprise on my face when I chose Jennifer, but it was the perfect choice and I’m just glad I went with my gut.” Mike Parker: “For me there is no other coach I would want to be with right now because of the similarities in the genres,” he told Media Hub. “And she’s Jennifer Hudson. Who would not want to be vocally coached by Jennifer Hudson?” Jhud: OH MY GEEEEH, Both of you really murdered it! Your voices really blend well and I gotta say, this is one of my favorite battles this season, Mike your voice is just massive and it can be easily played by any tone and notes, Natasia, girl you are a superstar, the way you handle the noise is everything and I do love your tone! This is a little hard decision to be made but I gotta go with Mike! Carson: Mike congratulations! Coaches just to remind you that Natasia is available for steal! ADAM AND KELLY SLAMS THE STEAL BUTTON Carson: We got a steal ! coaches say your words! Adam: Natasia, your voice is just out of this world! When both of you finished singing, I’m 100% sure that I should steal the losing artist in both of you and I did! I think you can do better in my team so you should pick me! Kelly: Hold on, don’t listen to Adam! Pick me! I’m absolutely sure that you will slay your journey in my team! Natasia picks KELLY Kelly Steals Left: 1 WINNER:MIKE STEAL:NATASIA LOSE:NONE
  11. Next up is from TEAM BLAKE . . Mercedes Ferreira-Dias Vs. Ele Ivory(CB) – singing Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi Contestants on picking/joining Blake: Mercedes Ferreira-Diaz: She admits the decision marked a change of heart from her pre-audition thinking. “I said if Kelly turned around, I would 100 percent pick her.” But then, while she was on stage, “he (Blake) said all the right things, and my gut decision was just to go with Blake.” Ele Ivory (CB): N/A Blake: I got to admit, since rehearsal both of you really did a great job practicing it, both of you have amazing voices, it really fits the song, Mercedes, your blind audition really marked my heart! Ele, im really happy that you are in my team, actually you stepped up also! You have a nice tone that will let the viewers or people remembered you! This is somehow a hard decision but my gut goes to Mercedes Carson: Mercedes, congratulations you’re moving on to knockouts, coaches, Ele is available for steal No coaches steal, Ele Ivory is eliminated WINNER:MERCEDES FERREIRA-DIAZ STEAL:NONE LOSE:ELE IVORY .
  12. Up next is from TEAM ADAM . . Tyke James Vs. Jared Matthew – singing Should’ve Been A Cowboy by Toby Keith Contestant on picking/joining Adam: Tyke James: “Adam is like a blessing and I had no idea,” Tyke told Voice Views in a conference call with the media. “Like if everyone were to have turned around, I don’t know if I would have gone with him right at the start. But now that we’ve worked together in season, I can’t imagine being with any other coach. Seriously it’s such a sick match up. I’m so stoked to be on Team Adam.” Jared Matthew: “He turned right away, so I thought that was pretty flattering. But not only that, when we were talking afterwards, Adam was mentioning that he thought my falsetto could use some work. He was basically already coaching me. I thought that was really cool. He was already assuming the position of my coach. And, to me, that meant a lot.” Adam: I really find this battle a little bit fair because I don’t know any human beings that is more different than both of you two! I feel like Tyke is like that dude who is like girls have crush on and be an incredible and successful singer, Jared, your stage Prescence is just out of this world, I think you really have a good tone and its super rich, but I’m going to pick Tyke Carson: Tyke congratulations, coaches! Jarred is available for steal No coaches steal, Jarred Matthew is Eliminated WINNER:TYKE JAMES STEAL:NONE LOSE:JARRED MATTHEW
  13. Next up is from TEAM JHUD , , Kennedy Holmes Vs. Lela Vs. Ayanna Joni (CB) – singing Don’t Call Me Angel by Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Ray Contestants on picking/joining JHud Lela: “All my life I’ve been a theatre kid. And with my friends in my theatre club, Jennifer Hudson was praised. I’ve been watching her movies and I’ve always really admired her. And she’s an Oscar winner. And she’s in theatre, like I am. She also understands that aspect. And I’ve always had that in me. Like, if she turns around, I would be so happy to choose her.” Kennedy Holmes: Because her first performance ever was a Jennifer Hudson song, Kennedy said she was leaning that way when she auditioned. Watching video of Jennifer coaching during Season 13 reinforced her decision because of the good advice she provided and the way she took contestants “under her wing,” Kennedy said in a conference call with the media. “I was like, ‘That’s what I want in a coach.’ I want to know that my coach believes in me, no matter what, and I want to know that, maybe — even if I don’t go as far as I probably would have liked (on the show) — that Jennifer will still be there and she’ll still try to help me be successful in my career.” Ayanna Joni: N/A JHUD: GIRLS! You bettah sing! First of all, all of you almost perfected a group. This song is somehow hard to perform as a soloist but in a group, I think its much harder! Obviously, all of you need to sound like one or in sync when singing together and I think y’all almost did it! Ayanna, im happy that the voters choose you to be on my team because I think you improved a lot since your audition! Lela! I love your voice since blind auditions! i love your spirit while performing! And I would very love to see more from you, Kennedy! GIRL YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE PERFORMER! I think you really standout in today’s battle, your unique voice and stage Prescence is really a stunner, Okay this is a hard decision to make but im going to pick Kennedy and Ayanna. Carson: Congratulations Kennedy and Ayanna, coaches Lela is available for steal! No coaches steal, Lela is eliminated WINNER:AYANNA AND KENNEDY STEAL:NONE LOSE:LELA
