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  1. its been almost 4 months and im still Waiting for this to continue HAHAHAHA
  2. I just love all of this performance, but i dont know who did it better.
  3. Kymberli and OneUp version is ahead 99x in all of them
  4. Ad: 1. Kahlen 2. Brittany 3. Michelle Commercial: 1. Kahlen 2. Brittany 3. Michelle
  5. ok so i can vote only 6x in google forms (5 Google acc and 1 Idf acc) but i can pick unlimited contestant? is that right?
  6. So i think if i aint got you is one of the most overdo song in the voice us so lets see how you guys rank all of the performance.
  7. All Kymberli Nichole, Ali Caldwell and Rose Short song choices.
  8. Ok, out of the 5 artist, artist num. 1 is the only artist i think can go far.
  9. Christian Cuevas and Jason Warrior We Mcdonald and Lauren Diaz Tamar Davis and Shaiyah Fearing
  10. 1. Kahlen 2. Brittany 3. Christina 4. Michelle
  11. Well 2 out of my 5 favorite contestant are in your team so yeah! Love your team
  12. Did all of the judges passed their comments?
  13. Wow, i love her voice!! i think she will get 3-4 chair turns.
  14. 1,Keenyah 2.Brittany 3.Kahlen 4.Christina 5.Michelle
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