  14. NEXT UP IS FROM TEAM BLAKE . . Kameron Marlowe Vs Kayley Hill – singing Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & the Blowfish Contestant on picking/joining Blake: Kameron Marlowe: It was edited out, but Kameron said Blake “told me I sounded like some country artists that he respected, which I really appreciated. I just knew going up there that if he turned his chair, there was no other option for me. Blake Shelton has been a hero of mine for years and year and years. Being able to work with him one on one was so special and magical to me.” Kayley Hill: “I remember singing (during the blind audition) and watching him and I felt like he was rooting for me,” Kayley told Media Hub. “Working with Blake is awesome. It’s just great to play music for people of that caliber and get his feedback.” Blake: When we started rehearsing this song, at some point Kameron finally said “I feel like I ca prolly sing this better if I don’t play the guitar” and Kayley just played along and I was like “Whoa it’s a cool thing to see that creativity come to life right there and as you hear they both figured it out. Kameron your unique voice standout here, Kayley , your voice sound like an angel, but I feel like theres a clear winner here and that’s…. Kameron Marlowe Carson: Kameron Marlowe moving on the knockouts congratulations! Coaches, Kayley is available for steal No coaches steal, Kayley Hill is eliminated WINNER:KAMERON STEAL:NONE LOSE:KAYLEY
  15. Episode 2: Battles Part 1 Carson: Tonight! As we finished our auditions and the comeback fight we will start our battles! First up is from TEAM KELLY OneUp vs Kimberly Joye - singing "Mercy" by Shawn Mendes Contestants On picking Kelly: OneUp: “We knew going into it that Kelly was one of our top choices because in watching previous seasons, she’s the one that we resonated with the most, just her energy, her personality, her excitement and passion for singing,” Adam told Voice Views. “Kelly was the one that observed and stated something about what a beautiful picture of love it was seeing us up there with our family. And that was at the heart of what we wanted to get across to America is just seeing love in a new way.” Kymberli Joye: I’m slightly grateful for the block because before going in I was torn between Jennifer and Kelly. And I was like, ‘God, I don’t know how I’m going to choose if both of them turn around.’ So I like to think that God help me out on that one and made the choice a little easier, but it was crazy. It’s big thing for a coach to use their block on you so I’m humbled and honored for that.” Kelly: WHAAAA *Giggles, this was a battle on fire! Both of you really did a great job performing a Shawn Mendes song, Kimberly! I really love your passion since the blind auditions from perfecting a Whitney Houston song , now you give us justice! OneUp! I really love the fact that both of you can REALLY SING! Both of you gave us power and that little choreo both of you did really corresponds on your performance! . Ok the person i will bring to the knockout is.... Before i tell the winner i want to tell i love both of you but im going to pick Kimberly Joye! Carson: That is an intense battle! Congratulations to Kimberly for being the first person to be safe in the battle. Coaches! OneUp is available for ste--.... BLAKE SLAMS THE STEAL BUTTON Carson: WE GOT A STEAL! Blake: Guys both of you really did a great job battling with Kimberly! I love both of your passion in singing! And im looking forward on how will both of you do in my team. Blake steals left: 1 WINNER:KIMBERLY STEAL:ONEUP LOSE:NONE
  16. GOOD EVENING IDF! Last time the 6 COMEBACK artist perform for a final spot in each team! Ayanna Joni, Lynnea Moorer, Ele Ivory, Wyatt Rivers got in the team of JHud,Kelly,Blake and adam respectively! Tonight we will witness the first part of the battles! Where we will witness 8 battles! Before we start our competition Lets welcome our special guest performer for today! Lets save our tears for another day! Carson: Thank you Ariana Grande and The Weeknd for that wonderful performance!
  17. BATTLES PART 1 IN 10 MINUTES Tagging some users who might be interested! @Bk1234 @sydneysam @taylorkat@Solaris@QueenMae16 @Bk1234@Angeles @QueenCami @QueenKalie @jarmon @AliXRose @KimberlyxKyla @Hamza Tufail @Archanium @Teraginn @FloorWax @Daillon @David68 @QueenMae16 @Feder @DorisAnn @British Man @thevoiceisthetop @VintageVoice@Dalton Eduardo @VintageVoice@Harmat @Cookie73
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